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sex slave to a trained pig

After the successful coup, the deposed King and Queen were taken to the courtyard and both stripped completely naked. The Queen was forced to watch as her husband had a tight noose placed around his neck and was hoisted six feet into the air. With his hands bound behind his back he kicked and struggled for several minutes with a ridiculous hard cock before dying of suffocation.

Queen Sofia was not hung. She was branded as a slave and given to Cosmo, a large trained pig, who would become her Master! Sofia was kept naked and leashed, crouching in a small cage until her Master required her services. Cosmo would stand before the cage and wait for a soldier to open the door. Cosmo would grab the long leash in his mouth and lead his naked shivering slave out to the courtyard. Another soldier would bend her, squatting and spread, across a low bar so that Cosmo could mount her, happily grunting and fucking her for up to a half hour at a time. When the pig finally orgasmed, he slid off of Sofia's back, leaving his lover/slave panting with her tongue out and shaking in shame. Cosmo would then grab the leash and lead Sofia back to her cage as her former subjects cheered and clapped. Sofia shook and sobbed in humiliation as her Master proudly led her back.

Cosmo usually requires his slave's services three or four times a day, although there have been times when he was particularly randy and fucked her eight or more times in a single day, leading her out to the courtyard by her leash each time! Sofia was caught trying to kill herself to escape her horrific fate. Now she always has her hands tied behind her in her cage and also while servicing her Master. The new King wants Sofia to stay alive and begging as she is grossly humiliated for the rest of her life.

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