High heel training diary, day 12

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I still can't believe how horribly painful yesterday was for me. Those shoes were so incredibly tight. Somehow I endured it for my Mistress though. That was what got me through the day - remembering that I was doing it for her and that she enjoyed the horrible pain that I was suffering through for her. I really didn't think I would be able to endure it, but as the day went on, and I watched the hours tick by one by one, I began to realize that somehow I was going to. I still don't know how, but I did it. When bed time finally came, it was the most wonderful feeling in the world finally getting those shoes off and feeling the pain gradually fade away. What an excruciating experience yesterday was for me!

It was also a huge test of personal endurance, discipline, and obedience for me... after all, I could have taken the shoes off and found relief at any time, there were no physical restraints. But to do so would mean disobeying my Mistress, so as severe as the pain got, I resisted the urge to disobey. What is that saying... "that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger?" How true. Today's shoes are ever so slightly uncomfortable, but after yesterday's torture, that is hardly even noticeable to me, and not distracting to me at all. I am very proud of that.

Today is the first day in my training of wearing 4 1/2-inch heels. It is actually one day ahead of schedule, because I had a pair of 4-inch heels in my collection that I had given to Mistress Phoenix as a gift (they fit her smaller feet better than mine.) I had forgotten about those, and thus included them when I calculated the original schedule.

I had to work today, and had to serve Phoenix by taking her shopping after work, so I did not get to begin wearing the 4 1/2-inch'ers until I finally got home at about 9:00 pm. Today's shoes are a pair of black patent D'orsey style pumps, one of my personal favorites. (So there are a few more photos here than usual.) I've just always thought that the D'orsey style shoes, with their open sides but concealed toes and heels, are particularly sexy. Sort of the teasing aspect - showing all and nothing at the same time, just like a really long skirt, but one that's slit all the way up the side.

As for comfort, these shoes are somewhere in the middle... they don't really feel painful at the moment, and they are not tighter than high heels should be, but then again I have only had them on for a few hours, and they're not entirely comfortable like some of my shoes. Nonetheless I am going to try to wear them through the night. I am pretty sure that I can make it, if perhaps with just a little discomfort. Besides, my feet did have a long break today, wearing flat shoes all day at work and then out shopping with Phoenix this evening. But then of course my feet are still sore from the brutal treatment they received from yesterday's training, not to mention all the walking I did tonight. We shall see if I can do it...

In any event, it is great to be in higher heels already, step two of my training. The 4-inch heels were beginning to feel almost second nature to me from wearing them virtually all the time, and with these shoes I can certainly feel that little bit of extra height, stretching my feet ever so slightly more.

I do have to stop here though, as it is my bed time, and keeping to a rigid daily schedule is something that Mistress Phoenix is very strict with me about. See you tomorrow!

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