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The hobble, when used for limiting the subís mobility, is tied mostly on the ankles...

ankles rope hobble

... but, with a thinner cord, it can be used on the toes.

Walking with the hobble on the toes is uncomfortable and tiring (which is good) but is also unstable (which is bad). Be careful and alert, because your sub could fall. And, just in case, never tie her hands when hobbled.

Larks head on the thumbs

When hitting the feet, the sub will crisscross them or move them in any possibly way for avoiding the pain. You could prefer having the feet parallel and tense for hitting on them easily and without interference.

With the feet of your sub parallel, make a lark's head in the middle of the rope...

... pass it behind the toes, the ends between the ankles, and coil each of them around the ankle of the leg opposite to the toe from which the rope comes...

... and the same with the other segment.

Both segments should cross somewhere in their way from the toes to the ankles.

This is the moment for tensing the feet upwards by pulling forcefully from the lark's head at the toes. (Be careful: the rope could cut the skin inside the toes).

Be sure the coils pass between the rope that comes from the toes and the feet, so the diagonal rope cannot slide between the ankles...

Coil around the ankles a couple more times...

... and when you think is enough (or you run out of rope), fast the ends of the rope with a square knot.

The feet will not be able to move, and will have to take what comes their way.


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