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A reputation for discipline. A strict headmistress - and a problem the abolition of corporal punishment. The headmistress thought long and hard. An alternative punishment should be uncomfortable, perhaps embarrassing, even humiliating. It should be effective, and it should be seen to be effective.

Yes she though she had the answer She'd need some specialist help, but that was no problem. There was no great hurry and two weeks later, everything was ready.

The headmistress looked at the young girl standing contritely in front of her. Her name was Pamela, she was pretty and she was naughty. Already eighteen of age, she was an adult – but to her Pamela was a child (every student at this exclusive finishing school was 18 or older). Not malicious or wicked. Just naughty repeatedly - and now she had been caught smoking.

The headmistress went over to the cupboard. "Pamela, for your punishment... you are going to wear this."

Pamela looked at the clothing on the hanger It was a uniform - the same colour and style as the one she was wearing, grey skirt, white shirt, a tie and a blue blazer but... it was made entirely of rubber.

She took the hanger and looked at the outfit in amazement The shirt blouse was made of white, soft, thin rubber, the grey mid-length skirt was made of thick rubber and it was quite stiff and crackly. The royal blue blazer was also made of thick rubber. Even her underwear was rubber. My God!, she thought. This was going to be so embarrassing! "How... how long do I have to wear this?" she stammered.

"Two weeks." she was told firmly "You can put it on right now. Get changed behind that screen over there."

The unfortunate girl took the clothes and went behind the screen. There was an eerie silence in the room, punctuated only by the rustling and crackling of each rubber garment as she put the uniform on. A tear crept into the corner of her eye. She didn't even want to come out from behind the screen wearing this. How was she going to face the whole school? It seemed so unfair that she should be the first recipient of this unusual punishment.

"Come on girl - let me have a look at you!" snapped the headmistress, impatient to see how the outfit looked. It was excellent. An absolute facsimile of the smart uniform, but all in shiny rubber. It would be dreadfully uncomfortable. Of that, she was certain. It was late July, nearly mid-summer and an exceptionally warm one at that.

At this stage Pamela was more concerned with the humiliation of this, rather than the physical discomfort, which would gradually become more intense. "Please, Miss Lewis, couldn't I have a different punishment? I'm very sorry for what I did!"

"Certainly not! You must learn discipline. The powers have seen fit to ban the use of the cane, so you girls will have to live with that decision." Elly Lewis fussed with the girl's clothing, straightening her tie and fastening her shiny blue blazer. "Now…" she told her, "off you go back to your class and try to behave yourself in future. Well go on, what are you waiting for?"

The poor girl was reluctant to leave the sanctuary of the headmistress's study. Reluctantly she opened the door and, with eyes half closed, stepped into the corridor. She knew that anyone she saw from now on would be astounded at what she was wearing.

As she walked quickly along the corridor her heart was pounding -- which made her hot. The weather was hot, and the school was not air-conditioned. She hurried past two girls, who pointed and giggled, and that made her hot. She began to perspire inside the rubber uniform. She'd only been wearing it for about ten minutes and look at her.

She had another two weeks of this ahead of her She unfastened the blazer but left it on. You weren't allowed to take it off. Ever. Nor were you allowed to loosen your tie, which sealed the rubber blouse at her neck.

Afternoon classes had already started and she was greeted by a stunned silence, followed by some whispering and giggling, which was soon admonished and silenced by the teacher.

It was a very strict school and the girls had to behave, or suffer some very unpleasant consequences.

Pamela was embarrassed. As she went to her desk she went red, which made her hotter than ever and by now the atmosphere inside her clothing was extremely steamy. Lessons that day were a nightmare. Her desk was near the window and the summer sun streamed through, straight onto her back, covered in two layers of rubber.

"You may take your blazers off, girls," said Miss Quinton, the French mistress. "Oh, er, not you, Pamela." Pamela bore it bravely.

"Are you OK, Pammy?" her friend Christine whispered, as she saw how flushed Pamela's face had become.

"Yes, I think so ...just a bit hot that's all." she managed a smile.

After lessons, the girls gathered eagerly round her to examine the uniform. They pulled at the clothes and felt the rubber material wondering what it was like to wear.

Somebody lifted her dress up. "Ugh, look, even her knickers are rubber."

"Gosh, how awful! I'd rather have the cane than this. At least it's over quickly."

"How long do you have to wear this for, Pammy?"

She hated them all right now. She wanted to run away from them, but at boarding school you can't just go home at the end of the day. "Two weeks." she admitted reluctantly.

"TWO WEEKS!" they cried in unison. "UGHH!!"

Her friend Christine led her away "Take no notice Pammy, they're just being dry," she consoled her. "It'll soon pass, you'll see."

The girls were required to wear their uniforms all day every day, even at weekends, from getting up in the morning to bedtime at night. Pammy was looking forward to bedtime. She'd be able to take the hot uniform off. But she was in for a nasty surprise. When she went to the dormitory, she found her nightwear and bedclothes had also been replaced with rubber look-a-likes.

After three days, Pamela began to wonder it she could stand any more of this punishment. She was hot and wet all the time; her pants and blouse were stuck with perspiration and the stiff skirt and blazer were cumbersome and noisy. Never for one minute could she forget what she was wearing.

Miss Lewis had come up with an alternative punishment that was as memorable as it was effective.

Pammy decided to try and pretend that she was unwell, Yes that was it, she'd say she was ill and blame the uniform. Actually she was genuinely concerned. Though she really felt fine, she thought it must be very unhealthy to have her body constantly wrapped in rubber. So on the fourth day she went to see Matron, usually an ordeal in itself.

Matron had an obsession with bodily functions, and believed that the key to a healthy life was a healthy bowel movement. Consequently if you went to see Matron, you got an enema, or laxatives - or both.

Well it might be worth it anyway, Pammy thought to herself. A medical check-up would mean taking her clothes off. It would be worth it even for ten minutes.

The medical room was very well equipped, and in spite of her dogma, Matron's medical knowledge was highly respected by pupils and staff alike. She had often effected some impressive 'cures' where the local doctor had floundered - especially In the field of what might be termed Female Plumbing. A trained midwife, she knew about girls' insides, although some of her treatments might be described as disciplinary measures. In short, a trip to see Matron was generally not recommended, unless considered essential. "Please Matron, I'm not feeling very well"

Matron knew at a glance that there was nothing wrong with this girl. She looked a bit flushed, but that was hardly surprising considering what she was wearing. Soon Pammy stood naked in the middle of the floor feeling very vulnerable. There were three thermometers. She began to think that this was not such a good idea. Next Matron scrutinised every pore of her naked body and gave her a thorough internal examination, which wasn't very nice. Matron noticed some marks around the tops of her legs, where the tight elastic of the rubber knickers had sealed her body but that was nothing serious and she rubbed in some cream. The girl's skin was hot and damp, but quite healthy looking; she saw no reason why this punishment should not continue.

"There's nothing wrong with you, girl," she told her. "Now lie on your side, and pull your knees right up to your chest."

Here we go, Pammy thought she'd had this every time she'd been to see Matron - the last time she'd only asked for aspirin. The soapy water ran its course and twenty seconds later nearly too late, off went Pammy

"Did it work?" asked Matron when she reappeared pale and exhausted. She always asked that.

Did it work! God, you'd have to be dead for that not to work.

Wearily Pamela began dressing again, confining her body in the relentlessly stifling, suffocating rubber. "Bring back the cane," she muttered to herself.

"What did you say girl?"

"Oh, er... I said yes - yes, it worked fine. Thank you, Matron."



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