Rope knots bondage tutorial

These are all the knots we think you will need for bondage, and as a reward for learning the knots, we will forgive you for forgetting their names.


By now, you should practically be frothing at the mouth with anticipation, ready to properly begin your journey into bondage. They say you should always walk before you can run, and nowhere is the concept of progressing in baby steps more apt than in the world of rope bondage. Riggers need to learn basic knots before creating wonderful, sexual, full-body bondage ties. Not only will tying an exquisite body harness make you look like a bit of a newbie if you don't have the basics down, but it can also be dangerous. If you place supporting knots in places they shouldn't go, you can severely injure your sub. Pushing yourself to become better is encouraged—but it's important to also appreciate your own limitations when someone else's safety is literally in your hands.

Learn and practice these basic knots: They are your bondage alphabet. Some of you were lucky enough to be Boy Scouts when you were younger. Some were brought up on farms or en joyed sailing or climbing. Some will have never have touched a rope in their whole lives—and that's okay. For the sake of the total newbies, I'm assuming a prior knowledge of zero—and even if you think you know some of these knots by heart, it won't hurt to refresh your memory.

Bow Tie Knot Box Knot Knots: buntline hitch
Butterfly Loop Chain Braiding Challenge Knot
Cording Rope Ends Cross Knot Double Coin Knot
Double Slipknot Knots: figure eight - ending knot Fisherman’s Knot
Flower Knot
Knots: French bowline Good Luck Knot Knots: larks head
Long Knot Prosperity Knot Knots: prusik
Rabbit Knot Knots: single bowline Sliding Sheet Bend
Snake Weave Split Square Knot Knots: square knot
Temple Knot Trinity (Celtic) Knot True Lover’s Knot
Basic knots in Japanese rope bondage

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