Rope bondage How To - Tips and Tricks

wrist rope bondage

Itís important to tie your partner up properly. There are certain rope bondage techniques that you should be using. Think way back to boy scouts. You probably never imaged back then that those tricks you learned can make a difference in your life so many years down the road, but they sure can!

An advanced rope bondage master is much more fun the a beginner which is unsure of what they are doing, not to mention that itís boring for the submissive to lay there are you try to tie them up, only for them to wiggle out immediately after after your failed attempt at tying a know that had a large loose point. make sure you know what you;re doug, it makes the whole experience safer and much more fun.

For Male Rope Bottoms
Ties for Limited Range of Motion
Anatomy for Rope Bondage
Types of rope for bondage
Sociology of Rope Bondage
Tip for tying arms at the back
Tip for tying arms at the front
Tips for tying the feet, hobbling and thumbs bondage
Rope bindings: the ankles - slightly crossed
Rope bindings: tying to a bar
Rope bindings: hobble
Rope bindings: larks head
Rope bindings: limbs crossed
Rope bindings: limbs parallel
Minimal rope, thumbs and toes binding technique and tutorial
Illustrated techniques of rope bondage
Care and Maintenance of Rope
Ankle Wrap


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