Knots: buntline hitch | tutorial for beginners

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This one is used for tying something to a fixed object. It shouldn’t be used to tie people, because the loop tightens under tension, and could restrict circulation or put undue pressure on the body.

Used as directed, is a fast way for tying a rope, for instance, to the uprights of the bed. It can also be used for fastening the rope to the rings on the collars and cuffs of bondage equipment.

Begin by looping the rope around the object a couple of times (or more) …

...pass the end over the main rope segment…

…go back from under the main and over everything…

… loop it again by the back of the base rope, and pass the end inside the loop

When pulling from the loose end, it will tighten to something like this…

… which, if slipping on the rope, will finish in something like this.

Of course, if it slips, the base rope will slacken a little. If you want to stretch your sub, use the prusik instead of this one.

Caution: This knot, as most, cannot be untied while under tension.

This is how it would look on the cuffs


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