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The larks head - the most simple and most basic

This is not a knot, but it is very useful as a base for other bindings. Or for hanging your lunch bag from a tree branch.

Just double up the rope, and pass its ends inside the loop so formed (or your bag inside its own handle)

larks head knot

step by step guide

This knot can tighten down enough that it won't slide along other rope it is tied to. It is what we refer to as a constriction knot because the harder you pull it, the tighter it gets. It is one of the most basic knots and will help you get into artistic rope bondage easily.

1. Take the middle of the rope in a loop. We call this the bight end.

larks head knot

2. Wrap it around your thumb and pull the long end through.

larks head rope knot

3. Just like this! This knot can then be slipped over the ends of the rope (coming up in a moment) or be tied in the middle of a rope when you need a tight knot that won't slide around.

larks head knot

FINAL: Here is what the other side of the knot looks like.

larks head knot animated version

A Larks Head Single Column is a really important fundemental to work on! I've been practicing lately so I can easily do harnesses from memory that are suspension capable.

Keep in mind what direction the knot ends and where you need to head next, you may need to do some knots "upsidedown" to lead the correct direction for your next junction! Also pay attention to your dressing (the cleanliness of your rope work and lines)


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