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The Trinity Knot is a variation of a traditional triangle knot drawn by the ancient Celtic scribes. Elegant and complex in appearance, it is an excellent knot for a chest harness. The two corner loops are perfect for accepting each end of the ropes that come out the third corner when wrapped around the body. It’s also the knot used to form the front/top portion of the Rope Panty.

Rope length: Dependent on piece being tied

Begin by holding a small bight above your hands and twist the right-hand side of the bight over the left-hand side to create a counterclockwise loop.

While pinching the first loop securely with your left hand, make a second small bight to the right, twisting it to create a counterclockwise loop just like the first.

While holding the first and second loops securely with your left fingers, create a third small bight. Once again, twist it to make a counterclockwise loop just like the others.

While supporting all three loops between both your thumbs and forefingers, cross the dangling rope on the left-hand side over the dangling rope on the right-hand side.

Still securing the three loops with one hand, fish the end of the dangling right-side rope up behind through the third loop. Pull the rope completely through. Then cross it behind the top loop.

Poke the rope that passed behind the top loop through the second loop to create a small protruding bight. Now securely hold all the loops with your right hand.

Fish the end of the dangling rope down through the front of the left-side loop and weave it through the small bight that protrudes from the top loop.

There! Now you have a Celtic Knot—that looks as good in rope as it does on paper!


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