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The former queen humps her hips and shivers in sexual need all day long in her little bird cage set up in the main dining hall. Stark naked and with chattering teeth, she entertains her castle's obnoxious conquerors. They enjoy tickle tormenting her clitoris and pinching her nipples as they laugh at her writhing and helpless wiggling.

They plan on keeping her like this till she is an old gray-haired madwoman, pathetically shaking her breasts and her spread loins in abject need, and dripping her sexual secretions. She has not been allowed an orgasm since her capture two fortnights ago. They use herbs, potions and majick to keep her shivering on the very edge of what would be a mind shattering orgasm, if she were allowed to have one. The chances of her ever actually having an orgasm again are very small, as she is just so entertaining as she shivers and wiggles in perpetual arousal.

cage gagged chained tortured

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