Rope bindings: limbs parallel | tutorial for beginners

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This binding is used for tying your subs ankles, or for tying the wrists with the hands with the palms or tops touching each other.

It could be used also when binding a limb to a post or the like, even if not perfectly parallel. Depending on the angle, you’ll have to choice between this and the one for the yoke. The cross coiling will separate the limb front the object, making it softer on the skin.

This bind takes about 6ft 8” (2,10 m), with a 5/16 (8mm) rope (it would take a little less with a smaller diameter rope)

As in the previous one, begin laying the middle of the rope against your sub’s limbs.

And then coil it three or four times around both limbs, depending on the rope thickness, for reducing the pressure of the binding on each point of the skin...

The coils don’t need to be too tight.

When the coils are finished, cross the ropes, the one going down over the one going up...

... secure the horizontal coils with a couple of vertical ones. It is this crossed coiling which will tighten and secure the binding...

…and finish with a square knot.

Check again that you can pass at least a finger between the ropes and the skin.

It will work even if the objects are not perfectly parallel, as for tying a limb to an object.

Depending on the angle, you could use the one for the yoke.


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