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A little parade to make an example of the first girl to be convicted under the new law.

Getting Tiffany all pimped out in her little cage for the parade. Her cart will be pulled behind a donkey through the streets to the center of town. Flower girls will precede her, throwing flower petals up in the air to land on her cage and on the road before her. A marching band will follow her, playing Broadway selections such as "I Feel Pretty" and old standards like "Hey, Look Me Over!" When the parade ends at the center of town, the mayor will speak for a few minutes about the value of public humiliation in helping to rid the town of wickedness such as pubic drunkenness and prostitution. Violators need to be mocked and publicly shamed, starting with Tiffany, an eighteen year old high school senior who was arrested for drunkenness and indecency. Actually, it was her boyfriend, Trevor, who cajoled her into drinking and spiked her Rum and Coke in an effort to get her bra off for a nice look and grope. Trevor was in the audience along with all of Tiffany's classmates, friends and enemies alike. Even though the mayor knew the girl was set up, she was a beauty and would serve as a terrific public example. Besides, Tiffany's father was a rival from the other political party.

After the speeches, Tiffany would have both the humiliating anal and vaginal dildos removed and would be placed in a low set of stocks with her legs spread and her bottom raised where she would be flogged on her buttocks fifty time as she howled and wiggled and begged for mercy. She would be left in the stocks for twenty-four hours, a feast for the eyes of the townsfolk during the day and her honey-smeared nipples, clitoris, and anus a feast for the mosquitoes at night! The following day she would again be flogged, then returned to her cage with both dildos replaced and left for public viewing outside the high school she had just been expelled from. She would shiver in shame and need, wiggling from the relentless itching from the mosquito bites and sobbing in humiliation from the laughter and taunting of her former classmates. She would serve as a stern warning to other girls to guard their modesty and refrain from drinking alcohol.

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