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Elements of this knot lend themselves to a variety of beautiful flat knots, the Long Knot and the Temple Knot, to name a few. Still, it is also quite useful in its own right. Fiendishly effective at gripping fingers and toes, it is our favorite knot for connecting rope to an extremity. Beyond this, its most useful quality, it also makes a beautiful addition to a chest harness or decorative wrap.

Rope length: Any length

Rope diameter: Any diameter

box knot

box knot

Cross the left rope over the right rope.

box knot

Rotate the rope on the right-hand side up and behind the ropes above in a counterclockwise loop. Make sure the “leg” of the loop is BEHIND the P shape you created.

box knot

Turn your attention to the dangling rope. Rotate it clockwise and insert it through the loop of the P above.

box knot

Now weave the rope over the rope to its right, then behind and through the loop immediately below it.

box knot

Turn your attention to the left-hand rope and…

box knot

tuck it through the front of the loop below it.

box knot

Well done. You have just completed the Box Knot!

How to tie a box knot

The Box Knot is essentially the primary knot used to create decorative round mats, similar to the woven rectangular mats seen on doorsteps across America. Only difference: the Box Knot does not require repetitive weaving. Like the Double Coin Knot, it’s an excellent flat knot for adorning a chest or as the basis for a body harness, since its four corner loops can be widened to take ropes from all sides.

Rope length: Dependent on piece being tied

box knot

box knot

Beginning with the middle of the rope around the back of your partner’s neck, cross the left-hand side over the rope on the right-hand side.

With one hand securing the point where the ropes cross, circle the right-hand rope counterclockwise and under the V made by the top ropes.

With one hand securing the piece, turn the left-hand rope clockwise and over the left side of the V, then weave it under the rope that crosses behind the V.

Pass the rope over the upper right rope. Then weave it under and through the loop on the right side.

Pull the rope completely through this loop.

Now turn your attention back to the dangling rope on the left-hand side. Fish it down and through the front of the loop on the left side. Pull the rope completely through.

Adjust the Box Knot so as to maintain its flat, square appearance.


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