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There are many instruments that you can use to spank someone. What instrument you choose, depends on several things. First of all there is the tolerance level of your partner. If he or she has a low pain threshold, you will not be using a heavy implement or something else that will cause a lot of pain. Also there is the type of spanking you are going to give. For a punishment spanking, you would usually (but not necessarily) choose a heavier implement. Also important is the sound the implement produces. A paddle makes a lot of noise, so if you are in hotelroom for instance, it may not be the right choice. And finally, there is the effect you are trying to reach. Are you going for a nice, red bottom? Or would you like to see stripes instead of red blotches?

Below I will list some spanking instruments and describe their effect.

The table is not listed in any particular order, simply because there is such variety in spanking instruments and in the experience of the sensation of spanking. For one person a riding crop might be mild, for the other it may be very painful.

hand spanking schoolgirl

The classic over the knee spanking position

Obviously, the first "instrument" that comes to mind when you are talking about spanking, is the hand. And with good reason. For most people, this is the instrument of choice. The hand is convenient, because you always have it with you and you have great control over how and how hard you spank. With the intimacy of the "over the knee" position, the hand is the ultimate instrument for erotic spanking. But please don't be fooled. A hand-spanking can be very fierce and painful too.

ruler spanking

Receiving the plastic ruler

The ruler is a pretty common household item. It is also often the instrument of choice for schoolteachers that seek to punish their naughty students. Therefore the ruler is often used in "school-games". Basically there are two types of rulers, wooden and plastic. The longer and heavier the ruler is, the more sting it has. Plastic rulers are (usually) milder than wooden rulers.

hairbrush spanking

I bet this girl has been pretty naughty...

The hairbrush has been the instrument of choice for many mothers (and fathers) to punish their naughty children. Preferably made of wood, and with a flat back that is used for spanking, these things have quite a sting. The hairbrush is capable of turning a bottom red in just a few quick, hard spanks. But of course, you don't have to use it hard. It is equally possible to deliver a nice, erotic spanking with the hairbrush.

belt spanking

A broad leather belt is a very effective tool

The belt is a typical male instrument to use, in my opinion. The entire act of a man taking of his belt to punish his wife, or his children is highly symbolical and the belt is sort of the symbol of male dominance in the family. A sturdy leather belt is a powerful tool for spanking.

The belt has one serious drawback, however, and that is that it is difficult to handle. Be careful where your belt-lashes land.

strap spanking

A short strap applied dead on target.

The strap, or tawse as it is also knows, is little more than a strap of leather. Originally used in Scotland, for lashes on the hand, it has been adopted by spanking fans and is now used on the buttocks. Similar to the belt, it is fairly difficult to use with accuracy, if you are using a long version.This implement has even greater sting than the belt and should therefore be used with caution. Straps come in many varieties, some with three or even more thongs or tails. Heavier kinds are sometimes equiped with metal studs, for even sharper pain.

crop spanking maid corset

The crop, about to be used on this lady

The riding crop is a very precise instrument for spanking. It can be used for anything ranging from a mild corrective tap, to a severe spanking and anything in between. Due to its precise nature, and for the ability of just tapping your partner, I view this instrument as a perfect tool to help in position training. With light taps, you can easily position your partner. I really enjoy using this instrument.

birch spanking

A birch in use

The birch consists of a number of long twigs of trees (preferably birch). The birch is a large surface stinger. It does only superficial damage to the skin but it certainly sets a backside on fire.

martinet spanking

The martinet can curve around, also hitting the "softer" areas of the female anatomy

The martinet is a typical French spanking tool. To my knowledge, it is the only tool to be specifically designed to be used on the bare bottom. Used on normal clothing, the martinet has little effect. But applied to the bare backside, it has a stinging effect on a lrage surface, like the birch. Due to the many thongs of the martinet, skill is required in using it.

switch spanking

A short switch, applied

The switch is a particularly mean instrument in my opinion. A single, supple twig of a tree or bush is used to "whip" the victims bottom and the back of their legs, usually. The switch has a powerful bite and can break the skin if used with much force. Be careful with this one.

paddle spanking

A hard paddling in progress

The paddle is a tool with considerable impact. Care should be taken in using it, as it can bruise the bottom quite badly. Light paddles are only surface stingers, but the heavier kinds create real penetrating damage and can leave someone sore for several days if used very hard. This is not a tool for the faint at heart.

carpet beater spanking

The old-fashioned Dutch carpetbeater, about to be put to use.

Carpet beater
This instrument is a real stinger and it produces wonderfully red bottoms. It has quite a bit of sting, but the damage is not very penetrating. Any soreness will probably be gone that same day, if you have not spanked very hard. A great tool for oldfashioned domestic discipline.

cane spanking

In the classic position, ready for the first stroke

The cane is one of the meanest instruments you can use to spank someone. With a powerful bite and a lot of penetrating damage, anybody who has ever received a caning will not soon forget it. Canes can cause bruising and can also break the skin. Even if applied on thick jeans this instrument will leave the victim with stripes that will need several days to disappear. It also takes some mastery to use the cane. Be very careful if you decide to use this.


Ready for the lashes...

Whips come in various shapes and sizes. They all have a pretty nasty bite. The heavier kinds also produce bruising. All whips can break the skin. A whip consists of a narrow, single tailed lash, usually made of leather. The lash wrappes around the body, making it difficult to use. You could easily whip some part of the body not intended to be whipped at all. The greatest power of the whip is at the tip of the lash. Be very careful when using them.


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