Double Slipknot - how to tie a slipknot double

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Slipknots are also called “running” knots because the knots “run” (or slip) along the rope and can be easily untied by pulling the working ends. The Double Slipknot comes in handy when tying the wrists or ankles of a person who has limited flexibility. The knot needs to be properly hitched off to stop its tendency to tighten as strain is put upon it.

Rope length: Any length

Rope diameter: Any diameter



Start with two rope ends dangling side by side.


Gather the ropes into a pair and rotate them up and over themselves into a counterclockwise circle. Make sure the “leg” of the loop is in front of the P shape you created.


While holding the looped rope firmly in one hand, slide the dangling pair of ropes behind the loop.


Reach through the front of the loop and pinch the pair of ropes behind it.


Carefully pull the pinched ropes through the loop.


With one hand, grip the knot at the base of the protruding double loops. Then hook the double loops with the finger of your other hand and pull them toward you.


Split these protruding loops apart, and…


there you have it: a Double Slipknot!

How to tie a slipknot double

Generally speaking, Double Slipknots are an unwise choice for bondage, on account of their tendency to tighten as strain is put on them. However, if tied in conjunction to a well-structured piece like the Dragonfly Sleeve or properly hitched off when used as a wrist tie, the Double Slipknot makes a quick, useful technique.

Rope length: Dependent on piece being tied

With the middle of the rope around the back of your partner’s neck, gather the two ends of the rope into a pair. Then rotate them clockwise over themselves into a flat circle.

While holding the point where the ropes cross securely between your thumb and forefinger, fish the ropes behind the loop they created.

Reach through the loop with your thumb and forefinger and pinch the two ropes that hang behind…

and carefully pull them out toward you.

With one of your hands, grip the loop at the base of the protruding double loop, and with your other hand grip the bight of the double loop. Pull the bight of the double loop…

so as to create a tight loop around the base of the protruding double loop.

Split the protruding double loops, and, lo and behold, a Double Slipknot!


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