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The Cross Knot is a traditional decorative knot believed to have originated in Vietnam, however it was later learned and embraced by Chinese knot tiers. Today, itís tied around the world, used primarily as a decorative knot with nonslip properties. We like using this knot as a nice alternative to Square Knots on harnesses and other pieces like the Tortoise Shell Bodysuit.

How to tie a Cross Knot

Rope length: Dependent on piece being tied

Begin by draping the middle of the rope around the back of your partnerís neck.

Wrap the right-side rope behind and over the dangling left-side rope. With your right hand, pinch the base of the bight to keep it horizontal.

Bring the the dangling left-side rope up and over the front of the horizontal bight made in the right-hand ropeÖ

and drop it down behind the horizontal bight.

Now fish the dangling right-hand rope behind the adjacent dangling rope, and pass it through (under) the vertical loop created when the left rope wrapped over the bight.

Pull the rope firmly through the vertical loop until a cross appears.

If you flip the Cross Knot over, it looks like a woven diamond. You can achieve this woven diamond appearance in the front by crossing the ropes before you start Step 2.


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