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The Snake Weave is effectively a Box Knot stretched out through the same weaving techniques used to make belts or even straw hats or common braid. Clean and complex looking, the Snake Weave is primarily utilized in the creation of the Rope Panty.

Rope length: Any length

How to tie a Snake Weave

Starting from the end of a long outstretched bight of rope, twist the right-hand side of the bight over the left-hand side to create a loop that looks like a U over an O shape.

Along the desired length of your piece, make equalsized openings by crisscrossing the left-side rope over (and the right-side rope under), to form successive twists.

Rotate the rope on the left-hand side back toward the twisted bight and lay it diagonally atop the adjacent O loop, making sure to cross both the left and right of the loop.

Then, rotate the rope on the right-hand side back toward the twisted bight, weaving it under both edges of the adjacent loop, but over the rope that crosses between.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 above until you…

weave both ends of the ropes…

all the way back to the first loop at the end,

successfully completing the Snake Weave!


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