Bow Tie Knot - bondage manual

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Here’s a quick and easy way to tie a pair of wrists together for a quick “handcuff” technique. It’s ideal for suddenly restraining your partner’s hands while you lead him or her across the room. It’s also the initial knot that’s used over the shoulders when tying the Dragonfly Sleeve. Only things to beware of: these are both slipknots, so it’s easy to cut off circulation. Plus, they can loosen easily unless you finish them with an overhand knot.

Rope length: Any length, from 10 to 100 feet

Start with your right hand in the very middle of the rope, and your other hand holding on about 6 inches left of center.

Curl the rope RIGHT OVER LEFT to make a small loop.

Pinching the loop together with your left thumb, make another loop, again right over left.

Pinch the loops together and merge the right loop halfway over the left loop to form a Venn diagram or a MasterCard® logo.

Pull the right half of the left loop through the FRONT of the right loop while pulling the left half of the right loop BACK through the left loop.

Pull out the “ears” of these loops while tightening the knot at the center. It’s just like tying your shoelaces, only without shoes, natch.

Open the loops so that they are large enough to fit onto the wrists of your partner. Holding the center knot, pull the ends of the ropes to tighten booth loops over the wrists.


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