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We jokingly claim this knot got its name because all who try to tie it are told “Good luck!” But in seriousness the knot is one of the simplest in an ancient Oriental series of increasingly elaborate knots know as “Crown Knots.” Strong and stylish in appearance, the Good Luck Knot works well as a centerpiece on body harnesses.

How to tie a Good Luck Knot

Rope length: Dependent on piece being tied

Place one finger at the middle of the rope and two fingers on the other side. Then pull your two fingers up past the one finger—to create two equal-sized bights.

Spread the top two bights into a V shape. Form two more identical bights, one on each side of the downward ends. Lay the leading ends over the first (southeast corner) bight.

Then place the southeast bight over the pair of leading ends that just crossed it AND the northeast bight.

Lay the second (northeast) bight over the previous bight that just crossed it AND the northwest bight.

Lay the third (northwest) bight over the previous bight that just crossed it AND the southwest bight.

Now lay the fourth (southwest) bight over the previous bight that just crossed it—and tuck it through the loop created by the initial move.

Carefully pull the two ropes associated with the open end and each of the four extended bights successively until the piece is snug.

If what you’re looking at looks like the picture above, then you must have good luck!


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