Bondage tutorials for beginners | Learn how to tie western bondage

Bondage tutorials for beginners and for more advanced practitioners.

If you’re reading this site, chances are you’re a newbie with bondage. You’re probably searching the internet looking for bondage tips that you can use to play. If you’re an advanced bondage role play, you may be looking for further inspiration and in this case, sometimes looking at a newbie bondage post on a sex blog can do you some good. Anyway’s on we go with some bondage tips:

beginner girl in bondage

1.) Safe words count.
Even if you don’t intend on getting too crazy, it’s always a good idea to have a safe word. Most bondage scenarios include some form of power play, the master usually does something the submissive doesn’t want so part of the play is “no no stop!” and then if the master really stops, the submissive says “I didn’t mean that” and then the mood is ruined, or at least it;s a buzz kill. Make a safe word so that if you really want them to stop, this is the only way to make them stop. Popular words include butterflies, ketchup, cats, pancake just to name a few.

2.) Dress in costume
Go to your local sex shop and try on a few dominatrix costumes. Truly on some Rubba Wear which is like leather latex wear that clings to the body. There are full body suits, gloves, stockings to name a few. If you actually try it on you’ll see the fit, this is better as opposed to buying online which you never know if it will fit. Shopping in person is also fun because it gets you in the mood to play.

3.) Use contrasting props.
Props are important and contrasting props are even better. What this means is things that show opposite feelings, for example, an ice cube and hot wax. A whip and a feather. The contrasting feels is more invigorating them just one feel. Alternate and your partner will really feel the difference.

4.) Bondage restraints.
If you get some ropes, you can tie your partner to thighs and tie their limb together. If you don;t know how to tie and want to cheat, juts get a set of handcuffs. Bondage restraints are very important, you can’t have bondage role play without tying up your partner.

5.) Use sex toys.
You can combine this with the clothing tip. While you’re at at the sex shop, get a toy or two. When your partner is tied up, you can use a dildo on them. This gives a sexual atmosphere to your bondage play and makes it more satisfying. For men, you can tie him up and use a masturbation sleeve. You can be a tease and use the sex toy until they are about to cum and then stop. It’s orgasm and denial which is a very erotic way to play bondage games.

Chain Braiding

Cording Rope Ends

Snake Weave tutorial

The Snake Weave is effectively a Box Knot stretched out through the same weaving techniques used to make belts or even straw hats or common braid...

Knots: Sliding Sheet Bend

Challenge Knot

Prosperity Knot - bondage tutorial

Flower Knot

Rabbit Knot

Good Luck Knot

Cross Knot

Knots: Temple Knot

Knots: Butterfly Loop

Long Knot - bondage tutorial

Trinity (Celtic) Knot

Box Knot

Knots: Double Coin Knot manual

Knots: Fishermans knot tutorial

Bondage knots: True Lovers Knot

Bondage knots: Split Square Knot

Knots: Bow Tie Knot

Knots: Double Slipknot tutorial

Bondage safety: falling, fainting and other problems

Suspension bondage safety

Safety: Equipment and self-bondage

Each device or self bondage item should be tested separately for (relative) comfort, durability and any unforseen complications they might cause before you`re actually on your own. If you plan to cut yourself free either as a primary or secondary release method, make sure the scissors or knife is sharpened and up to the task...

Knots: The larks head

...the most simple and most basic...

Knots: The square knot

...twisted ends of rope forming a square shape...

Knots: Single bowline

Knots: The French bowline - used as cuffs for hands or feet

Knots: buntline hitch

Knots: prusik tutorial

This is the knot you should use if you want to tighten the rope after binding, for instance, for having your sub very tense after spread-eagling her...

Knots: figure eight - ending knot tutorial

This is the knot used for ending a rope, for stopping it from slipping inside a hole or ring or even for preventing unraveling...

Rope bindings: the ankles - slightly crossed tutorial

This bondage is for binding the ankles, leaving the legs crossed in an elegant way, with one foot over the other, and the knees together...

Bindings: limbs crossed tutorial

Typically used for binding your subs hands at the back, but it can be used with the hands at the front, and for tying the ankles, for keeping the legs opened, knees apart...

Bindings: limbs parallel tutorial

This binding is used for tying your subs ankles, or for tying the wrists with the hands with the palms or tops touching each other...

Bindings: hobble tutorial

The hobble is used when you want to restrict the movements without immobilizing, or when you have to leave some space between the bound objects...

Rope bindings: tying to a bar tutorial

This is the binding used for tying your sub`s wrists or ankles transversally to an object, for example the wrists to a bar that will act as a yoke, or for tying her each of her ankles to a spreader bar...

Rope bindings: larks head tutorial

This can be used for tying the wrists, the ankles, or even each wrists to an ankle for an uncomfortable bondage position...

Spread-eagled bondage tutorial

Cable ties bondage tips

How to use cables in bondage

Tips for tying the feet, hobbling and thumbs bondage

Tip for tying arms at the front

Tip for tying arms at the back

There are several ways of tying the arms at the back. These are only some of them...

Spread-eagled, tensed bondage tutorial

If you want your sub as tensed as possible when spread-eagled, face up or face down, you could do as follows...


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