Knots: figure eight - ending knot | tutorial for beginners

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This is the knot used for ending a rope, for stopping it from slipping inside a hole or ring or even for preventing unraveling.

We could use it instead of the buntline hitch for securing a rope to cuffs or collars, but, of course, it only works while the free end is tied to something.

This knot was also used for knotting the tails of a whip, making it more severe.

Make a loop crossing the end over the rope

figure eight knot

Then coil passing the end under the base rope

figure eight knot

And then inside the first loop and pull from any end for tightening.

figure eight knot

When tightened, it looks something like this.

figure eight knot

Then you can just slide the rope thru the ring, until the end stops against it. (Of course, it only works if the rope is thick enough for the whole knot not sliding thru the ring)

figure eight knot


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