Butterfly Loop - bondage tips

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Here’s a great way to make a loop knot tied in a bight. It’s secure, strong and easy to tie and untie. It also won’t collapse or tighten when the parent line is under tension. It can also be used to isolate a damaged part of the rope. We like it because it looks prettier and more symmetrical than simply tying a double overhand knot in a bight, plus it lies flatter on the back of the neck for certain harnesses or the Rope Cage.

Rope length: Any length

Rope diameter: Any diameter

Pull a large bight through your hand, making the shape of the letter M.

Twist the bight once….

and then twice. (Note that the middle opening in the twists will be where you thread the bight through in Step 6.)

Pull the bight straight up and over the top of your hand. Keep an eye on the opening in the middle twist.

Pinch the bight and pull it through the opening (made by the second twist) from back to front.

Pull the bight to form the loop…

And tighten the knot by pulling the ends.


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