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She heard the beep that told her another hour had passed and felt the plug in her ass deflating slightly.

She tried to stand but was still locked to the block by the plug.

Her legs were cramping, but if she moved them even slightly she would break the circuit between the metal tacks on her boot tips and the floor, causing the plug inflate again.

She prayed that the next deflation would allow her to stand othrewise she'd be found by her employees when they arrived for work.

She pleaded with them, begged them to let her go, forced to keep herself displayed hour after hour as her employees leered at her exposed body, occasionally coming over every few hours to knock her boots off the contacts in the floor, breaking the circuit and causing the plug to inflate again, ruining her progress.

She all but cried when they started hooking up two more plugs to the system as she knew exactly where they'd be going.

posture collar ballet boots corset cage

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