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Of course there are many positions imaginable when you are going to spank someone. Each couple will have one or more favorite positions. It is also possible to use different positions for erotic spanking and for punishment spanking. In the table below, I just want to illustrate some possible positions and say something about them. It is by no means a complete list, but I hope you'll find it educational all the same.

over the knee spanking positions

Classic, over the knee spanking position

Over the knee is a very nice position. It is suitable for both erotic spanking and punishment spanking. It is a real close and intimate way of spanking. Also, it can be a humiliating experience for the Bottom to have to lie over the Top's knee and present her bare bottom for spanking. In the picture, the man has the women's arm pinned against her back, so she can't protect her bottom.This could mean she is receiving a punishment spanking, but this does not have to be so. She migt have asked for a nice, red bottom.

Over the knee is a midway point in spanking position severity, the cheeks are pushed out a little, but not uncomfortably. There is more give to the swats as you are over the lap of the Spanker and there is still ample room to wiggle a little. Though the Spankee may not allow too much.

bent over spanking positions

Bent over, full stretch spanking position

Bent over an object can be more painful for the spankee due to the fact they are forced against an unmovable object that has no give so the implement strikes more solid. Also according to the object use there can be more pushing forward, bending over more stretching of the cheeks over the muscles which produce a much more painful spanking.

This position would be ideal for a wriggler. Of course the poor thing doesn't like the cane, but with her legs tucked under the seat she won't be able to kick at all • and the occasional sideways swerve, all she'd be able to manage, wouldn't matter too much, would it? Yes, this position would be perfect for a really sound caning.

sex spanking positions


This arrangement could only be recommended to those whose pupils arc very well trained in the matter of keeping their bums still while ‘Sir’ is enjoying himself with the cane. Clearly the slightest sign of agitation would bring this young lady tumbling from her perch • and that would never do. But an obedient girl would perhaps be able to manage say half a dozen strokes in this admittedly insecure position • and a carefully applied strap would find that soft and tender undercurve of her cheeks very nicely, thank you!

Diaper position maxes out the Arkham scale as the most painful spanking position for not just for the cheeks skin pulled taught and tight 10.5 with almost no wiggling or kicking of feet, but do to this position the Spanker has perfect aim and access to strike the most sensitive skin area right under the cheek where the very top of the thighs begin. Traditionally known as the "Sit Spot"

bdsm positions spanking


Some girls don't so much wriggle as leap up from their proper position in the most disconcerting way every time the cane lands on their bottom. This position would suit a 'bobber-upper' very nicely • not only would she get a nicely caned bum, she'd also get rather a bump on her head if she was silly enough to try bobbing-up this time.

erotic spanking positions

Laying flat Spanking Position

Laying flat on the bed legs together physically speaking, is the least painful position to be spanked in. the muscles and your body arc relaxed, more as muscle tensions is part of what makes a spanking sting and burn worse. There is also more allowance for wiggling and kicking which helps to release the feeling of pain.

pictures of spanking positions

Touching toes Spanking Position

Touching toes or knees is one of the most painful positions, not only are the cheek skin stretch as tight as possible, hasing to hold this 10 position without falling forward tenses your entire body which increases the feeling of pain. This position allows for almost no wiggling and takes a lot of self discipline of the spankee to not fall forward or raise up out of the position.


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