Kimber in cage

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Kimber in cage bondage

Kimber Li hung helplessly in her cage, groaning as her bowels twisted and cramped. The Midnight Surgeon had administered her daily lunch/enema a few hours before.

For two weeks straight the agent had taken ail her meals rectally. The result was that her once strong, capable body was becoming weak. Being in tight, unyielding bondage continuously wasn't helping matters either. As it was, the only exercise she got was bobbing her head when giving the Surgeon his thrice daily blowjobs.

Kimber's stomach growled, totally empty. Her kidnapper was late for his afternoon blowjob, and she was starving; his cum was her only real food! To her utter shame, she realized she was actually hoping the bastard showed up soon just so she could blow him again!

She chewed hungrily on her ring gag, trying to ignore her hunger. Instead, she studied her surroundings.

The Surgeon had moved her from his underground lair to his barn, for the first time allowing her to see his farm in its totality. She had been dismayed to see no close neighboring homes, and no sign of a town or nearby city; the farm was totally isolated! Then the Midnight Surgeon had locked her safely away in his barn, its walls so thick there was no hope her cries for help would ever penetrate.

And so she hung, digesting a enema slurry primarily composed - judging from the feel at least -of dry dog food, blended into a thick paste, with a healthy dash of ground pepper for heat. Now her asshole burned from the horrid mixture, but she dare not release her anus.

That was the worst part of her new feeding program, she thought; her captor had stopped plugging her asshole after each enema, instead expecting her to clamp down tight and hold it ail in. And she did, because she needed the food too desperately to dare waste any. After only two weeks of this anal training her asshole was tighter and stronger than ever!

She shivered at the thought he might actually be preparing her virgin anus for some evil purpose, just as he was apparently training her mouth. Though another thought had crept into her mind lately, and her trip topside had seemingly confirmed it; unlike most of his other victims, the Midnight Surgeon might actually be planning on keeping Kimber, permanently!

Suddenly, the door to the barn opened wide, and the Midnight Surgeon appeared! Shrieking in surprise, Kimber released her bowels, sending her last enema gushing across the barn floor behind her!

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