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Crated up and ready for shipping! The hair on Monique's head has been dyed a garish pink and her entire crotch has had its hair permanently removed. Monique will be transported along bumpy back roads for two days in the back of an old nondescript lorry. She will be attended by a 'not quite sane' brooding hulk of a man with a feather and rough, inquisitive fingers.

Monique has been bought by Baron Von Hesselmann as a surprise for his spoiled young wife. The new Baroness is hard to please, and she spends an inordinate amount of her idle time still fuming at 'that bitch Monique', who used to 'torment' her while at University, causing her no small amount of embarrassment in front of their friends.

The doting old Baron is beside him himself with excitement, imagining the look of sheer delight on the face of his beautiful new wife when she sees her old rival set up on display in the 'playroom' that he had secretly built in order to house the unfortunate Monique and present her on display for the Baroness and her many friends from Court and University.

Discretely acquired experimental drugs will constantly course through Monique's bloodstream, keeping her constantly 'aroused' far beyond what even a deranged pervert would consider elevated. She has also had an 'orgasm blocker' implanted to keep her crying and helplessly 'humping' the air in desperation for sexual relief. Only an injection administered by the gleefully vengeful Baroness will allow Monique to experience an incredibly humiliating public orgasm, should she be allowed to have one on special occasions. The young Baroness should be quite pleased and impressed with her husband's generous gift. The Baron is hoping to receive 'favors' from his grateful wife.

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