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There are several ways of tying the arms at the back. These are only some of them.

The normal way of tying the arms back is putting one hand over the other, and using a crossed binding...

arms crossed binding

A very Japanese way of tying the arms back is with the hands with one wirst over the other. Use a parallel binding on them.

arms parallel binding

It is also possible (and uncomfortable, if sustained) tying the arms back, each wrist to its opposite elbow. Use two parallel bindings, one on each of the wrists.

two parallel bindings bondage

You could also tie the arms back elbow to elbow. It is safer if the palms are touching each other, so the ropeís pressure is on the back of the wrists.

Use a parallel binding on the wrists, and you will probably need a hobble on the elbows, because most people canít take the shoulders back enough for the elbows touching. Donít force too much the position, which is uncomfortable (and painful, after some time) enough.

elbow bondage

You could also tie the wrists crossed up. This is terribly uncomfortable, because of the pressure on the shoulders, forced back. The hands, left by themselves, will tend to fall to the back and down, so you should hold them with a rope around the body.

wrists crossed up rope bondage


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