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Falling safety

A common accident is caused by the subís falling. This is a cause of many BDSM related injuries. If somebody falls with the hands bound, s/he cannot use them for softening the fall or protecting him/herself, nor use the arms for keeping balance.

And if the feet are bound, it is easy to trip or lose balance. Be careful, donít make or let him/her walk around or stand by him/herself when bound, or at least be ready to catch him/her if s/he falls. And donít bind simultaneously hands and feet if your sub will be standing or walking.

Another way of falling is caused by equipment failure. An eyebolt on the ceiling gives, a rope breaks or a knot slips. If something like that happens, the sub will fall defenseless.

It is not necessary for the sub to be suspended for having an accident. If the bondage is what keeps the sub standing, kneeling, or whatever, a failure could hurt him/her.

That is another reason for not tying a person by the neck, even with no tension. If s/he falls, the sudden jerk could break his/her neck vertebrae or choke him/her.

Fainting safety

You could also fall when fainting. And it is easy to faint when your body is restrained, because of the difficulty in breathing (for instance, with your hands tied over your head or the trunk tightly bound or in a forced position), the reduced blood circulation and/or the long periods of immobility. Be ready for a fast release if you notice that your sub is fainting.

Lack of food is another reason for fainting. Be sure that your sub is conveniently fed. (Some people prefer not to eat for several hours before a scene. Thatís not right, as it is not right overeating immediately before the scene).

Blood circulation and nerves

Too tight a bondage, especially on wrists and ankles can restrict circulation. A long time without blood circulation will damage the tissue that is not properly fed. The sub will feel numbness or tingling on the hands or feet. After that, the limbs will look puffed, dark red or purple, and cold to the touch. The problem must be corrected immediately, by changing the tension or position of the bondage, or releasing the person.

Too tight a bondage or bondage in inappropriate places can cause nervesí pinching. It is felt as focused pain or as shooting pains. If it happens, release the sub immediately, because you are hurting him/her.

A good rule of thumb for being sure that the restraint is not too tight is testing that you can slide at least one finger between the restraint and the skin.

Cramps and joints pain

Restrained circulation, plus the tension on muscles, nerves and the joints caused by prolonged binding in a fixed or uncomfortable position will cause cramps. A cramp is caused by lactic acid accumulation in a muscle that cannot be properly drained by the restricted movement and circulation. The cramped muscle should be relaxed as soon as possible, for not causing permanent damage.

After a long time in the same position, it will be very painful for the sub to move the joints that were immobilized. Many hours will restrict mobility for a long time, if not permanently.

Cramps and joint problems are the reasons for recommending changing positions regularly.

Actors who play characters with deformities (as Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame), that have to work many hours under restraints for maintaining their awkward positions, use to have physical therapists and trainers for massages and elongation work after every filming day. Do something similar.


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