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Raincoats, part 4 - free fetish story.

Renae wearily shut the thick medical textbook. She could only stand so much medical jargon for one day. Nevertheless, Renae felt highly satisfied. She had done a good day's work. Even better, she was more or less completely up to date. Renae decided to treat herself. She would wear her raincoat and spend some time surfing the Internet. It would be interesting to see how many people manufactured rainwear. Maybe she could buy some more raincoats for herself from overseas. Both Melanie and Renae had purchased clothes and CD's online so they were no strangers to shopping over the Internet. However, at this stage, Renae still had no idea that there actually were dozens of websites catering to rainwear fetishists like her. Since it was almost six, she decided to go watch the TV news before fixing dinner.

She ignored the usual deadly dull political happenings from that House of horrors up on Capital Hill in Canberra. Renae despised politicians. They were nasty slimy, lying, dishonest and totally venal creatures with less moral scruples than the average mass murderer. She hated their scheming and hypocrisy. They never did anything unless it resulted in a) a positive political outcome for them or b) financial gain for themselves or their corporate mates. Suddenly, the second news story captured her interest.

It seemed that two young children had been struck by a car. Both were critically injured and fighting for their lives in hospital. The serious faced newsreader explained how they had apparently run across the road after alighting from the bus and a speeding car had hit them before continuing. Police were looking for a dark maroon Commodore sedan. The Commodore was likely to have suffered some front-end damage, they said. It had briefly slowed before speeding off. Bastards… What a heartless thing to do. Renae fumed while she sadly looked on. What a horrible thing to happen. She hoped that the cops would find the car and driver. She knew that they always searched extremely hard for gutless morons like that Commodore driver. Sadly, Renae hoped they would be OK. She loved children herself and hoped to have several once she was married. Seconds later they cut to the accident scene itself. It was dark and raining. Bright droplets of water clung obstinately to the camera lens while the operator zoomed in on the sad scene ahead. The road was slick and shining under the lights. Bright reflective police crime scene tape surrounded the accident scene. A grim faced policeman was explaining how it had happened before commenting, "If they had been wearing a yellow raincoats or something bright coloured like that, this might not have happened. One witness who saw the accident happen said that they were both wearing dark clothing. "The driver probably never saw them until it was too late." Renae shivered. "Then he slowed but he sped off really fast after that." She hoped it never happened to her. Happily, she reflected that it was not likely to happen anyway because her new yellow raincoat was so bright!

Several suburbs away in the outer-eastern suburb of Croydon, which was only a few kilometres away from Ringwood, Mrs Riley was also watching the TV new with her husband, Andrew while the children watched played Nintendo in the other room. She watched with deepening horror as the details unfolded. The worst thing was that this was so avoidable. What if that were my kids? she thought. My babies, Jackie, Nicole and Lourdes. Carol Riley knew that she could never live if she lost any or all of them in such a horrible manner. Jackie was fifteen going on sixteen, Nicky and Lourdes just six and eleven respectively. She loved them above all else in the world. Fiercely protective and maternal, she slaved to ensure that they wanted for nothing. Thoughtfully, Carol contemplated the burly traffic policeman's sad comment that if they had been wearing a yellow raincoat or something similar, this might not have happened. Jackie and Lourdes would be returning to school shortly and it was still mid winter. It was quite a long walk to school and they had to cross some busy streets. Although she trusted them to be careful, that didn't mean she could trust others to be similarly cautious. One could never be too safe, Carol knew. She would go to Myer Ringwood and get a raincoat for him this Saturday. Myer was having a 'Back to School' promotion if she could recall correctly. They might have some there. Lourdes also needed a new raincoat – she was fast outgrowing her old one. Carol sighed. It was amazing the way her children grew out of their clothes so fast.

Her mind made up upon this issue, Carol turned her attention to cooking dinner for the family. Roast chicken and vegetables tonight. The kids loved chicken next only to McDonalds. She would have to watch they did not attempt to slip the veggies to the family dog underneath. It was amazing the appetite that creature had for beans and carrots. That stupid animal was a mobile garbage disposal centre.

Renae was surfing the Internet in her room when a knock sounded on the door. Quickly she glanced at the clock. Nine o'clock. She wondered who it was. It was unlikely to be her parents. Probably Melanie. Suddenly flustered, for she was naked with only her yellow raincoat covering her, Renae called out, "Hang on!" Renae didn't want Mel to see her like this! She was not quite ready to have to explain to her just how much she liked raincoats…

The evening had been a revelation. Renae had decided to treat herself to another evening off study for she was fully up to date with her course requirements – a very good feeling! She had decided to do some Internet surfing and see if she could find any sites dealing with raincoats. Much to her amazement, there was a whole plethora of them. Raincoatgirl, Plasex, PVC-U-Like... The list went on. Renae was stunned. For the first time, she realised that she was not alone. There were others who apparently felt the same way that she did. She stared at the pictures with absolute fascination. Hurriedly, she opened 'Windows Explorer' and created a new file, 'Raincoats' to save in her hard drive before downloading some of her favourite pictures. She found herself literally drooling over the glass clear PVC raincoats or 'macs' as many people referred to them. Renae knew that she just had to have one like that.

Hurriedly, Renae logged off the Internet. She didn't want Mel to see what she'd been up to. Hastily, she pulled off her raincoat and stuffed it in the closet before pulling on her favourite old pair of tracky-daks. Another timid knock sounded. "Coming!" Renae yelled. Moments later she opened the door to admit a grinning Melanie. She was still wearing her pink vinyl raincoat. She hadn't bothered to undo the hood either. It was obviously still raining outside, for water continued to drip slowly from it.

"What took you so long?" Melanie asked.

"Sorry. I was writing a personal letter to my friend." Renae lied.

"Oh I see." Melanie clearly looked sceptical. Renae hated lying to her own sister like that, but she couldn't think of anything else to say. "Where's your raincoat?" she quipped. "I thought you'd be wearing it!" Renae flushed slightly and looked away. After all, she had been wearing it moments earlier…

Renae grinned up at her to cover her confusion. "Oh it's in there," she said lightly. Maybe Mel does like wearing them after all…

"Put it on!" Melanie teased. "I know you like wearing it!"

"Ok." Renae was only too happy to agree. Quickly, she pulled it on and began buttoning it up. Mel leant over and did up the hood for her. "Anyway, how was your day?" Renae asked, as she did up the last buttons, in between admiring her raincoated sister's pink vinyl raincoat. God, it looked good!

Melanie beamed. "I had a great day!" she bubbled happily. "You'll never guess, Ren!"

"Guess what?" Renae asked.

"Everyone LOVED my pink raincoat!" she gushed. "They were all asking me where I got it, how much it cost, blah blah blah."

Renae was surprised and impressed. Of course, Melanie was known to be a bit of a fashion plate and trendsetter amongst her circle of friends. In fact, it was Mel whom Renae went to when she needed advice on clothes or shoes. She was extremely knowledgeable when it came to clothes and had excellent taste. If Melanie was wearing a particular outfit, it was automatically 'trendy.' Yet according to Mel, there was no doubt everyone had genuinely liked her raincoat.

"You should have seen the way all the guys were staring!" Melanie enthused.

"Really?" Renae grinned. Thoughtfully she regarded her own yellow raincoat and lovingly smoothed down the vinyl folds of her coat. "Maybe I should wear it more often then!"

Melanie laughed. "Yes, and you should have seen the look on Tony's face when I walked in. He could not take his eyes off me or my raincoat!" Sitting down next to Renae on the bed, she continued, "I think he liked it!"

'I bet he did!" Renae observed. "Maybe you should buy one for him!"

"I might just do that too!" Melanie answered. "Maybe we could have sex in our raincoats!" She stared up into space for a moment before continuing, "You know, I might just buy him one too. Tony likes fishing, so I can say it's for that…"

Renae giggled. Now that would really be something… Real raincoat sex… She couldn't wait to try it. Renae had a strong feeling that Melanie was coming to like wearing her rainwear almost every bit as much as she did. She decided to bite the bullet and tell her just how much she like wearing her raincoat and why.

Melanie listened in a fascinated silence, interrupting only to say, "Go on," Or "I know how you feel," before commenting, "You know, that's exactly how I feel too. I really like wearing this. It feels just soooooo nice!" she enthused. "I love it!" Slyly she added, "Now I know why you took so long before!"

Puzzled, Renae asked, "What?"

"To answer the door before!" Melanie exclaimed. "I bet you were wearing your raincoat before."

Renae grinned broadly. "Yep. I sure was!" She added, "I love the way it feels against my bare skin."

Melanie looked at Renae and said, "Well, why don't we?"

As if in unison, both girls stripped off their clothes before re-donning their raincoats. She shivered with pleasure from the cool smoothness of the vinyl against her bare skin Renae felt immensely relieved as she did up the buttons for Melanie before helping Mel tie up the hood over her head. Now she wouldn't have to hide her new raincoat fetish from Mel. It was great to be able to share it with the one person whom she loved most in the world. Melanie happily reciprocated the favour. Renae shivered with delight as Melanie slowly buttoned up her own raincoat for her. Melanie's smile was huge as she tied the laces of the drawstring hood around Renae's face. After hugging each other for what seemed an eternity and savouring the way their raincoats felt, Renae climbed into her bed. Unhesitatingly, Mel followed. As little girls, they had often slept together in each other's arms. Occasionally, from time to time, they still did. There was nothing in the least sexual about it, because they were naturally so close to each other. Renae and Melanie cuddled up together luxuriating in the warmth of each other's bodies and the raincoats they were wearing. It was heavenly the way the vinyl, warmed by the natural heat of each other's bodies, clung so stickily to their skin like that. After chatting a while more, they eventually drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

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Saturday dawned fine and bright. The rain of the past two days had entirely dissipated. However, a chilly breeze was still blowing. Carol was glad to read in the morning paper that both children were going to be OK. They would not die. One would require lengthy hospitalisation and extensive rehabilitation afterwards but it was still preferable to dying at such a tender age. A man was assisting police with their enquiries. She knew that it was the polite police-speak for saying they were grilling him prior to laying charges. Dangerous driving, failing to stop and render assistance and so forth. In other words, he was in deep shit. Carol knew the form. The courts always came down hard on arseholes like that and deservedly so. This small snippet reminded Carol that she had to take the children up to Myer to pick out a raincoat for them. Yellow, if that was at all possible. Children should bury their parents, not the other way around, she thought.

They also needed to pick up some stationery for Jackie. The number of pens and pencils he seemed to be able to lose at school was staggering. Carol wondered if every other mother had this much trouble. She could not help wondering where they all disappeared to – maybe some interstellar black hole especially for pens and pencils? she mused. They had to end up somewhere…

Determined to get the shopping out of the way before Andrew returned from his weekly round of golf with his mates, she called out to Jackie and Lourdes, "Come on Jackie and Lourdes, we're going shopping!"

Silence greeted her call to arms. Carol could hear the electronic beeps and chirps emanating from the next room. Playing Nintendo again… She sighed. They were always playing Nintendo! She got up and walked over to where they lay on the floor attempting to annihilate whomever it was they were up against. Both children were so deeply absorbed in the game that they failed to notice her approach. Carol impatiently waited until they had been knocked out by the enemy aliens or whatever it was they had been battling. She felt like just switching it off but that would be counter productive. Better to wait the extra few minutes till they were finished. Then she could be sure of obtaining their attention. "Jackie, Lourdes?" she hastily interrupted before they had time to begin a new game.

"What?" Jackie mumbled, staring straight ahead. Lourdes scrambled up onto her knees and turned to face Carol. She smiled at Lourdes.

"We're going shopping." Carol announced. "Switch off the game now."

"Awwww, do we have to?" Jackie moaned.

"Yes, we do," Carol firmly replied in the tone of voice that brooked no argument.

"But why?" Jackie complained. "I hate shopping," he loudly pronounced as if that were to make Carol change her mind.

"I know you do dear," Carol ruffled Jackie's hair. "But we have to buy you a new raincoat." Noticing Lourdes, she added, "And one for you too."

"I don't want a raincoat!" Jackie wailed

"Why not?"

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