Minimal rope, thumbs and toes binding technique and tutorial

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One of the Japanese bondage tricks that is very seldom shown, is minimal bondage. The trick here is to tie a person up with a minimal amount of rope in the most effective way. Use thinner ropes as well. It can be done very safely, but the Dom should intensify the controls on the ropes since the risk of obstructing arteries and veins is slightly higher. The main effect of minimal bondage is the frustrating effect of it. Although there is hardly any rope used, the effects are devastating; it is impossible to get out and in most cases it really hurts if you struggle, so the sub is forced to keep still. Here are some examples:
thumbs cuffs

If you would normally tie your sub's wrists on her back, try binding only her thumbs. If you bind hands and feet, change it to thumbs and toes. You could also tie all fingers of both hands together or tie the thumbs to the toes if you want to force her to kneel (or spread her legs when lying on her back.

A nice one is to bind the nipples (can stay on for about 15 - 20 minutes). Next tie her thumbs to the bound nipples and another intriguing one is to tie her thumbs to her hair.

Experienced Japanese bondage masters will sometimes even bind the tongue of the sub and then tie her tongue to something else (which is extremely humiliating and very hard to do).

Having to stand with your back against a post or a tree and having only your thumbs bound behind is a lot more difficult, because the sub misses the support of the ropes that would normally be used. Binding her to a tree (belly against the tree) this way is even worse, because - in order to keep her balance - she is now forced to sort of embrace the tree she is tied to, as though it was a love partner. toes rope tied

Binding all toes together forces the sub to spread her legs as widely as she can continuously in every position, thus making her "accessible" at all times. She can no longer walk and even hardly crawl so basically with a few tiny ropes she can't go anywhere.

You could also tie the toes of each individual foot together, have her wear shoes and take her for a walk (binding the toes has a dramatic effect on her sense of balance).

Tying the fingers of the individual hands together makes it a lot more difficult to perform certain household duties and - even more fun - let her try and eat this way.

If you are looking for a "different" nipple clamp, try this one. Lay the nipple between two chop sticks and tie the chop sticks together at both ends (you may want to use elastic bands here, because that is a lot easier).


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