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   Raincoats, part 1
...A special double flap had been sewn on so that four buttons were concealed and four on the top. This design feature greatly enhanced the waterproofing qualities of the rainwear they manufactured. The last button fastened the collar around the wearer's neck. The buttons were a marginally darker shade of yellow from the material. This helped distinguish the buttons nicely from the slickness of the vinyl...

   Raincoats, part 2
...She kept up the downward pressure until the vibrator was buried deep inside her, all nine inches of it. Gently she withdrew it. The vibrator made a gelatinous sucking noise at it exited. Renae pushed it back in as slowly as she could. She moaned again, louder this time. She wanted to come so bad…Renae opened her legs as wide as she could and increased the speed of her strokes until the giant weapon was pistoning in and out. Her breath was coming in short sharp gasps as she fucked herself...

   Raincoats, part 3
..."Waoww! You look nice," Renae cheekily parroted Melanie, as she carefully did up the last button, encasing her sister in gleaming pink from just below the knees to neck. "Just one last thing…" Renae abruptly pulled the hood up over Melanie's head and tied the drawstrings tight, securing the hood around her sister's face. "There! You look lovely!" Renae praised. "Now go look at yourself in the mirror!" She playfully spanked Melanie on the bottom to send her on her way...

   Raincoats, part 4
...She shivered with pleasure from the cool smoothness of the vinyl against her bare skin Renae felt immensely relieved as she did up the buttons for Melanie before helping Mel tie up the hood over her head. Now she wouldn't have to hide her new raincoat fetish from Mel. It was great to be able to share it with the one person whom she loved most in the world. Melanie happily reciprocated the favour. Renae shivered with delight as Melanie slowly buttoned up her own raincoat for her. Melanie's smile was huge as she tied the laces of the drawstring hood around Renae's face...

   Raincoats, part 5
...Wisely, Renae kept her counsel to herself. She felt for him but was unwilling to antagonise Carol further. Thoughtfully, she looked at Jackie. About a size twelve, she thought. After rummaging through the rack containing the yellow raincoats, Renae picked up the raincoat which Li Xi'a had sewn the buttons onto, with such care and love less than a week ago. "Here we are," she said. "Would you like to try it on, Jackie?"...

   Raincoats, part 6
...Renae stood up and luxuriously stretched before pulling off her raincoat. Puzzled, Sally wondered what she was going to do next. Seconds later, Renae's white shirt and bra had come off. Quickly, anxious to obtain relief, she slipped her black skirt off. Her pink lace panties followed next. Stunned, Sally held her breath. Sally had never seen Renae nude like that before and she had to admit that Ren had a great body. Nice, very nice… she silently breathed. Her perky breasts stood out proudly after being freed from the confines of the bra and Sally grinned when she saw how hard Renae's nipples were...

In part 2, anna rose has made her decision. She's on top of the barrel, cable tied like she's red meat and ready for the spit. anna takes three fingers and an inflatable plug up the ass while a vibrator goes at her swelled pussy. PD refuses to let her come.

Now a crotch strap cuts deeply into the soft flesh between her thighs, holding in the plug and a vibrator. She wears mitts and a skintight hood. PD circles like a wolf on the prowl. Then anna's crammed into the barrel like herring, the lid's slapped into place, and a hammer bangs down the ring.

The barrel rocks as anna struggles. She's such a noisy, restless submissive. The vibrator's activated and the plug inflated. Out go the lights. The vibrator hums, its control glowing red in the dark.

In the morning PD kicks the barrel to wake her up. Then he rolls the barrel back and forth across the floor Prelude to a Torment.

She's chained into The Chair With a Hundred Hungry Spikes and left to simmer. Metal tit-squeezer, metal collar, and metal head cage give anna the full farm experience. Her temptation is to shift. It just increases her agony, wearing her down until she's noisy again, screaming and moaning. A vibrator hums in her pussy. Her sexual exhilaration smashes head-on into a hundred pricks of pain. anna screams as she comes then continues to scream. Agony? Ecstasy? anna's blown way the hell out to never, never land.

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   Raincoats, part 7
...Suddenly terrified, for Carol could be truly fearsome when she was in one of her rages, Jackie meekly slid it back on. "Do up the buttons," she ordered. Sulkily, he slowly began re-attaching the buttons in their slots. "Right up to the collar!" Jackie sighed and did up the last button and encasing him from head to toe in bright rippling yellow vinyl. Adopting a more conciliatory voice, Carol said, "It will still be raining when we get there. There is absolutely no point in taking it off, then putting it back on again."...

   Raincoats, part 8
...Besides he was beginning to like the way it looked and felt. It was so smooth and shiny. His erection had surfaced again. The fact that Julianne looked impossibly sexy in her yellow raincoat only added to the attraction. Willingly, Jackie slipped it on. Aware every eye was upon them, Julianne ostentatiously buttoned it up to the collar. "There," she whispered, "You look lovely."...

   Good Thing, part 1
...Oh my God… She was really serious about this kind of thing, wasn't she? Her plastic panties were so soft and smooth. I couldn't resist fondling the wide, crinkly waistband of Joanne's undies before moving onward. They just felt so nice!! I'd never felt anything as wonderfully soft and smooth as the plastic covering her crotch.
"Feels nice, don't they?" she murmured before smiling...

   Good Thing, part 2
...Smiling widely, Joanne picked up her jelly jacket before sliding it on and slowly drawing the strong zipper all the way up from her hips to the base of her neck. Its attached hood hung limply behind her neck and this too she slowly pulled upward, carefully easing it into position before drawing the laces tight and fastidiously fastening everything with a tight double-knot, framing her fine features in a wide, shiny translucent pink oval. Ignoring my astonished gaze, she leant downward and slipped her feet into a matching pair of plastic socks, which also came with a tight-fitting elasticised band exactly similar to her jacket...

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