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This is the best ankle wrap we know! Not only does it look awesome on a pair of gams, it’s more incapacitating than other ankle tying techniques. That’s because with the ankles firmly crossed, there’s no way for the tyee to stand up and maintain balance. It’s also quite comfortable. It works best over a pair of heeled boots. (Actually, we think all bondage is best when the tyee is wearing boots. Corsets too. Oh yeah, and black latex opera-length gloves.)

Rope length: 30 to 40 feet

Rope diameter: 3/8 inch to 7/16 inch

Fold the rope in half right at the middle to form a bight. Pull the bight over the top foot—in the direction the toe is pointing. Think: The toe points the way.

Pull the bight under both arches to the edge of the bottom foot.

Make sure the bight does not rise up the side of the foot.

Holding the bight with one hand, use your other hand to draw both long ropes around the back of the ankles and down across the foot.

Thread the ropes down through the bight at the bottom of the foot…

and pull them back up over the top of the foot, retracing the path of the previous ropes. Keep the ropes parallel. Do not let the pair twist or roll.

Bring the ropes around the back of the ankles again, laying them right beside the previous ropes. Keep the ropes tight throughout the piece—the firmer, the better.

Now just start wrapping the ropes around and up the legs, keeping the ropes flat and side by side.

Keep on wrapping up the leg.

When you have only enough rope remaining to wrap twice more, stop, and hold your finger at the top…

then double back the ropes, and wrap once in the opposite direction.

Fish the ropes through the top of the new bight where your finger is holding the ropes.

Firmly pull the ropes all the way through the bight and pull them back in the opposite direction.

Fish the ends under the top two ropes…

and hold an opening at the top…

and pull the ends of the rope through this opening to tie off the piece.

Tighten the knot and tuck the remaining ropes between the legs.

Oh yeah!

If you wanna get fancy, trim off the ends of the ropes below the knot and fray the ends to make little tassels.

This wrap looks excellent from any ankle… um, we mean angle.


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