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Part 1

I knew when I first saw her I had to have her!

She was hurrying across the street after leaving a teashop. She was tall, maybe 5 foot 8 inches or so. She was pretty in an old fashioned, almost Victorian way. What caught my eye were her clothes. She was wearing woolen tights, black, with a heavy woolen turtleneck sweater, also black. A short black mini barely reached the middle of her thighs. The sweater was almost as long as the skirt. A wide black leather belt held the sweater tight at her waist and accentuated the swell of her hips. She wore black medium heels that clacked loudly as she hurried through a break in the traffic.

I must have been standing there in mid-stride with my mouth hanging open because she gave me a strange look as she brushed by me. I turned to watch her progress down the street. She ducked into the door of a storefront half a block away. Recovering my senses, I headed in the same direction. As I passed the door to the office, I noticed it was a local office for the social welfare agency. I didn't dare chance a look into the office for fear she would see me, but I did take note of the telephone number.

It had been a while since I had kidnapped anyone. I had tried to stay on the straight and narrow and avoid all that. This woman, though, put me, no…shoved me right over the edge and back to my wicked ways. She was every thing I looked for in a subject. Pretty, the right age and her clothes…oh, her clothes.

A word about me! I am a 39-year-old female bisexual bondage freak with a huge fetish for wool and women who wear black. I am independently wealthy and able to spend my time doing what I choose anywhere I want. What I choose to do is kidnap women who catch my interest, tie them up in interesting ways and photograph them. And maybe play with them a bit. I always let them go and I have never been caught at my peculiar hobby.

I had been involved in other things and had not had the time to pursue my hobby recently. I also didn't want to push my luck and maybe get caught. But this woman had really grabbed my interest. I had to have her and I would have her.

I hurried back to my hotel room and began to make my plans. I would be back at the social welfare office at closing time and begin my quest for this exquisite mystery woman.

I never fail at getting who and what I want.

I called the number of the agency from a public phone; can never be too careful! They had an answering system, the kind that says dial 1 for so and so, and I was able to discover that there were four people working there including the receptionist; two were men. That was good news. I could walk back by there later and see if the receptionist was my girl or not. If not, I knew her name; it was Kate Smith.

I changed my clothing so I wouldn't be recognized by chance by someone from this morning and walked back to the office. Stopping in front of the windows to tie my shoe, I was able to see into the interior. The woman at the front desk was not my girl, although she was attractive! Maybe another time, sweetie! I walked away and then returned for another look. The woman at the front desk was still there, so I assumed that she was the receptionist.

I was excited! I had been out of the game for a while. Kate and I were about to get to know each other in a very intimate way.

It was near closing time, so I took up a seat on a bench in a small park diagonally across the street from her office. I wanted to see her come out and follow her. This would delay my taking her, but it would give me time to prepare. The four people within the office exited at the same time. My breath caught as I got another glimpse of Kate. She was wonderful! She carried a small shoulder bag, but no coat, which gave me hope that maybe she lived nearby and walked to work. The four said their good-byes and separated. Kate and one of the men started down the street in my direction. I was disturbed by the possibility that they might be a couple. I hadn't considered that! I followed from a distance and was elated to see them part at the next intersection. Their parting was decidedly that of co-workers with each giving the other a little wave. Kate continued along the street at a leisurely pace. I fell in behind her at a safe distance. The streets were busy with pedestrians and traffic; so as long as I kept behind her I wouldn't be discovered. I had changed into a different outfit and pulled my hair into a ponytail. I doubted very much whether she would recognize me after only the quick glance she had, but why take the risk?

Every once and awhile, the crowd of people in front of me would thin and I would see a full view of her. She had a wonderful walk that stirred me right to my core. I felt myself getting aroused as I tracked her down the street. I ran different scenarios through my mind as to how I would bind Kate. She stopped at an intersection and crossed her hands behind her back as she waited for the traffic to allow her to pass. I almost fainted from desire at the sight of her arms pinned behind her back.

We walked on for several blocks until she turned and entered a large apartment building. It was an older building, eight stories high with an unlocked and unguarded front entrance. I was glad of that. It would be simple enough to gain entry into a building like that. I passed by, waited several minutes and then returned and entered the vestibule. A quick perusal of the apartment listings rewarded me with a listing for "K. Smith" in Apartment 8C. I'm always amazed that women think that just putting an initial instead of their name protects them. It's a dead give away!

The building had a buzzer system, which was perfect. It was surprising how many people would open the front inside door of a building to a buzzer without asking who it was. To test my theory, I pushed several doorbells, including Kate's. Smart girl, Kate, she spoke through the intercom. "Yes? Who is it?" It was the first time I had heard her voice and I was entranced. It was light and sweet with just a trace of a New England accent.

I managed to stutter, "Louise? It's me!"

Kate responded with a laugh, "No, I'm sorry. No Louise here!" What a wonderful voice and laugh. I was more in love than ever! The second person I buzzed activated the inner door. I briefly considered entering and taking her now, but decided that I was not well enough prepared to do what I wanted to do to her. I left the building and headed back to the hotel, my heart aflutter and my mind busy with the sweet torments I would visit upon Kate.

Tomorrow I would be waiting for her!

I barely slept that night, so excited was I about Kate. I had made my preparations and was having trouble waiting for the next day to begin.

Earlier in the evening I had asked the concierge at the hotel to direct me to a store that might sell hardware and sports supplies. He found a nearby store and hailed a taxi for me that dropped me at the front entrance of the store. I asked the driver to wait and went in search of the things I needed. I had decided that Kate had to be tied with rope. Nothing else would do. To my delight, I was able to find some all-cotton rope that was usually unobtainable in the Home Depot-ized country we had become. I bought two hundred feet. I also found and purchased a roll of heavy black duct tape and five rolls of narrower electrician's tape. In the sporting section of the store, I found a knit balaclava that had holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. I bought two of those and some heavy woolen mittens. I paid for my purchases and returned to the hotel. I spent the next several hours preparing the materials. I usually traveled with some bondage equipment because one never knows when the opportunity will present itself. I break it down into unsuspicious parts that do not excite the suspicions of airport security in these war-on-terror days.

I re-assembled my toys and also cut the rope into varying lengths to fit the different parts of Kate's body that would be encircled with it. Finally, I laid out the clothes that I would wear. I was going for the dominatrix look because that usually cowed the subjects into a cooperative attitude. I would wear a cotton/spandex blend cat suit in black with black high-heeled lace up knee boots. The suit zipped up the back and had a high collar. Over the suit, I would wear a leather bustier. One of the masks was for me, one for sweet Kate! All of my equipment would go into a large over-the-shoulder bag. I would also wear a long overcoat that reached my ankles to prevent prying eyes from seeing my attire. I hoped that the day would be seasonably cold so that I wouldn't look ridiculous and out-of-place in my long coat.

It was after all the preparations were done that I had trouble sleeping. I didn't want to take medication so I used my vibrator to bring myself relief. I masturbated to the images of the bound and gagged Kate that had been playing over and over again in my mind. After my climax, I fell into a deep sleep.

I wanted to be outside Kate's apartment when she went to work. I knew approximately when she left and the direction she would travel in to get to her office. I arrived at a point along the route she took to work about 10 minutes before she should appear. I walked back and forth and crossed the street and tried to make myself invisible.

I was on my second trip by the apartment when the outer door opened and she stepped out. I was 20 feet away from her and headed towards her when she turned to head to work. She was wearing gray-marled cotton tights and a short, tight darker gray skirt that reached to her mid thighs. A black roll neck sweater peeked out above the collar of her black wool waist length pea coat. On her feet were black, lace-up, low-heeled ankle boots. She had a shoulder bag and her umbrella. As we passed, I locked on to her eyes. She stared at me for a second then favored me with a shy smile.

I had never been this close to her and was surprised to see that she was younger than I thought: about mid-twenties. She had big, beautiful violet eyes. Her lips were full and colored with a dark shade of gloss. I wondered as I stared at her what those lips would look like with my ball gag wedged between them. As before, her black hair was pulled into a tight bun. I melted at the closeness of her. The need to capture her was almost a physical force that took my breath away. I pivoted as she passed and was again rewarded by a shy glimpse back at me over her shoulder. We continued on our separate ways: her to work, me to the coffee shop across from her apartment. I wanted to make sure she did not return to her room before I went in. I wanted to surprise her, not the other way around.

After about an hour, I was certain she wasn't coming back. I crossed to the apartment and pushed several buzzers until someone buzzed the door open. I took the stairs to her apartment to avoid running into someone on the elevator.

Her hallway was quiet. I listened at every door on the way to her apartment and heard no noises in any of them. At her door, I was able to slip the door lock and pick the dead bolt inside of thirty seconds. I had learned that useful art from a detective friend and it had come in handy many times. The door opened into a small foyer. Once inside I took a quick look around. It was a pleasant set of rooms on the corner of the building. Light flooded the sitting room from two sides. There was a kitchenette and bath and a bedroom off a short hallway. The apartment was decorated in a vaguely Victorian style with ornate lamps and drapes and furniture. Altogether, a very comfortable looking place!

I was shaking with the buzz of adrenaline and desire. I wasn't sure I could keep my sanity until she arrived home. I knew I had work to do to get ready, so I forced myself into action. I looked for evidence of a man; shaving gear in the bath, clothes in the closet, and was pleased to find none. I could handle any woman, but a man would change the balance of power! I didn't see any sign of another woman either. That meant Kate probably lived alone and had no serious man friend or woman friend that visited often.

I went through the drawers of Kate's dresser and through her closet. I found many pairs of tights and even some long socks. In her closet were many sweaters of all shapes and styles, but all generally black in color. This was a girl after my own heart. Perhaps I would get her to model some of these for me!

I retrieved my bag and removed my cameras and folding tripod. I set the tripod up to the side and kept one of the cameras nearby on the foyer table. The layout of the foyer was just perfect. I could stand unseen behind the door when she came in. It would be a simple matter to overpower her. I had brought chloroform for that purpose. I was very aware of the dangers of chloroform and had gone to great pains to get a type that put the subject out but did no other harm. I carried the chloroform in a perfume bottle and had no trouble bringing it with me into and out of several countries on this trip.

With all the preparation done, there was nothing left to do but wait. It was one o'clock. She would leave work in three hours and be home 10 minutes after that. I stretched out on the sofa and tried to relax. The possible scenarios for binding Kate still swirled through my head. My throat was dry and my palms wet. I had never been this affected by one of my projects before. I needed to calm down and keep my wits about me. The afternoon passed slowly. I prowled her apartment looking into every drawer and nook and cranny. I found nothing of interest except that everything about her interested me!

Finally, it was four o'clock. She should be home shortly. I soaked a cloth in the chloroform and placed it in a plastic bag until I needed it. It wouldn't be cool to knock myself out with it! I moved to the foyer and leaned against the wall, willing myself to calm down. I was breathing raggedly and my hands shook. I tried to focus on a spot on the wall, cleared my mind of everything and gradually achieved some calmness. The scrape of a key in the lock jerked me from my self-induced hypnosis. My nervousness disappeared and I was focused on the task at hand. The second lock was opened and the door swung in. I extracted the rag from the bag and held it down beside my hip.

Kate nudged the door shut with her hip and I moved as the door shut. One hand clamped the cloth over her nose and mouth. My other arm went around her waist and held her tightly against me. She dropped the shoulder bag and umbrella she was carrying and struggled hard to get away. For a small woman, she sure was strong. I held on and gradually her struggles lessened until finally Kate sagged against me. I lowered her gently to the floor and knelt beside her. My nervousness and shaking returned.

I had her!

I stared at her, taken by her beauty and the sheer fact that she was now my captive. All the thoughts and schemes of yesterday were now reality. I put my arms under Kate's neck and knees and lifted her from the floor. She was light and I became aroused at the feel of her in my arms. I carried her to a chair in the corner of the room and placed her gently on the cushion. She slumped against the back of the chair. I checked her breathing. It was coming regularly as if she was asleep. I retrieved my shoulder bag and dumped the contents on the sofa.

I began to tie her up.

I started with her ankles, after first removing her boots. I wrapped several turns around them and then cinched the loops between her ankles. I ran my hands along her calves thrilling at the feel of her flesh under the texture of the tights. As it is always was when I was binding someone for the first time, my hands shook and my heart beat wildly. There was no feeling like it that I had ever experienced. I was in complete physical control of another person. The power of being in that position never failed to arouse me.

I moved up to her knees and bound them in the same fashion. The rope bit into the softer flesh of her thighs. I ran my hands along the outside of her thighs well up under her skirt. She felt wonderfully fit and firm. There would be plenty of time for that. Now I needed to secure her before she regained consciousness.

I was going to gag her with a ball gag, but after seeing the many folds of the roll neck of her sweater, I decided upon another way. I released the pins holding her hair in the bun. Upon release, her hair fell in a tangle to her shoulders. I smoothed it as best I could. It wouldn't matter what her hair looked like anyway as I was going to put a hood on her. I pulled the sweater neck up until it covered her mouth. I reached for the balaclava as I held the sweater in place. Alternately pulling the knitted hood down and holding the sweater neck up and tucking it in, I was able to pull the hood in place. A few quick adjustments and the holes aligned with her mouth, nose and eyes. The sweater neck covered her mouth from behind the hood. Her hair just extended beyond the bottom of the hood, which was a look I loved. There was something so powerful about controlling a woman's hair.

I unwound a length of duct tape from the roll, tore it off and stuck one end to the arm of the chair. I pinched Kate's cheeks to open her mouth and stretched her jaw wider by pulling the tape tightly across her mouth. The tape covered the mouth hole and forced the fabric back into her mouth. I picked up the roll and made several tight passes around her head. When I was done the tape held her mouth wide open while the fabric of the sweater and the hood silenced her. Using the duct tape, I wound several turns around her neck. I didn't want that tape too tight so that she would choke, but I wanted the looseness taken out of the hood. The tape pressed the hood fabric tightly against her neck, accentuating her wide spread jaws, and allowing her hair to radiate out from under the hood. This was turning out better than I ever hoped it would. Kate was a spectacular subject for bondage. Finally I wound several turns of tape around her head at eye level, creating a tape blindfold. Kate would be totally disoriented when she came to. I briefly thought of wrapping her entire head in tape, but decided that it was better to secure her arms now. Maybe I would do the taping later.

I made sure she could breathe properly and then began to tie her arms.

She was still out and could not stay in an upright position on her own. I turned her in the chair so that, even though her shoulders slumped against the backrest, her arms were accessible from the side of the chair. Knowing that time was passing and that she would be waking soon, I quickly bound her wrists palm to palm using loops and cinches.

I love to bind a woman's elbows together. It makes them look so captured! I was pleased to find that Kate was flexible enough to allow me to pull her elbows together. Several wraps around the elbows followed by a quick cinch secured them. I ran the remaining length of her elbow rope under one arm, behind her neck and under the other arm. I wrapped the rope around the cinch and brought the end of that rope up to and through the rope behind her neck. When I pulled it all tight and cinched it off between her elbows, Kate would be totally unable to free her arms. I tied a rope around her waist and brought her torso forward so that she was leaning over her knees. I pushed the ends of the rope between her thighs and up and around her knee ropes. This rope when she was sitting up would tighten around her waist and accentuate her lovely hips.

I like to accentuate a woman's breasts by tying rope over and under and between them. Kate had small, but shapely breasts that felt wonderful through the fabric of her sweater. She was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were firm with prominent nipples. I applied the ropes and tied them off behind her back.

I stood up and backed away to get a full view of my captive. The white rope contrasted beautifully with her gray tights and skirt and dark sweater. The hood gave her a look of abject submissiveness. The ropes were tight and accentuated her breasts and narrow waist. She was gorgeous and I was getting very aroused at the sight of her bound body. I picked up one of my cameras and shot pictures from all angles. As I was photographing her, she began to cough and stir.

Kate was waking up! Now the real fun would begin! For me, anyway!

Part Two... The fun begins...

I knelt in front of my lovely captive and took her feet in my hands, thrilling at the feel of them through the tights. I ran my hands over the cords on her ankles, up her calves to her knees and back down again. I almost swooned at the feel of the ropes pinning her shapely legs together!

As I watched Kate slowly regain consciousness, I remembered an unfortunate incident that had occurred with one of my other play toys. She had a bad reaction to the chloroform and began to vomit. I just got the gag off in time, but it certainly spoiled the mood! I didn't want that to happen with my sweet Kate.

As she continued to stir, I stripped the tape from her mouth. After it was removed, I slid the soggy fabric of her sweater away from her mouth. Her lips, visible through the mouth hole of the hood, were slightly chapped, maybe from the chloroform, but they were lovely nonetheless, full and soft. Her lips were slightly parted and her sweet breath, tinged by the chloroform, whispered past them. I leaned in and kissed her, licking the inside of her lips with my tongue and tasting a bit of chloro. I felt overjoyed that they were mine to taste.

I stepped back as she began to murmur and stir. She coughed several times and then seemed to snap back to reality. Different people react differently to the chloro. Kate seemed to come out of it quickly. She spoke in a whisper. As best I could make out with my poor French, she was wondering where she was, what had happened and why she couldn't see. She was trying to move her limbs and was confused as to why they weren't responding. I love this part when the toy begins to understand what has happened.

Suddenly, Kate began to struggle against her bonds. She thrashed her legs from side to side and twisted her torso trying to free her arms. She also began to cry and scream for her release. I didn't know how thick the walls were in this old building and I didn't know who might be home, so I couldn't allow her to make a lot of noise, even though the pleadings of my captives were an aphrodisiac to me. I clamped my hand over her mouth. At my touch she froze for an instant and then redoubled her efforts to get free. I kept her mouth covered as best I could and wrestled her out of the chair and onto the floor. She continued to thrash and tried to bite my hand. We ended up with me sitting on her chest, straddling her, with my hand pushing down hard on her head. I leaned over and spoke against her ear.

"Kate! Stop it!" She stopped her struggling for a moment at the sound of my voice. But only for a moment. She tried to buck me off and I could hear and feel her shouting under my hand. I didn't want to do this, but I had to get her attention. With my free hand, I pinched and twisted the nipple on her right breast. At the same time, I told her to stop struggling or I would keep doing it. She yelped in surprise and pain, but her struggling ceased.

"That's better, Kate! Will you listen without trying to get away?" I saw and felt a slight nod of her head.

"That's good. You are in your apartment. You are tied and blindfolded. I mean you no harm and I will treat you well as long as you cooperate. Do you understand?"

Another slight nod.

"Very good, Kate. I am going to take my hand away from your mouth. You will not shout - will you?" It was not a question.

Another nod. I eased up on the pressure on her mouth and as soon as I had moved my hand, she screamed out at the top of her lungs! I clamped down on her mouth again as she started squirming violently under me. This was proving harder than I expected, but it was exciting to me to have to fight the toy into submission. Kate was proving to be a formidable adversary!

I had to gag her again and further secure her. That was certain! As I rode her bucking body, I looked around for something to use as a gag. At this point, I would never be able to tape her mouth as I had previously! I saw her handbag on the floor next to us. With my free hand, I dumped the contents on the floor. A handkerchief tumbled out along with a bunch of other stuff. That would have to do. I held the handkerchief next to her mouth in my free hand and when I removed my other hand, Kate opened her mouth to shout again. I shoved the handkerchief into the opening, stifling her yell to a muffled, angry "Mmmmphhpmm!!"

Then I plastered some of the discarded tape that had previously gagged Kate over her mouth. It wouldn't be an effective gag for long, but I couldn't reach the roll of tape. It would have to do. Kate continued her struggling. I jumped up off her and grabbed her kicking feet, raising them off the floor. She twisted about as I hooked my fingers around the cinch ropes at ankles. I snatched some rope of the couch to use to further secure her once I got her where I wanted her and began to pull her by her ankles along the floor. She protested loudly and continued to twist about wildly. We made it to the bedroom without her gag being dislodged. I dropped her legs and grabbed her knee and elbow ropes, lifted her and tossed her face first onto the bed. I guessed she was barely over a 110 pounds. I was again thankful for the time I'd invested in strength and weight training!

Before she stopped bouncing, I grabbed her legs. I took one of the short lengths of cord and looped it through her ankle ropes. I lifted her legs causing her knees to bend and pushed her heels toward her butt. I held them there by leaning on them and slipped the loose end of the rope between her arms at the elbows. I removed the slack and continued pulling on the cord until her heels were almost touching her bound hands. Tying off the rope, I sat back to catch my breath.

Poor Kate wasn't enjoying her new position. She was moaning and trying to twist herself free but her movement was severely limited. "That's called a hogtie, Kate. How do you like it?"

I believe she cursed at me, but I couldn't be sure.

I still needed to find a better gag. I remembered seeing some long socks in one of her drawers. They were in the second drawer down and were white heavy cotton over-the-knee socks. One of them would make a perfect gag for my darling little Kate. I tied several knots together in the middle of the sock to form a ball. Kneeling on the bed next to my captive, I peeled the tape away, taking the handkerchief with it. True to form, Kate opened her mouth to shout and I took the opportunity to shove the balled up knots into her mouth. I pulled it tight and knotted it securely at the back of her neck. Her attempted shout was again reduced to a muffled, although louder this time, "MMMMPHHPMM!"

Staring at her thoughtfully for a second or two, I decided that she really needed to experience tight bondage. Taking another piece of rope, I again looped it around her ankles cinches and worked the other end under the sock at the back of her neck. I lifted her head and pulled the rope tight. Now her chin was pulled up off the bed and the sock gag was pulled harshly into her mouth. I let her pull against it for a minute and then tightened it again, removing all slack. Kate grunted and struggled to no avail. I looked her over again. There was not much left to tie except her toes. I went to the closet and removed some shoelaces for a pair of athletic shoes. I made a noose of the lace and worked it down between her big toes and the next toes. The tights stretched enough to let me slip the lace all the way on. I looped it several times and took the other lace and connected her toes to her wrist ropes. As I tied that off, I had another idea and went into the other room for her bootlaces. These I used to tie the thumbs and fingers of each hand to the corresponding digits on the other hand. Now I was done!

I got the camera from the other room and began photographing her from all angles. I took close ups of her sweet tight-encased feet and her tightly tied elbows, bound fingers and everything. She was the most desirable looking bound woman I had ever seen or tied. I thanked my stars for chancing upon her in the street!

For her part, Kate was strangely silent and unmoving, almost as if she had accepted her role as bondage model. I rolled her onto her side for more photos and she did not protest. I thought I even heard a sigh from her, but that must have been my imagination. I wanted to continue playing with her, but she needed to feel total bondage, so I left her there in her stringent hogtie for maybe a half an hour.

I went into the kitchen and found a soft drink. Twisting off the top, I leaned against the counter and drank some. I was all keyed up and anxious to play with my new friend. I needed to calm down and get control of myself so that I could enjoy it. Taking a few minutes away from my deliciously bound and gagged Kate was a good way to get centered again. I poked through some bills on the counter that I had missed on my first pass through the kitchen. Nothing extraordinary there! I found a pencil and pad and wrote down some of her credit card numbers and her social security number. You never know when that information might come in handy…

When I returned to the side of the bed, she hadn't moved and she was breathing easily and moving, almost sensuously, against her ropes. She would flex her toes or roll her ankles or pull her wrists against the tension of the rope and I swear that she was almost purring! As I went to begin to change her bondage, the toe of my boot hit something hard under the bed. I hadn't remembered seeing anything under there and then I remembered that I hadn't looked. I cursed myself for being sloppy and knelt to see what I had kicked.

It was a cardboard box, like a storage box with a removal lid. I pulled off the top and was stunned. The first thing I saw was a pair of handcuffs! There was a vibrator, tights and more long socks, a sweater, rope and, down at the bottom, two Polaroid photographs.

The first was of a bound and gagged woman I didn't recognize lying on the floor of an obviously different apartment.

The second photo I had no trouble recognizing. It was my sweet Kate, bound and gagged on this very bed.

I sat down hard on the floor and looked from the box to the bound Kate and back again, totally speechless! Was my Kate a bondage freak?

Kate was oblivious to my discovery, but she would soon find out what I knew or thought I knew.

I pushed the box aside and got up from the floor. Kate started at the movement of the bed as I knelt on it to begin to untie some of her ropes. It took several minutes for me to remove the bindings I had added after I put her on the bed. Soon she was tied as she was when I originally bound her. As I was removing the ropes, Kate lay still and quiet on her stomach. A sigh escaped her as she was finally able to stretch out her legs from the cramped hogtied position

I wanted to talk to her about what I had found and from there I would decide what to do with her. I reached over and started to undo the knot that secured her sock gag. The knot had tightened up because it of being connected to her ankles. Once it was loose, I pried the soggy balled –up sock from her mouth and set it aside. Kate licked her lips and stretched her jaw in the absence of the gag. I let her settle down a bit and since I wanted her sitting up when we talked, I moved her around until I could get her up on her knees in the center of the bed with her bum resting on the back of her calves. Not the most comfortable position, but she did look adorable sitting there. She was still hooded and blindfolded and she looked so submissive and docile that I wanted to kiss her sweet lips again. I did not give in to that impulse, but began to talk to her.

"Kate? Do you feel OK? No tingling or numbness anywhere?"

"No, I am all right…but who are you? What do you want with me?"

"Well, Kate, I guess I owe you some explanation. I saw you on the street and knew you would take wonderfully to being bound and gagged. That's my favourite hobby. Tying up beautiful woman like you!"

She was silent for several seconds. "But why me?"

"Because you caught my attention. The way you dress, how you carry yourself, your whole persona just screamed 'tie me up' to me!"

"But I don't want to be tied up! Please. Please, let me go! I won't not report you or cause any trouble. I just want to be freed!"

I studied her several seconds before replying. Time to let the cat out of the bag or in this case, the box. "I found your box, Kate. The one under your bed?"

Kate sucked in a breath. I could not see her face because of the hood, but I would bet it was flushed red with embarrassment! She did not immediately reply. I waited expectantly for her response.

"I can explain…" she started. "What I mean is…! I…! Oh, damn! Those are not my things! No! No, I'm holding them for a friend! I never really looked into the box that closely. I am not sure what is in it!" She stopped talking then as if she couldn't think of another lie to tell.

"Well, Kate! How do you explain the picture of you all tied up on this very bed?"

She began to sob then. It was so heart rendering to see her shuddering and sobbing that I wanted to take her in my arms and tell her not to worry. At least one part of me wanted to do that. The other, hornier part wanted to know what was going on and wanted to continue tying this wonderfully mysterious lady.

"You see, Kate, I am going to tie you up anyway. What I want to know is if you have done this a lot or a little. That will help me decide how to tie you."

She got control of herself enough to speak between sniffles. "I haven't done it a lot. That picture is of the only time I have ever been tied…by someone else." She paused a moment, apparently deciding whether the truth would help or hurt her. She went on. "I tie myself up sometimes! The clothes are what I wear when I do it. I…I don't do it much. Just once in awhile." As she talked, I was examining the clothes and noticed that the tights were worn at the ankles and knees and one of each of the pairs of socks was also worn in one spot.

"I am looking at the things in the box, Kate. They looked well used. Are you telling me the truth?"

"Yes! Yes! I'm telling the truth! I don't do it much, just once in a while! Please let me go! I'm telling the truth!"

I knew she was lying. The things in the box had been much used. The cuffs were well oiled and opened easily. The rope was soft and pliable as if it had been washed. And then there were the wear marks on the clothes.

I decided that Kate needed another lesson. This one was about lying to me. I pulled her up and forward by her chest ropes until she was stretched out on the bed again. She protested, "Please! What are you doing?" I dragged her around until I could maneuver her onto my knees as I sat with my legs stretched out on the bed. I pushed her skirt up exposing her tight-covered sweet behind and proceeded to swat each cheek, first one then the other. The sound of my hand hitting the firm globes of her butt was intoxicating. I slapped and then rubbed each cheek several times. Kate had cried out at the first few spanks, but had been silent from then on. I stooped after maybe a dozen swats per cheek and rolled her off my legs and onto her back.

I bent over her and pressed my lips against hers. My tongue probed the slight opening of her mouth and then slid in as she opened it a bit more. She tasted so sweet. I became lost in our kiss. I pulled away and then flicked my tongue over her lips. Kate opened her mouth as if the accept my kiss again. I waited a few seconds and brushed my lips across hers. Again she opened her mouth in anticipation. The third time I touched her mouth with my finger, tracing the outline of her lips. She tried to lick my finger then and I took the opportunity to force the soggy gag back between her lips, tying it tightly back in place. She moaned in despair.

My heart was pounding with desire. I was so glad that Kate had responded to the kiss. I hoped the rest of our time together would be as wonderful as that kiss.

But first, I began to prepare Kate for her next bondage.

Kate was sniffling and shaking a bit after the spanking, but seemed to take it in stride. She was turning out to be a good little captive with equal amounts of spirit and submissiveness. I hate it when a captive acts totally passively no matter what I do to her. It goads me into doing more and more things and the danger for the captive increases. Sometimes they finally respond, but I always stop before anyone gets hurt and I always walk away from that type of toy. Kate would be fine. She had some knowledge and interest in this before I got her (how much interest she hadn't yet truly revealed) and she was a struggler and fighter. She was a good find!

I wanted to reward her in the best way for this situation. To do so, I had to retie her. She was still hooded, gagged and blindfolded so I wasn't worried about her escaping when I untied her. Also, she had been bound with her elbows touching for almost an hour. She was quite flexible, but everyone has a limit. I didn't want to break my new toy before I really had a chance to play with it!

She moaned in relief when I released her arms and hands. Her ankles and knees remained tied. Without me telling her, she struggled to a sitting position on the bed and flexed and rubbed her hands and arms. She seemed quite happy to sit there and as I collected some rope for her next tie, she pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her knees. I watched as every once in a while she ran her hands over the tight ropes on her knees and ankles. I would love to know what was going through her mind, but at this point, I didn't think she would be open enough with me to tell me. All in good time! I had found that toys that had even the slightest interest in bondage would open up and fall hard for it after I had put them through some training. I knew Kate would react in exactly (more or less) the same way.

"Alright Kate, I am going to tie your arms in a different way. Please put your hands behind your back." She did so immediately and I felt a charge of arousal at her willingness to comply. I love it when they do that!

I arranged her arms so that they were parallel to each other and tied each wrist to the adjacent forearm. She cupped each elbow with her hands as I finished the tie. I ran a cord from the middle of her arms up under her armpits behind her neck and back down. I connected her arms to the rope at the back of her neck and pulled it all tight. I threaded a line between her thighs and pulled it up to her knee ropes. I was so tempted to slide my hand in the opposite direction, but I knew she wasn't ready for that. Yet! But what I was about to do to her would move her a long way in that direction.

I pushed her torso forward until her chest was pressed to her thighs and I brought the rope from her knees over her shoulders to her arms. Several turns of this and some cinches and her upper body was firmly attached to her upper legs with her chin almost resting on her knees.

I lowered her gently onto her side and looped another line through her ankle ropes, pausing to rub her feet and calves. She murmured and squirmed a bit. I pushed her ankles against her butt and held them there as I threaded the tag end of the line under her arms and removed the slack. She was now tied into a ball. I took some time and pulled and tightened the various bindings to remove all chance of slippage or movement and added several tight loops around her from her arms to her ankles and back.

I then put her on her back with her legs up. I secured her in that position with lines tied to the bed frame and headboard. When I was done, she was securely anchored to the bed. She couldn't fall to either side or right herself.

I rolled the hem of her skirt up over her butt, exposing her clit to me.

I picked the vibrator out of the box and turned it on. It fired up and buzzed away strongly. Another clue that worked against Kate's flimsy denials; it obviously had fresh batteries in it! Kate stirred at the sound of the buzzing and shifted on the bed.

Some sounds escaped her packed mouth, but I couldn't tell if they were moans or curses.


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