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Brad was delighted; she had invited him for dinner. Kat was a fantastic looking woman, about 25 years old, who had recently moved to the country from Stockholm. Like many Swedish women, she was tall, slim and had long blond hair. She dressed casually, typically wearing a pair of blue jeans that just seemed to hug her waist and really showed off her great figure.

Although eight people had been invited to dinner, there had been a certain spark between Brad and Kat and he hoped that the evening would give him the chance to get to know her better.

He arrived fashionably late, although not late enough, as he was still the first person to arrive. Kat rented a small basement flat in the centre of the city, which had its own private courtyard below street level. She opened the door and greeted him with a kiss on both cheeks. She was wearing a pair of khaki cords and a white shirt and looked fantastic. Kat led him in the kitchen and offered him a drink. The conversation was going well and Brad knew that this was his chance.

Twenty minutes later and still no sign of the others, Brad went to use the bathroom. As he was washing his hands, he saw her laundry basket in the corner of the room. On top of the pile of clothes waiting to be washed was Kat's pair of blue jeans that had been filling Brad's daydreams for the last few weeks.

He nervously walked over to the laundry basket and picked up the jeans. He held them up to his face and felt the material against his skin. Then, after checking that the bathroom door was locked, he slowly zipped and buttoned the jeans and pulled them over his head so that his head was exactly where Kat's pert arse had been all those times before. After a minute of enjoying the feeling, he took them off and started to look around the room for a belt.

Although he could find nothing in the way of a belt, he saw a combination padlock lying next to Kat's gym kit. This would do. The lock had four dials each with ten numbers on – that was 10,000 combinations, but fortunately, the lock was open. He picked up the lock in one hand and pulled the jeans back over his head with the other. He then slipped the padlock through two of the belt hoops so that the jeans were locked tightly around his neck. He then very carefully turned the top dial to the right by one number to lock the padlock in place.

Brad felt turned on by the jeans. Kat's had a slim waist and the jeans were a close fit around his head. Every thing was pitch black and all he could do was to enjoy the warm felling and the smell of that beautiful Swedish woman. After losing himself for a few minutes, Brad remembered where he was and went to unlock the padlock.

He turned the top dial of the combination lock, but nothing happened. He then turned it two notches the other way. Still nothing. He panicked as he started to turn the top dial notch by notch, but then realised that he had accidentally moved the bottom dial at the same time. He tried to put that back in position. Things were getting worse; he started to turn all four wheels, but the lock remained firmly closed.

He tried to unbutton the jeans, but that didn't help him either, as he had locked the padlock through a hoop either side of the zipper. He was trapped; there was no way he could get the jeans off his head. He couldn't even see what he was doing as everything inside was pitch-black. He pulled as hard as he could at the material, but everything was too well sown. He was trapped.

By unzipping the unbuttoning the jeans, he could just see through a gap in the jeans large enough to see the combination lock in the mirror. But that didn't help, he hadn't noted what the combination was before he snapped it shut. He heard a voice from outside. "Hey Brad, are you OK in there?" Kat was wondering what was wrong.

"Fine", he miserably replied. As she was walking away, he called out, "Kat, do you know what the combination for your padlock is by any chance?"

The voice was very muffled. Kat was puzzled, but intrigued. "Yes, why do you ask?"

"No reason," he lied.

"OK, if it's no reason then no need for me to tell you," Kat teased.

Brad could tell that this tack was not going to work.

Kat bent down and looked through the keyhole and soon guessed what had happened. "I'd only tell you the number if it was something important," she continued, "like… if you had used the lock to accidentally lock my jeans over your head."

Brad was shocked. How did she know? Anyway, it was too late. He felt for the door and turned the key. "I'm really sorry he started, please just get me out of here and I'll leave."

"Why?" Kat replied, "you got your head in there, you get it out!"

Kat then took his hand and led him to the sofa in the lounge and the two sat down. "It's a shame that you'll have to spend the whole of the dinner party with your head locked in my dirty jeans. It can't be very nice in there."

"Look I apologised, didn't I?" Brad continued. "Please let me out!"

"Not a chance," Kat smiled. "And by the way… I'm going to hide all the knives and scissors, so you'll not be getting out of there for a long time."

The two friends sat on the sofa talking. All was normal except that one had the other one's jeans padlocked over his head. And just to make sure that all was secure, Kat took a small padlock and locked the zipped closed.

The doorbell rang. "OK, the others are here."

"Hey they can't see me like this!" Brad panicked.

"Too bad, I'm not letting you out," Kat smiled. "But tell you what… You can hide in my bedroom if you want". Kat led Brad to her bedroom and closed the door before welcoming the other guests. After pouring them drinks, she excused herself with a story about having to buy some more wine.

She left the flat and walked around the corner to the shops. After checking that no one she knew was watching, she walked into the sex shop. She went up to the woman behind the counter. "I need some handcuffs please," she asked in her Swedish accent. "The most secure you have".

The woman went into the backroom and returned with a selection. Kat chose the most expensive; the woman assured his they were escape proof.

Kat returned to the flat and refilled her friends' glasses with the wine that she had also bought. She then excused herself once more and went into her bedroom. Brad was on his feet, looking through her drawers for something to cut himself free. "On the bed," she whispered. "Now lie down on your front with your hands behind your back. Unless you want me to invite the others in," she smiled as he quickly obeyed.

She emptied her shopping on to the bed. Brad heard the clanging of metal and knew what was coming. Kat struggled to understand how the handcuffs worked and even tried locking one cuff around her own wrist to make sure she had it right. "These are the most secure cuffs there are," Kat smiled as she slowly but tightly locked the manacles around Brad's wrists. "And each pair has its own key, not just a standard one, so that means I'm the only person in the world who can unlock you."

She tucked the keys in back pocket of her trousers and smiled. "And just to stop you walking around," she smiled as she passed the legs of the jeans around the posts of the wrought iron bed and tied them together. Brad tried pulling away, but his head was now tied to the bed and with his hands locked behind him, he couldn't untie himself.

"It getting hot inside here," Brad complained.

"Of course," she smiled. "My arse has been squeezed into those jeans almost constantly for about a week now. And there's nothing you can do but just breathe it in." She then ran her fingers teasingly around Brad's wrists, blew him a kiss and returned to the party.

The evening was a success; everyone enjoyed the food and wine. Kat almost forgot about Brad lying next door. Occasionally, when she sat down at the table, she would feel the handcuff keys dig into the arse, but otherwise her captive was forgotten.

After midnight her friends left. Kat collapsed on to the sofa and smiled as she once again felt the keys. She walked back into the bedroom and started to undress and change into silk pajamas. She turned to Brad. "You've now had your head locked inside my jeans for almost five hours, I guess I'd better let you out." She unlocked the padlock and eased the denim over his head. His face was red and hot.

"Oh thank you!" he gasped.

"You probably won't mean that," Kat smiled as she picked up the black silk knickers that she'd worn that evening. She kissed him on the lips. He struggled against the handcuff, but she just sat astride his back, holding him in place.

She then pulled the knickers over his head so that his face was resting where her bum had been. She then took the lace from one of her boots and tied the bottom together so that the silk was tied firmly in place. She then took her khaki trousers, still warm from her skin, and pulled them over his head and locked them in place with the padlock. Again she tied the legs to the bed to stop him moving in the night.

The silk felt nice against his face, but her scent was stronger. "I'm sure you wanted to stay the evening, didn't you?" she smiled as she lay down next to him and drifted off to sleep.

Part 2

"OK here's the deal," she smiled. "Just to get a kick, you put your head inside my jeans and locked them in place with my combination padlock. Unfortunately you didn't know the combination to open the lock and so had to ask me to release you. And of course before I did that, I took plenty of photos of you in your new attire."

Brad nodded but then added, "I notice that you didn't mention that you left me in there for over ten hours before you released me."

"Yes that was fun," Kate smiled as she pushed her long blonde hair away from her face. Kate who was still wearing the jeans in question continued. "So here's the deal. If you come away with me this weekend and do whatever I say, then I won't tell everyone I know about our little secret. Disobey me and you really will have some explaining to do."

Knowing he had no choice, Brad nodded.

"OK, as the destination is a surprise, I think I should blindfold you for the journey," she smiled. Brad knew at once what she was getting at.

Kate first picked up her handcuffs and tightly locked Brad's wrists together in front of him. She then took a chain and wrapped it around his waist. She finally threaded a padlock through both ends of the waist chain and through the chain connecting the handcuffs and snapped it closed. She smiled as he tried pulling his wrists, unable to move them from his waist. She slid the keys into the back pocket of her jeans as she walked away.

Two minutes later, Kate emerged from the bathroom still wearing her white T-shirt, but having changed into beige cotton trousers. In one hand she carried her jeans and in the other her white cotton knickers. "Kneel down," she smiled, "I've got to prepare you for the journey".

She slowly placed her knickers, still warm from her arse, over his head with the part that had been over her arse carefully positioned over his mouth and nose. She then took a needle and thread and started to sew the seams together, tightening the fabric around him. "You're lucky, these are 80% cotton and only 20% Lycra so they should be quite breathable". She giggled. "Although not so lucky that they have been 100% around my arse for the last eight hours."

Once complete, she tied off the thread. Brad tried to loosen the grip that her knickers had on his face by using his mouth but to no avail. He watched her blurred shape through the material as she picked up her jeans, buttoned them up and passed them over his head. Kate's slim figure meant that they fitted snuggly. Again she positioned the back over her friend's face. She took another padlock and slipped it through two of the belt hoops so that the jeans closed tightly around his neck. For good measure, she slipped the other loose belt hoops into the padlock before locking it shut. Finally she took the legs of the jeans and wrapped them loosely around Brad's head and tied them off. "How does that feel?" she asked as she pocketed the last key.

"Now would you like to sit in the front of the car with me, or be locked in the boot?" she asked. He was just about to answer when Kate added, "I wonder what your friends would think if they were to see you en route though?" He knew he had no choice.

She slammed the boot enclosing him inside. He lay there handcuffed and chained and blindfolded with Kate's underwear pressing against his nose. Her knickers were starting to stick to his face as it became hotter inside her jeans. He could do nothing but wait for his captress. After three hours of lying in her boot, thinking about how helpless he was, Kate pressed the boot release button and climbed out of the car. She helped him out of the trunk and led him inside the house. Once inside, she led him to a bedroom with a four-poster bed and recuffed him so that his hands were behind him, locked around one of the posts.

She took out her keys and slipped one into the padlock that held her jeans over his head. She unlocked the padlock and removed the jeans from over his head. She smiled at the hot, gasping guy inside. She looked at her knickers stitched around Brad's head. "No key will get those off," she whispered, "no buttons or zippers either, its almost as though they've been designed for your head." Brad stood there, chained to the post looking at this beautiful woman as best he could through her own knickers.

After a few minutes of teasing, she finally used some scissors to cut free her knickers from over Brad's head, unlocked his wrists and let him shower. At 8pm that night they went out to eat.

They walked into restaurant and took the table that Kate had reserved at the back of the room. For the first time in hours he was free of any restraints and was starting to think that the weekend might hold some promise after all. His optimism was short lived.

After sitting down, Kate pulled a pair of cuffs from her handbag. "Didn't' think that I'd leave you totally free did you?" she asked as she locked and double locked one cuff around Brad's left wrist. "Especially when there is such a handily placed metal rail drilled to this wall!" she giggled as she locked the other cuff to the wall. Looking around the restaurant, Brad could see two other couples already watching them. "And just to make it even more fun," Kate continued as she beckoned to a waitress, "maybe we should enlist some help".

The waitress, a brunette in her early twenties, wearing a black skirt and white blouse, came to the table. "Could you do me a favor?" Kate asked as she held out a small bunch of keys to the woman. "Could you look after these while we are eating?" The waitress looked confused and asked the obvious question.

"Are these the keys to those cuffs?"

"Yes" Kate smiled succinctly. "It's just that he's bet me that he can get himself free and so I don't want to keep the key on me."

"OK," the waitress smiled as she stuffed the keys into the waistband of her skirt. "Now can I get you guys some drinks?"

The two friends talked over their meal, although Brad kept one eye on the waitress as she walked from table to table with the all-important keys tucked in her skirt. After the meal, Kate stood up, kissed him and went to use the bathroom. Brad wasted no time as he called the waitress over.

"Hi, I need to use the bathroom can you just unlock these cuffs".

The brunette smiled as if she had looked forward to this moment, "Sorry honey, you're staying chained to the wall," she purred as she walked off swaying her hips a little more than usual.

Kate returned and ordered coffee. "Now, there's something I always enjoy with my coffee," she purred as she looked down towards her crotch. "And as this table has a very long tablecloth, you should be able to do this without anyone seeing you." Fearing that Kate might just walk out and leave him chained to the handrail if he didn't comply, he waited until no-one was looking and then ducked down under the table. With his wrist still attached to the wall, he edged forward on his knees until his head was between her thighs. Kate slid forward on to the front of her chair, hitched up her miniskirt and guided his head further between her legs with her hand.

She then reached into her black silk knickers and pulled out a chain. "Just now in the toilets, I padlocked a chain around my waist, down between my legs and back on to the waist chain. And this chain here is padlocked to the first chain right in my crotch" she whispered, making sure that no one else was listening. She pulled him even further into her crotch and then wrapped the chain around Brad's neck. Using a padlock, she then locked the chain back on to itself. She listened to the small click and smiled.

Brad also heard the padlock snap shut and quickly realised that there was no way out. His face was pushed up against her knickers and he was closely surrounded on both sides by her tanned thighs. She pulled her skirt back down as best she could to cover his head and to further add to his sense of confinement.

He started to look for ways of escape.

"That's a futile exercise," she smiled. "You're chained in there until I decide to let you out and that might be a while. Besides the waitress has the only key to these padlocks." She squeezed her thighs together to emphasize her power.

"You don't even have the keys," he whispered somewhat shocked. "What happens if the waitress leaves without returning the keys?"

Kate smiled. "Well we'd just have to show one of the other waitresses how you are chained between my thighs and ask her to call the fire service. Maybe after an hour or so they would be able to cut the chains and release you from in there. Of course, the whole restaurant would be watching. Would probably make the papers. 'Man found chained between lovers thighs.'"

The couple at the table next to them looked over. All they could see was one woman sitting at the table. Brad was hidden beneath the tablecloth. Kate smiled back at them. She was sure that they had no idea about the fate of her partner.

The waitress bought the coffee. "Has he gone?" she enquired, somewhat confused. "No," Kate replied as she pointed beneath the table. "He can't go anywhere, you have the only key to the cuffs". The waitress felt the keys under her skirt before smiling and leaving the table. Kate watched her as she left. With Brad now chained between her legs, she was also now at the waitress's mercy, chained up unable to go anywhere without her consent.

Kate pulled her knickers to one side and squeezed her legs together as a sign to tell Brad that he'd better get started. Given his position, Brad had no choice. Kate sipped her coffee and enjoyed his attentions.

Half an hour later the waitress brought the bill. "Thanks the meal was great," Kate smiled as she signed the receipt.

"Do you want the keys back?" the waitress asked.

"Yeah I guess you can unchain him now," Kate replied, interested to see how the waitress would react.

"Pity" she sighed as she took the key from her skirt and unlocked only the cuff that was attached to the rail before handing the keys back to Kate. Kate took the other keys and reached down between her legs to unlock the padlock around Brad's neck. Brad finally freed himself from her thighs and sat back on his chair.

After a night spent with his wrists locked behind his back and Kate's knickers and skirt that she had worn to the restaurant fastened securely over his head, Brad happily joined Kate on a bike ride to the beach. What mischief could she do out here?

"I just have to win this beach volleyball competition," she explained as they arrived at the bike racks at the back of the beach.

"But I get nervous if my friends watch," she said unconvincingly. "Maybe you could stay here with the bikes."

"No, you can't be serious?!" Brad replied as he realised what she had in mind.

"Yes, or else!" Kate threatened as she unlocked her U-shaped shackle lock. Brad sat down next to her bike and awaited his fate.

"A bit closer!" Kate instructed as she passed the rigid bike lock around Brad's neck, her bike frame and the steel bike stand. "Perfect," she purred as she turned the key locking the shackle in place. She stood in front of him, deliberately close so that her arse brushed his face as she used a key ring to attach the bike lock key to the crotch of her bikini bottoms. The key hung directly between her legs, knocking against her thighs as she moved. She crouched down and kissed him on the lips before running off towards the beach for the game.

Once she had left, two women who had obviously seen the events came over towards the bike rack.

"You really are in trouble," the first smiled.

The second, an attractive tanned blonde in her early twenties slipped off her denim shorts to reveal an almost non-existent bikini. "This is too good to miss," she smiled, "a good-looking guy chained helplessly at waist height."

The blonde climbed on to the rack until she was sitting on the rail with one leg either side of Brad's head and with Brad's face towards her crotch. She slid forward until Brad's nose was buried in her bikini. She then pulled her bikini to one side and smiled at the guy between her thighs, "Better get started."

For the next four hours Kate played volleyball, relaxed on the beach and swam. Every time she moved she felt the key against her skin and smiled. She didn't know what was happening to Brad, but didn't really care. She knew he would still be there when she returned.

When she finally returned to her bike she saw Brad with his eyes closed looking towards the sky. He had had a tough day. Once the two blondes had had their fun, they had called up some friends. Although he had lost count, at least 6 women had wrapped their thighs around his head, waiting for him to perform. Kate was oblivious to all this as she unlocked him and the two of them cycled home.

As they entered the house, a woman was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and looking somewhat the worse for wear.

"Hi Anna," Kate smiled "how was the party?"

"Great," her friend replied. "Only just come in.

Anna was a stunning brunette, in her mid-twenties, whose great figure was extenuated by her tight leather trousers and red top. "I've been dancing for almost 24 hours," she said as she stood up, stretched and made her way to bed.

Kate watched her friend leave and smiled to Brad. "This should be fun."

Twenty minutes later, Kate entered her bedroom with the laundry basket from the bathroom. She pulled out a pair of leather trousers and fished around for Anna's knickers.

"Oh come on I've already spent most of this weekend locked in your panties," Brad complained. "Now I've got to be locked in hers?"

Kate ignored him knowing that as he only had one day to go, he would comply. Kate handcuffed Brad's hands behind his back and then locked them to a chain around his waist for good measure. She then picked up Anna's used knickers, holding them with only her fingertips for effect. She then placed them over Brad's head and tied them in place with one of the laces from her boots.

The black silk felt soft against his face, but they smelt as though Anna had been dancing in them for every one of those twenty-four hours. Kate buttoned up Anna's black leather trousers.

"I don't really know how long it's possible to survive with leather trousers wrapped around your face, certainly when Anna's arse has been in there before," Kate mused as she passed them over Brad's head and padlocked them in place in the usual way. Brad lay on his front on the bed with his head inside the leather trousers where Anna's arse had been only minutes before.

Kate, wearing her denim shorts and top, sat astride his waist reading a magazine. As she sat there, she felt her knickers ride up her arse. She enjoyed the discomfort, knowing that it would only add to Brad's experience later that night.


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