Rope bindings: tying to a bar | tutorial for beginners

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This is the binding used for tying your sub’s wrists or ankles transversally to an object, for example the wrists to a bar that will act as a yoke, or for tying her each of her ankles to a spreader bar. It can be used for makeshift “stocks”. Or, of course, you could use it for tying to the bar both feet together as in the falaka.

This bind takes about 6 ? ft (1.85 m), with a 5/16 (8mm) rope.

Suppose the limb is the vertical bar, and the yoke or spreader bar the horizontal one.

There must be some room between the limb and the object (or, in other words, coil loosely)

Begin laying the middle of the rope against the limb, above the bar...

...pass the rope behind the bar, downwards, and in front of the limb...

... again behind the bar, but now upwards... could repeat this coiling a couple of times... cross the ropes...

(viewed from the side)

...coil them between the limb and the bar...

...and finish with a square knot.

This cross coiling is what secures the limb to the yoke. It also avoids the bar pressing against the limb.

Remember the binding shouldn’t be as tight as for obstructing the blood circulation.


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