High heel training diary, day 47

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Now these are shoes! :-) I call these my "gladiator" pumps, and they are obviously among some of the coolest shoes in my collection. And in addition to looking really sharp, they are surprisingly comfortable too. (Well... comfortable for 5-inch high-heeled pumps anyway.)

I'm a big bondage fan, and obviously a huge shoe slut, so these shoes are just sort of the best of both worlds for me. I love feeling the straps wrapped tightly around my legs, and knowing that I could not get these shoes off in a hurry - even if I really wanted or needed to.

I had to work today, as I have most weekdays for the past few weeks, so I did not get in to my shoes until I got home at about 6:00 pm. I certainly was glad when I finally got home and did slip my feet in to them though.

I will be wearing these to bed tonight, and with all those buckles and straps, I actually won't need to wear my locking shoe/ankle cuffs to bed tonight as I have had to recently - there's no way these shoes are going to accidentally slip off my feet while I'm sleeping!

I wish I could think of more to write. I've just sort of been at a loss for words these last few nights, and I do not know why. My training is going well and I am not disappointed with it in any way. Perhaps that's why I can't think of anything to write, it's almost been going too well lately, with no torturously difficult days trying to make it through the day in incredibly painful shoes. (I know, "watch what you wish for.") :-) But I am very happy to be being trained by my Mistress for her amusement. I am very much looking forward to the eventual day when I can parade around all day for her in ballet and pony boots and other ultra-high fetish shoes. I am not sure what her ultimate goal for me will be, or where it will all end... perhaps one day she will force me to spend 24 hours in ballet boots, without even being allowed to sit down. Now THAT would be an accomplishment! :-)

I guess that's all for tonight. Enjoy the photos!

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