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Spanking has many forms but in my opinion, is of two basic types: play spanking and punishment spanking. A play spanking is useful as a warm up for a long scene where there will be wide variety of torture and sexual use of the slave. I use play spanking to heat up the flesh of the slave, to stimulate increased circulation and start the endorphin flow and often, to trigger her launch into subspace. A firm spanking will usually anchor slave in her body at the start of a scene, driving out thoughts of her day-to-day existence and pulling her completely into the here and now. Although I call these "play spankings", there is nothing soft about them. However, many of my slaves enjoy them and, when given the opportunity to request a reward for exceptional service, they will often choose a play spanking. Of course, I am pleased to reward them in such a manner.

Punishment spankings are NOT fun at all. These are very intense, swiftly applied and brutally efficient. A punishment spanking often leaves the slave unable to speak for an hour or more and she usually has significant discomfort when sitting down for at least a week. The slave who has received a punishment spanking from me will NEVER commit that particular transgression again. Ever.

For those of you who don't know what spanking is, it means simply hitting someone on the buttocks. I will disregard the fact of an instrument being used for the moment. I realize that hitting someone on the bottom with a whip could be called whipping. But that is a discussion about semantics and I don't want to go into that here.

Also, I am not into heavy spanking. The type that leaves marks for days. Of course a spanking can hurt. I realize that and I have also given punishment spankings. But they are not really my style, although during a game...

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Sorts of spanking.

Basically, there are two sorts of spanking. You can divide spanking into punishment spanking and erotic spanking. There are similarities and differences between the two.

Erotic spanking: An erotic spanking is usually given as sort of an exciting game between partners. The catalyst can be something that someone did wrong, either for real or for the sake of the game. But this is often not even the case. An erotic spanking is given simply because it is enjoyable. It could be considered foreplay.

Usually (but not always) an erotic spanking is less heavy than a punishment spanking. The object is not so much to cause pain, but more to get the partner excited. Also it can (but doesn't have to) involve other activities as kissing, rubbing and the like.

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Punishment spanking: Although a punishment spanking can still be an exciting game for both partners, its purpose is clear. The purpose is to cause pain, preferably lots of it. In this respect, it is usually harder than the erotic spanking (but this needn't be true for everyone).

The catalyst is usually that the person who is about to be spanked, did something wrong and "needs" to be punished. Usually the offence is something real and not something made up for the sake of the game. Also, implements are often used to make the spanking harder, such as a paddle or a cane.

Another aspect of a punishment spanking can be that it is used to achieve an actual goal. For instance you need help sticking to a diet, you want to quit smoking or you want to pass an exam. A punishment spanking might actually be helpful in achieving these goals, because it would serve as an unpleasant reminder of what happens when you fail. Of course, both partners would need to agree beforehand about the use of spanking as a motivational aid.

Also, punishment spanking often is more "emotionally detached". Instruments are used and the "over the knee" position is avoided because it means being in close physical contact. A real punishment spanking can be something of a ceremony, and can last quite a while, including corner time and shaming the naughty culprit.

You'll notice that the division is not clear. For one person something could be just an erotic spanking, for the other it is hard punishment. Where you draw the line depends on your personal taste, and that of your partner.

I would like to make a comment here, though. The object of the spanking, in my view anyway, is not so much to cause pain. I don't spank for the sake of giving my partner pain. If I wanted to do that, there would be many ways that would be easier. Even a hard punishment spanking, which can cause a lot of pain, should not cause the maximum of pain. I don't spank as hard as I could spank. My partner would be reduced to tears and yelling in a few minutes. Although that could be the objective for some people it is not my objective. Of course my partner feels some pain during the spanking, but the pain serves a purpose. It reminds her of the fact that she is my Bottom, that she has not pleased me in some way, and that is why she receives this spanking. (This does not apply to erotic spanking of course). It is humiliating for her, as a grown woman, to receive a bare-bottom spanking. I will do my best to scold her and humiliate her during the spanking, but also before and after. The entire scenario, the game, around the spanking is just as important to me as the spanking itself. This makes the spanking complete, in my view.

So , what a punishment spanking is and what an erotic spanking is, is basically up to you. Some people may actually enjoy to receive punishment spankings. That is alright. As long as both participants involved are enjoying themselves, it is okay. It stops being okay when you go past the limits of what someone is willing or able to take. See our SAFETY section for more information.

Enjoying a punishment spanking? Is that possible? Well, yes it is. There are some people that really enjoy the pain and humiliation of a punishment spanking. They might not be looking forward to it when they know they will receive it. They know they will experience pain. But during the spanking, something happens to them. Endorphins are released into the bloodstream and this can make even a hard spanking a stimulating experience. See our HELP ME! section for more details.

Spanking involves striking your partners buttocks with your hand or a sometimes a flat implement like a hairbrush or paddle. It sounds so simple, but in fact its a delightful art that gives enormous pleasure to those of its devotees who give and receive spankings. Spankings can be disciplinary or erotic, although that line is often blurred. The most usual and familar position for spanking is 'over the knee' (OTK) where the submissive will lay face down across the lap of the dominant, presenting her ass for a spanking. Other positions are bending over a table or chair back, touching the toes, or laying face down on a sofa or bed, sometimes with a cushion or pillow under the hips to raise the ass. Some spankers favour a flat palm with fingers together, while others prefer to have the palm slightly cupped. The slaps should aim to sting, rather than bruise, so don't 'follow through'. The beauty of a hand spanking is that the hand, unlike whips or paddles, is sensitive. You can feel the temperature and texture of the skin you are spanking. You can stop to caress and appreciate your handiwork. Both you and the submissive can enjoy a whole range of sensations from the contact of skin with skin. Start spanking slowly, aiming for the fleshy parts at the top and underside of the ass and avoiding the base of the spine and tailbone. The central area where the lower curve of the ass meets the thighs is very sensitive and is therefore sometimes called the 'sweet spot''. If its an erotic spanking, then vary the pace of your spanking, alternating flurries of sharp stinging smacks with periods of rubbing and fondling. If its purely disciplinary then you might wish to forego the rubbing and fondling and concentrate on turning the ass and the tops of the thighs (very sensitive) a satisfying red. Spanking someone is not just about slapping their ass. At its best, its a deliciously erotic conversation between your skin and hers.

over the knee spanking

OTK (Over-the-Knee Spanking)

OTK or Over-the-Knee is the position that most people instinctively think of when the word 'spanking' is mentioned. It's intimate, sexy, humiliating for the person being spanked, and it can be severe or lovingly erotic. The position is so familiar and natural that it hardly needs any explanation. You sit, on the edge of a bed or on an armless chair, and have your submissive stand to the left or right of you (depending on whether you're left or right-handed). You then have her lay across your lap. If she struggles or moves around a lot, its better to bend her across one thigh and lock your other leg around both of hers to prevent her kicking and keep her in position. Place your non-spanking hand over her tailbone to protect it, and then start spanking with the flat of your other hand. Start lightly and gradually build intensity. Vary the tempo with short, stinging bursts of spanking punctuated by slower, harder slaps. Pause from time to time and rest your hand on her ass, rubbing where you've spanked. Some people also favour a paddle or hairbrush for OTK spanking. Because of its associations with childhood punishments, and the vulnerable position the submissive is required to adopt, OTK spanking can be humiliating. I've occasionally heard people say that, for them, there is 'nothing sexual' in adults receiving or giving an OTK spanking but I've never been able to understand that view. Lets think about it have a female laying submissively across your lap, the palm of your hand is making contact with her bare or lightly-clad bottom only inches away from her genitals, and as she moves under the spanking her belly is rubbing your cock which (unless you have saint-like powers of self-control) she will feel hardening under her. So an OTK spanking isn't about sex ? Of course it is ! People welcome and enjoy spanking for just that reason and for many devotees of discipline, sex without a little OTK spanking first is like having a hot-dog without the mustard ...

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