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High Heel Training Diary

I have long been obsessed with high heels, and over the years have managed to collect over a hundred pairs of them (but if you've looked through the rest of my web site, you already knew that.) My Mistress is a sadist and has always enjoyed seeing me suffer while obeying her, and has always wanted me to have more discipline in my life.

So recenetly, she decided to combine our two passions, and implemented a strict high heel training program for me. Her goal is to have me eventually able to wear ballet boots and other ultra-high fetish heels throughout the day, as if they were my normal shoes. If everything goes according to her plan (as I'm sure it will) those eventually will be my normal shoes.

Since I know there are many with an interest in this sort of thing, I have decided to keep a diary and photo log of my training. That is what this web page is all about. Below you will find the high heel training plan that my Mistress has arranged for me as well as my individual diary/log entries by day.

High Heel Training Rules:

You must wear high heels whenever at home, including to bed, and are to wear a different pair from your shoe collection each day, to be selected at random by the shoe chooser computer program you created. The only time that you are allowed to take your shoes off when at home is when getting in to the shower in the morning. If you are going to work that day, you are to leave them off after showering, and to put on your new shoes for the day as soon as you get home from work. If you are not going to work, you are to put on your new shoes for the day as soon as you are dry.

The goal of your training is to eventually condition your feet to wearing ultra-high heels, including ballet boots, without rest, day and night. In order to advance your training, you will instruct the shoe chooser program to choose from your 4-inch heels until you have worn each of them for one day. You will then instruct it to choose from your 4 1/2-inch heels until you have worn each of those for one day, and so on. You will do so until you have reached the highest heels in your shoe collection, by which point you will be expected to be able to wear them constantly. You are to inform me each time that you have completed training for a heel height and are ready to advance to higher heels.

The decision of the shoe chooser program each day will be final, regardless of how uncomfortable or painful the shoes it chooses are. You are not to ever complain about the pain or discomfort. I do not want to hear it. If your feet hurt, suck it up.

If the shoes that the shoe chooser program chooses for you are so painful that they will prevent you from sleeping then (and only then) you may wear a more comfortable pair of your choosing while sleeping, as long as they are the same heel height.

Mistress Phoenix

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