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If you’re ever at the ends of your ropes and wondering what to do, here’s a neat trick. Cord the ends. Unlike ropes that are simply spiraled together, corded ropes resist unwinding themselves. By first twisting each rope within itself—before twisting it around the other rope—you can use the counter-twisting force to keep both ropes wound together. In fact, this is how traditional rope is made. It’s also how you can make “rope” out of any fiber, even toilet paper!

Rope length: Any length

Rope diameter: Any diameter

You can begin cording anywhere on a bondage design that you have two parallel ropes, preferably of equal length.

Twist the right-hand rope clockwise, about one quarter turn. (NOTE: If you are left-handed, you can twist the left rope counterclockwise and lay it over the right.)

Lay this twisted rope over the left-hand rope, holding it tight at the cross-point with your left hand. Now the left rope will be on the right side.

Again, twist the rope on the right clockwise…

and lay it over the left, securing the most recent cross-point with your thumb.

Repeat this process until you are at the end of your ropes (or at the point in your piece where you want to place another knot to continue).

You can finish the cording by tying an overhand knot using the two parallel ropes. Alternatively, any finishing knot will do.

This makes a wonderful leash and handle, especially when it is integrated at the end of a beautiful rope harness.


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