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She knew drinking and seif bondage didnít mix but she had lost her job, been evicted, and knew she was going to have to call her sister across the country to ask if she could stay.

It hadn't been her fault but she felt she needed to punish herself all the same so she had been edging herself repeatedly for the last few days.

That night she had gone to the hotel bar to try and take her mind off her aching pussy but after a few drinks her desires had only increased.

She knew it was too much when she felt a pang of jealousy towards the barmaid when the fat greasy trucker at the end of fhe bar had grabbed and began groping her. She was snapped back to reality when security pulled him off her and dragged him outside though.

Now she really wanted to punish herself for being excited by the horrible thing that had happed to that poor girl.

She finished her drink and went outside to the van containing her entire life and collected her special bag and hurried back to her hotel room.

She stripped and bound herself on the bed, then closing her eyes and thinking of what she had done she wished her punishment could be so much worse.

Those thoughts were cut short as she heard the door of her room. The trucker smiled as he placed the do not disturb sign onthedoorand slowly let it close behind him. Her wish was about to come true.

tape gag stread self bondage

Brittany wondered what harm could there be in trying it out?! Even though her husband said to not use it because he hadn't worked out the kinks yet. 'What kinks ?Ē, she asked. 'It recoils too fast", he said. 'If you're not prepared, you could get yourself stuck." Well, she didn't listen of course.

She NEVER listens!

So when she got home from work that day, she quickly dropped her purse and keys on the table, and went down in the cellar as fast as she could.

She quickly looked things over. There was a spring-loaded bar that was attached horizontally to the post at about head-level. It had two ropes hanging down from each side. She moved the stool over to the base of the post and started to make a coil of rope that would fit over her shoulders but would be snug around them. She also made a slipknot with a smaller coil for her wrists. She finally wrapped some rope around her neck and around to the back of the post. Not tight, but enough to make sure she wasn't going anywhere unless her hands were free to untie it. She tied the ropes that were hanging down from the bar to each of her ankles. Since they reached the floor, she figured she was safe. She put a large piece of tape over her mouth, slid the rope down over her shoulder so some went above and below her ample breasts which pinned her upper arms to her side. She took a deep breath and slid her wrists into the coil behind the pole and yanked the slipknot which pulled her wrists together tightly.

While she was pulling them tighter, she didn't know that the trigger for the spring loaded crossbar was there as well.

"Click Boing!!!"

In a split second, the crossbar let loose and quickly pulled the ropes that were tied to each end upward; pulling her legs apart and out to the sides. There was so much tension in the crossbar, that she didn't have the strength or leverage to bring her high heeled feet back to earth.

She struggled and moaned, but it was no use, she was securly tied and not going anywhere. And her legs were spread wide. A simple snip, and her bottoms would be easily removed.

"Mrs. Miller?", a voice called out. Her head spun around and looked towards the ceiling, as if to see who was there. "I'm here for your regular pest control appointment."
"No worries, I know where the cellar is...líll just head down there to see what I can see."

corset selfbondage

Dawn sat down and and started to do the ropes around hor ankles and wrists. She had already gagged herself and that was all set. Tho ropos ran under tho stool to a motor which had a largo spool for reeling in tho rope. Attached to that was a coiled wire with a controller with a sot of forward-reverse buttons on it. She was barely dressed. Her corset was tight and pushing her breasts upward. Her stockings wore smooth and hor foot wore covered with 6" high heeled pumps.

She leaned back, anticipating 30 minutes or so of bondage bliss. With tho controller in her hand sho hit the 'on' switch. Tho motor hummed quietly as it slowly took up tho slack of the four ropes. Sho figured she'd got things to tho point whore sho would sit there, knees spread slightly, and hands pulled back enough so she had to lean on the stool for balance, half-heartedly struggle a bit and be done.

She was nearly at the point where she wanted to be when she suddenly lost her grip and the controller fell to the floor. No need to panic, she would just reach down and pick it up because of the slack that she intended to have.

But she suddenly started to panic as the controller fell button-side down and landed right on the "forward" buttom. Before she could reach it the motor slowly took in all the slack and prevented her from leaning over to one side to pick it up.

Only when she started to struggle violently did it flip over and turn itself off. But by then, the ropes had wound up so much that her legs were spread wide open at the knees, and her wrists were pulled back to the far sides of the stool.

She could barely raise her head off the top of the stool. Sure her lower legs could move, but what good did that do her when she couldn't stand up. She tried and tried to loosen the grip it had on her but it was no use. There was no getting out of this mess without help. But who would help her? She couldn't call out for help. Her mouth was packed with a pair of her clean panties, and wrapped with an ace bandage. Muffled moans was all that came out. Her pussy longed to be touched. Her nipples were so erect they ached. She felt herself getting ready to orgasm when...

"Honey?...where are you?". FINALLY, she was saved! He came down the stairs to see her whimpenng and writhing in her bondage. But with a smile, he walked over and gave the controller another nudge and pulled her wrists back further and her legs spread wider. She looked at him with surpise as she struggled hard to get free. Moaning all along.

"Ill let you go shortly", he said. "But first. I need to eat dinner", as he knelt between her open legs. She let out a low moan...

self bondage girl

Lisa had done what she was told...

While sitting at her computer chatting, a stranger talked her into tying herself up. She'd done that lots of times before but this was different.

He was an expert at telling her exactly where to put the ropes and how to tie them so she would be tied tightly without the help of another person. She surprised herself at how easy it was. His tips would come in handy in the future.

She had placed a vibrator inside her pussy, then pulled her panties back up to hold it in. Then he made her tie her legs together at the ankles and knees. He managed to get her to make some coils of rope with cinch knots in the middle to help pull everything together tightly once she was able to shimmy the ropes up her arms past her elbows behind her back. The rope that secured her shoulders was a stroke of genius. It pulled everything together and made her chest stick out nicely. Her nipples were rock hard by the time she slipped on her gag and slid her gloved wrists into the remaining coil of rope. She looked hot and very sexy. And she felt that way too.

But now it was time to return to reality. He had said his goodnight and signed off, leaving her to continue struggling and eventually get free.

Or so she thought...

After an hour of frantic struggling, she realized she was hopelessly tied up. Her escape skills were no match for the knots that he made her tie. She rose to her feet, teetering on her high heels, and gradually managed to hop little by little out of her bedroom, and down the hall. Stopping on occasion to regain her balance and strength. And all this hopping made that vibrator1 work its magic inside her. She had orgasm after orgasm. Several times along the length of the hall alone.

She managed to reach the kitchen where some scissors and her freedom awaited.

"I hope heís back on again tomorrow night?", she wondered.

high heel self bondage

Wendy showed up at the coirect time as directed...

She went into the garage and found a note. "Remove all your clothing except for your bra and panties and heels. Take the ballgag from the counter and put it in." She did exactly what she was told. She's a good girl. Once stripped down, she slid the ballgag into her mouth and buckled it tight. 'Once the gag is in. go over near the bench and you'll see a coil of rope with two openings, one for each wrist, and a longer rope with only one opening. That's for your left ankle. "Left ankle," she thought That's strange. But she did what she was told to do.

While still holding the note, she put both wrists into the openings and then her left ankle in the other one. She didn't know what purpose it served. She was still standing and had plenty of room to move her wrists inside that rope. The note continued...

"Once your wrists and leg are inside the ropes, move slightly to your right and youll see a lever. Move the lever then step back and stand on the X on the floor". Youll then be presented with a big surprise. She suddenly smiled. "I like surprises!," she said to herself.

She moved to the tight just far enough to reach the lever, looked for the X, then moved the lever and slid back. Nothing happened at first. Then she heard something that sounded like something heavy moving overhead. Then suddenly, a huge sandbag fell from a trap door about ten feet away from her. And just at the same time, the ropes around her wrists and ankle shot upward and nearly lifted her up as they went. The ropes pulled tight and cinched her wrists together they were welded together. Her ankle rose up behind her to about the same level as her face. She let out a squeal! Suddenly, she was unable to move. Unable to get free. Balancing on her only foot perched atop a 5" high heel. The only thing that prevented her from getting dislocated shoulders was the fact that there was a heavy spring attached to the sandbag, cushioning the fall of the heavy weight.

But now she had other things to worry about. Why did this happen? How was she to get free? What would happen to her now?

No matter what she did. she couldn't get free. The ropes holding her wrists together were too strong. And with her other leg pulled up high, her weight was almost always on her wrists so there was no chance of wiggling them free. And since she had a large ballgag in her mouth, calling for help was impossible. She was definitely tied tight.

She struggled for what seemed like an eternity. The only noise that was heard was her high heel clicking on the cement floor and a healthy dose of moaning. She was getting excited even though she didn't know her fate.

"Good work my dear," said a voice behind her. "The fun begins!"

2 clothspins self bondage

Jennifer though the had enough time...

She had just showered and was feeling extremely horny. She looked at the clock. Two hours before her friends were to come over. She had time.

She got out her stripper shoes with the clear tops and slid them on. 7" heels with a 2" platform. Yummy! Nothing else to put on except her red ballgag.

She knelt on the end table and sat down: putting her butt on the table and her legs bent under and off to the sides. She wrapped rope around each leg, pinning her calves to her thighs and making sure the only movement was her wiggling ankles.

She then made a small coil of rope just big enough to slip her arms into behind her back. She would wiggle around until the coil was just above her elbows. In the middle, there was a cinch loop to pull the coil together tightly and bring her elbows together so they almost touch. Another smaller coil of rope for her wrists.

She pushed the ballgag past her teeth as far as it would go and secured it behind her head, pulling her hair out so it wouldn't tangle. But to make it interesting, she slipped on 2 clothspins on her hard nipples. She winced a bit, but they felt good quickly. On the back of the table, she placed her scissors for helping her escape when it came time.

She slid the rope up her arms and once settled in, she got her wrist coil and slid into that. With her finger tips, she pulled the cinch knot tight. She felt her elbows come together closer and closer. She then flipped the loose end around the cinch so it was out of the way. It was hard to do, but she's flexible.

She settled in for about 3045 minutes of sexy struggling and moaning. Maybe an orgasm or two. But when it came time she shifted her leg a little too far and it knocked the scissors off the table.

Her eyes widened as she realized what had happened. Turning and twisting around, she tried to see where they were. But they had taken a bad bounce and were now just below the table top where she was. Out fo reach for sure.

She started to struggle. Her clothspins bounced up and down, making her wet. Unable to make a sound and unable to get free, she came again and again. Unable to reach around to pull the clips off. her agony turned to ecstacy.

As she was lost in yet another orgasm, she heard cars drive up and pull into her driveway. Car doors slammed as voices grew louder. They were early!

An orgasm consumed her as the front door started to open...


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