The genie and magic lamp - bondage photos

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If there was ever a lesson to be learnt about old magic lamps, it's that you never trust a genie.

Her wish had been so simple, she wished for a tight latex catsuit that could not be removed when she put the collar on.

The genie did its duty and presented her with this wonderous gift and eagerly she pulled it on, slipping her feet into the tight ballet boots, slipping the plugs inside her pussy and bum, worked her breasts into the cups and feeling the bases pinch her.

Then finally she eased the hood over her face, letting the gag slip in her mouth as she reached for the zipper and pulled it up.

She felt around for the collar and wrapped it around her neck and buckled it tightly. It was then she felt the tingle around her neck and realised in horror that the latch on the buckle was now gone, melded together. She muffled a screamed but no words came forth.

The genie had done as promised, for as long as she wore the collar she'd never be able to remove the suit and the gag prevented her wishing herself out.

posture collar ballet boots rubber catsuit

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