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   Good Thing, part 3
...Eventually, I found myself becoming inured to the constant stares as I neared my work. I had plenty to think about too – especially my new relationship with the most incredible girl I'd ever met. Incredibly, I was even enjoying myself. It was so nice wearing such a beautiful raincoat which actually kept me dry. The combination of my soft, elastic plastic panties and the deliciously cool, smooth clear PVC were providing unparalleled stimulation. The crotch of my panties was slick with my arousal as I finally reached my destination. Perhaps Jo was onto something after all. How I was going to last the day though, I had no idea...
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   Alternative Punishment
...The headmistress went over to the cupboard. "Pamela, for your punishment... you are going to wear this."

Pamela looked at the clothing on the hanger It was a uniform - the same colour and style as the one she was wearing, grey skirt, white shirt, a tie and a blue blazer but... it was made entirely of rubber...

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   Blue Jeans
...Kate first picked up her handcuffs and tightly locked Brad's wrists together in front of him. She then took a chain and wrapped it around his waist. She finally threaded a padlock through both ends of the waist chain and through the chain connecting the handcuffs and snapped it closed. She smiled as he tried pulling his wrists, unable to move them from his waist. She slid the keys into the back pocket of her jeans as she walked away.

Two minutes later, Kate emerged from the bathroom still wearing her white T-shirt, but having changed into beige cotton trousers. In one hand she carried her jeans and in the other her white cotton knickers. "Kneel down," she smiled, "I've got to prepare you for the journey".

She slowly placed her knickers, still warm from her arse, over his head with the part that had been over her arse carefully positioned over his mouth and nose. She then took a needle and thread and started to sew the seams together, tightening the fabric around him. "You're lucky, these are 80% cotton and only 20% Lycra so they should be quite breathable". She giggled. "Although not so lucky that they have been 100% around my arse for the last eight hours."...

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   Good Idea
...When the drying was done, she picked it up, revealing a denim jumpsuit, complete with attached gloves. Shaking from excitement, she put it on. The stretch denim was already tight, gently compressing her thighs, buns and waist, but of course, not enough to her taste. The stretching allowed her to bend easily to put on her 2 inches platform boots with a spiky six inches heels, and lacing them tightly. The knee high boots were put under the legs of the jumpsuit.

She raised herself up, and pulled on her denim catsuit to remove any unwanted wrinkle. She catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She was stunning. She already had a beautiful shape, maintained by hours of workout every week. She was proud of it, and proud to show it. The tight denim jumpsuit was molding her to perfection, with the slight shine enhancing her wonderful curves, but it was time to go for the ultimate experience...

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   Lost and Found
...At the very bottom, under leather cuffs, rubber gloves and stockings, she found another rubber suit. This one was complete with attached feet and gloves. The rubber appeared very thick. The hood was completely closed except for a tube at the mouth. From the inside, there was something like a rubber bladder, and from the outside, just a hole and in the center of it, a valve, like the one found on tires. She looked again in the suitcase and found a little hand pump with a length of tube, ending with a plug that apparently screwed on the valve. She tried it and pumped. The bladder inflated. She looked puzzled as this bladder had nowhere else to go that into the mouth.

She operated the small release valve and the bladder emptied. With a devilish smile, she thought that she had nothing to loose, and she proceeded to put on the suit but not before choosing a pair of panties with two vibrating dildos and carefully inserting them, passing the dildos through the crotch zipper of the first suit. She couldn't believe she was actually doing it...

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   Psychology 101
...It wasn't long before she was totally awakened. A moist spot began to form at her crotch, at about the same time she raised her hips and threw her head backward. She let out a soft, long, low pitch moan before her body relaxed, resting again on the soft mattress. She ran her fingers through her thick and long curly brown hairs, a large smile on her face. She opened her bright blue eyes. It took all her will to get seated and finally to get up. She slid her feet in platform slippers with a four inches heel and slowly walked to the bathroom.

She came out of it half an hour later, wearing a denim bathrobe. Still on her high heels slippers, she walked back to her bedroom where she entered the walk-in closet. It was full of clothes made out of every possible fabric, from silk to denim to leather or latex and even neoprene. Pretty all fabrics, from which garments could be made of, were there. Although her most impressive collection was denim, they all bear the same fundamental characteristic: they were cut tight. Very tight. Excruciatingly tight. Another unique characteristic was applied to her footwear; either they were pumps, sandals, running shoes or boots, they all had a net heel height, the height between the ball of the foot and the bottom of the heel, of a minimum of four inches, meaning that her 2 inches platform lace-up boots had a total heel height of 6 inches.

She met her best friend, Lynda at their usual spot on the University campus, near the main entrance. They had the same "code of dressing": the tighter, the better. Lynda was wearing a tight pair of leather jeans, along with thigh high black leather boots, with high heels of course. She waved Karen hello when she saw her. They entered the hall, walking side by side, holding their books against their ample breasts, and wiggling their tightly encased butts, clicking their high heels...

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   Twin Bet
...Brad, helped with Phil, tightened the corset. Carrie couldn’t believe how tight it was. She felt her waist being crushed like in a vise. Her breathing became short and fast. She was almost ready to call it quits when they stopped, saying that the ends met, finally. Carrie relaxed. The laces were tied and it was now time for the rubber layer.

The catsuit, complete with attached hood, gloves and feet, was pulled on. It was tight and heavy. Much too small to be realistic, but again, it was part of the plan to overcome her sister, by taking a suit of heavyweight latex, two sizes too small.

Brad and Phil struggled to put the suit in place, and to zip it shut.

The hood was completely encasing her head, except for two tinted glasses over the eyes, and the holes at the nose for the breathing hoses, and at the mouth for the feeding tube...

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   Fetish Shopping
...The maid left and closed the door. The advices seemed good and logical. The first thing she did was to calm down. To achieve it, she did some Tie Chi, which involved a lot of long and slow movements. She couldn't fully do most of them, her waist not bending and her legs not wanting to go higher than a few inches. Also, the high heels platform boots were changing her center of gravity, and she had to be very careful not to tip over. She was way higher than she had ever been, having worn only sneakers and flat heel shoes until now.

Then she tried more complex moves. She kneeled, which proved difficult. The jeans were so tight, even at the knees, that she ended-up bent forward, and with the corset preventing her waist to move backward, she ended up face down on the floor...

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   Wrong Decisions
...She felt strong hands taking hold of her wrists. She tried to resist, but was still too weak from the chloroform. There was another woman, but she could only make out a dark shadow. Her back was raised, and although she resisted, her wrists were fastened in her back. She was then put on her back again, and as one woman sat on her, the other untied her ankles from the bed and tied them together. She then felt wide straps being tightly pulled over each knee. She was then positioned in a sitting fashion on the side of the bed. She felt that her ankles would go slightly apart, but her knees were joined together. She felt a hard pull on her shoulders and elbows as more straps were applied, joining her elbows together. It was painful, and she tried to complain, but all she got was laughing. By now, she had figured that her head was covered by some sort of rubbery hood, and a stiff collar was limiting her head movements. Also, she was wearing a complete rubber outfit, very tight, and her breathing was restricted by a long and stiff corset.

There was a strong pull on her collar, forcing her to get up. She felt unsteady. She was wearing incredibly high heels, much higher than she ever wore.

"Ooo. Unsteady. Not used to wear 6 inches heels, hey? Well, better getting used to it. Soon, that will be the only thing you would be able to wear."...

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   Those Jeans
...She came out over half an hour later. The clerk could clearly see that she was corseted. Although her loose cotton blouse hide it, her jeans with the belt drawn to the last notch indicated a very thin waist. She entered the jeans store.

“There. All set. Now lets try them again. She said, picking the jeans on the counter and heading for the changing booth.

She came out of it 5 minutes later. She had removed her blouse and the clerk was stunned by the white satin corset, engulfing her from the hips up to her armpits.

“Gee. Isn’t the corset a little long for jeans?”...

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