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At the very last second the Judge yells a command to halt the execution. It seems that there was a last minute offer to purchase Madeline for an exorbitant fee. It surprisingly came from Miss Allison Sanford, who interestingly enough is the person who most had cause to HATE Madeline!

Miss Sanford handed a pouch of coins to the bemused Judge, before turning to the executioner and requesting that he 'spank her buttocks even redder' so that they would shine like a beacon as Madeline crawled home behind her on her leash, sobbing in shame and wondering what that little bitch had planned for her...

If she only knew! Poor Madeline would spend the rest of her life stark naked on her hands and knees, crying as she helplessly pleasured herself, writhing and begging at the very edge of orgasm, without ever being allowed to actually cum. She would entertain the entire village with her shame for many years.

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