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You shouldn't suspend somebody totally in the air. It is too dangerous. The crucified's death was due to respiratory arrest for hanging a long time from the arms. Of course, the ones hanged from the neck died a lot faster, by asphyxia or by rupture of cervical vertebrae. Is it necessary to tell you that you should not hang anybody by the neck?

Hanging the sub upside down (by the feet, for instance) is also dangerous. All the circulatory system has developed for functioning in an upright position, and doesnít work well when the body is inverted. Blood accumulates in the head (producing dizziness) and chest. If you have to do it, do it only for short periods.

When somebody is hanging, all the body weight falls on the part of the body resting on the bindings. It can interfere in the blood circulation or in the breathing muscles, and cause rope burns and bruises.

The only reasonably safe way for suspending your partner is using the appropriate harnesses and specialized gear. Hanging with ropes requires a deep knowledge of the techniques.

Do not hang a woman by her breasts or a man by his testicles. Most persons would prefer to have them firmly attached to their bodies and functioning normally, and the bodyís weight will most probably damage them if not tearing them out. Donít even make your sub stand on tiptoes by tensioning a womanís breasts or a manís testicles. If s/he looses balance or faints and falls, s/he will be badly hurt. And I donít care if you saw photos of people doing it. I said NO and I meant NO.

If you are going to suspend your partner, even if letting him/her rest the toes on the floor, or just tying him/her with the hands up, be sure that the hardware is correctly installed and can bear the weight and the stress of a struggling body (about five timeís the personís weight). Check also that the rope and gear is in working condition. If something gives under tension, the bottom cannot use his/her hands to stop the fall and can be seriously injured.

Don't leave anybody bound with his/her hands up for long time, even if standing on their feet.

suspension bondage gagged

Asphyxia: (neck, rope, gags, positional)

Asphyxia is probably the most common cause of BDSM related deaths.

Never put any pressure on your subís neck. Not even with your hands. Breath restriction, even if some say that is arousing and results in good orgasms, is absolutely forbidden in a safe and sane relationship. It is deadly. That fantastic orgasm can be (and too frequently is) the last.

Just in case, never tie anything around your subís neck but a good quality collar, and never tie that collar to anything fixed. A fall or fainting can cause the neck receiving an unintended pressure.

Pressing the neck doesnít only restrict breathing; it also restricts blood circulation to the brain. Both are necessary for living. Death comes very fast when one or both of them stops and even a short restriction in blood circulation can result in brain damage.

Asphyxia also happens when a rope or other restraint that was not intended to put pressure on the neck slips and does. Be careful.

Another way of asphyxiating is when gagged. Be sure that the gag does not restrict breathing.

Never cover both your subís mouth and nose. Use only gags intended for that purpose. Ball gags are a good option, because they leave open areas for breathing. Ok, if air can get in, air can come out, and your sub can make some noise. But is better getting some noise than killing your sub.

And if you decide, against our recommendation, using a gag that impedes breathing by the mouth be sure that you sub can breath by her nose. If she has a cold or any other similar medical condition, she will not.

Never use, as seen on the movies, clothes inside the mouth for gagging. They can be partially swallowed, restricting breath and making him/her choke, and they can trigger a vomit reflex in your sub.

Vomiting in your gag and choking on the vomit is another common way for asphyxiating. It can happen also without a gag, if the sub is immobilized on his/her back, and canít throw the vomit.

This is another very good reason for being able to release your sub pretty fast.

There is yet another way of asphyxiating, just for the position. It happens because a fatigue of the breathing muscles, for having to work forced, but it could also happen because, due to the bondage, not enough air enters the lungs. We already mentioned that being tied for long periods with the hands over the head, especially if hanging, can cause asphyxia. But it could happen when spread-eagled, even if laying, especially if the bindings are too tense. Asphyxia can also happen because of a too tight bondage on the chest and belly, or too long tied with the body weight resting on the belly, doubled up or in many other forced positions.

Check constantly that your sub has no problems, never let him/her alone when bound, and be ready to release him/her immediately if s/he had difficulty in breathing.

rope suspension bondage marks

Using ropes bondage safety

The first thing to talk about ropes is its diameter. Appropriate ropeís for bondage diameters are from 1/4 to 3/8Ē of an inch (6 to 10 mm.). If they are thinner, they will put a too concentrated pressure on the skin, and can cut or at least leave deep marks, including bruises, which, with wider ones, if not too tight, you could avoid. If thicker, they donít coil tight enough and are difficult to knot.

Another problem is the abrasion caused by the ropeís friction on the skin, called usually ďrope burnĒ. Rope burns are produced in the moment of tying or untying the sub, if for tightening the bonds you let the rope slide on the skin, and by the movements of the prisoner for escaping the bindings. You should avoid the first one. Hemp or other rugged ropes burn the skin more easily than cotton or soft nylon ones.

Red marks on the skin are almost unavoidable, but they look nice. Release the prisoner at least a couple of hours before showing in public places. If too tight, for too long, or under tension, bondage can cause bruises, finally scrapping the skin.


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