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   Halloween with Kate - free bondage story
... “OK, I want you to lock me up in knee high ballet boots, a short ankle chain, double dildos locked in with a crotch belt, wrist cuffs, elbow cuffs, nipple clamps, collar and gag. I want this costume to look every convincing. Everything will be locked on me with padlocks and the keys will remain at home. Everything is laid out on the bed. The two dildos have fresh batteries and are at a low setting so the batteries will last for the whole evening.” ...

   April and Jenny's Bet - free bondage story
... Next she stood me up and used a rope to tie my collar off to an overhead beam. The gag made it really tough to swallow so I quickly had drool running all down my chest and tits. Leather cuffs were strapped around each ankle and my legs were pulled wide apart. I was totally exposed and helpless with my arms hoisted behind my back, my legs strapped wide open, gagged, completely naked and tied so that all I could do was stand here. ...

   The Trap - free bondage story
... Then came the corset. It was a ribbed red corset made out of leather. She strapped it tight around the waist but thankfully i could still breathe without much pain. My naked breasts were then adorned with nipple clamps. Then came the posture collar. I had designed it higher and stiffer than regular posture collars so it was impossible to look to the sides. And then to top it all came the dildoed panties. The panties had a 6-inch vibrating dildo for the pussy and a 3-inch anal plug. She made me step into the panties and slowly she pulled them up, forcing me to take both dildos in. Finally came the hood ...

Model Nadia Black - bondage video and pictures galleries.
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Stocked and Stripped

I almost felt bad when I put the third strip of duct tape over Nadia's mouth. She could only look on with those heart-breaking, big brown, doe-like eyes as I buckled the straps around her ankles and spread her never-ending legs. She tried to get comfortable as I took pictures, and I almost felt bad again as I tied her wrists to keep her stretched out nicely. But I do distinctly remember feeling bad when I removed her panties, tied a rope around her waist and pulled it up through her crotch. Mostly, I remember her breasts. Huge and natural, floating on her chest like perfect fleshy mounds as she slowly struggled in vain. 79 Pictures, Plus 3:48 video.

Breast and Crotch Roped

Nadia is our doe-eyed, submissive girl who had never been tied up before our shoots. And it's very unlikely that you'll see her anywhere else in bondage so enjoy it while you can. This girl is HOT!. One of her best features is her pair of naturally firm breasts. We tie each one of them and pull them up, then we wrap the rest of her torso in rope. 50 feet of rope make her crotch-rope and we spread her legs. Now struggle for us, Nadia. 67 Pictures, Plus 3:28 video.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

   Store Clerk, part 1 - free bondage story
... Before I lost control of myself I pulled the crotch strap between my legs and refastened it in the front of the belt. God it felt good as it pushed the dildo even further inside of me. I pulled the belt a couple of more notches before I buckled it. The strap spread my add cheeks and dug into my tender vagina splitting my lips. I took the lock out of my purse and quickly closed it on the crotch strap. I was now stuck at work till the end of my shift with a dildo locked inside of me. I pulled up my skirt back on and opened the store ...

   Store Clerk, part 2 - free bondage story
... She also had a black leather super mini skirt but the worst was the top. Of course it was made of black leather as well. It was a very strict over busted corset with a metal rod running up the back to a tall posture collar with a large D ring in the front of the collar. For added restriction the corset had two straps running from the back of the corset over the shoulders and back round under the armpits forcing the wearer’s shoulders back. And that wearer was about to be me ...

   Initiation of Sophie, part 1 - free bondage story
... The black corset was wrapped carefully around Sophie's waist. To pull the strings and hold the increasing tension, three sisters were required. Sophie's waist was appropriate for her body, therefore this new accessory dramatized her naturally narrow waist. With each leather string being tightened, Sophie's waist felt smashed and her abdomen cramped ...

   Initiation of Sophie, part 2 - free bondage story
... The ball had a small hole drilled through the center and a plastic tube was fit inside. While the contracting black latex covering her face squeezed her to shut her mouth, her aching jaw was held open and in pain by the nearly jaw-breaking ballgag. Once the third of three latex masks was stretched over her head, no one could really even see that the ball gag was red in color ...

red ropes tied
red ropes tied
red ballgag bra
red ballgag bra
posture collar
posture collar
post tied
post tied

   Initiation of Sophie, part 3 - free bondage story
... Each Asian girl was tied in a traditional Japanese shibari style with tons of tight coarse rope, facing each other, but their painful pose looked to Sophie like a cruelly executed embrace. Tia's wrists were tied behind her sister's back, and Kia's arms were tied likewise. Their delicate wrists lay on the other's firm ass, pulled irrevocably close to the sister's body because a length of rope ran taut between one set of pussy lips, and anchored to the other pussy via a pair of new clit rings ...

   Initiation of Sophie, part 4 - free bondage story
... She leaned down to Sophie's ass and slowly withdrew the acorn-shaped plug. From Sophie's perspective, moving the plug backwards was even more painful than the initial entry of the plastic intruder. A slight "pop" was made when Vicki finally got the plug past the anal ring ...

   The Ice Fall - free bondage story
... The aches in my arms were the worst – I wish that she hadn’t pulled the rope above my elbows so tight. The fact that my body was arched back by the rope that linked my crossed ankles to the D-ring on top of the gag harness did nothing to ease my aching arms. I’d long since stopped trying to roll over on my side - the spreader bar between my knees put and end to any thought of that being a more tolerable position ...

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   Closing the Deal, part 1 - free bondage story
... I held the ball against her lips and strapped the gag tightly against her face. She immediately closed her mouth and tried to keep the ball out of her mouth. I lifted her shoulders off the bed with the hand that was holding on to the straps and gently pulled her head back by her ponytail ...

   Closing the Deal, part 2 - free bondage story
... I pulled her to her feet, then pulled the ropes past her crotch and back up to the ceiling, where I tied them so that she had to stand up straight on her heels or she'd be suspended by the ropes digging in her crotch. While she begged and pleaded for me to let her sit down, I tied an extra rope from the ceiling to her shoulders so that she couldn't step away from the ropes. A pair of leg cuffs with 12" chain completed her position. She stood on the stiletto high heels, toes pressing into the points of her boots, ropes digging into her crotch ...

   A Shocking Wait - free bondage story
... She stood erect, her legs spread wide by a metal bar strapped between her ankles forcing them apart. Her arms were pulled behind her back, strapped together at her elbows and wrists, forcing her breast forward ...

   The loft, part 1 - free bondage story
... She pulled loop after tight loop of rope, securing me to the chair at knees, thighs, waist, above and below my breasts, and across my shoulders. By the time she was satisfied, I could hardly twitch ...

   The loft, part 2 - free bondage story
... Next my arms were bound tightly to my upper body with several loops above and below my breasts. My waist was encircled with several tight coils and a single strand was passed from the front, between my legs, and through the waist ropes in the back... Things got more interesting when the free end of the rope from between my legs was tied off at the ankle/wrist juncture. I flexed a little and felt the rope slide through my moist tunnel. The hogtie could be increasingly uncomfortable, but that crotch rope might give me the release I was craving ...

   The loft, part 3 - free bondage story
... From the collar branched a network of straps and metal rings that pinned her arms very tightly to her sides and attached to the corset and each other with various buckles and clips. Her wrists were secured in broad leather cuffs and held at her sides by leather straps circling each thigh. Similar cuffs secured her elbows and upper arms and were joined to the system of straps circling her arms and torso. The hourglass corset held its tight shape by a cunning web of tiny straps and buckles and had a small window-like cutout for her navel ...

   The loft, part 4 - free bondage story
... I felt several knots being tied, but my groping fingers could touch none of them. Next a doubled rope was tied to my wrists, passed through my left armpit to the front, passed over my head, around the back of my neck, back to the front, was passed under my right armpit, and then back to my wrists. The ropes were pulled tight and the free end slipped under the ropes at the nape of my neck. The ropes were pulled tight again, my arms were pulled up towards my shoulder blades, and everything became very taut indeed. More rope was wound around my upper body, above and below my breasts, binding my arms tightly to my sides ...

Penney Play may be the perfect bondage fuckdoll but she does not like dirty words, nor does she think she is a whore. Derrick gives her an education she will remember, filled with tight rope bondage, rough sex, hard spanking, nipple clamps and many forced orgasms. Penney is bent over the wooden stump and fucked, suspended and fucked and generally fucked up. She leaves with cum on her face, and a rosy red ass from the wooden paddle, finally admitting that she is a slut and a whore.
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red gagged drooling
red gagged drooling
red gagged drooling
red gagged drooling
red gagged drooling

   The loft, part 5 - free bondage story
... upper arms bound to the body with repeated tight wrappings above, below, and crossing between the breasts, cinched under the arms and anchored to the elbow bindings; several tight windings around the waist to anchor a tight set of crotch ropes that were tied off at the small of the back and to the wrist bindings; lower arms further secured with several windings around the hips and stomach, cinched around the forearms, and anchored to the back of the waist bindings; ropes wrapped and tightly cinched above and below the knees ...

   The loft, part 6 - free bondage story
... stand on the strongbox in the center of the cage. Her big toes were bound together with with a piece of thin cord, then two ropes were pulled under the rope at the nape of her neck and stretched to the upper bars at the four corners of the cage. These ropes were pulled taut and tied off... Finally, her crotch rope was loosened, the "butterfly" vibrator was positioned over one of her favorite body regions, and the rope was tightly retied. Strategically placed windings of duct tape were then added around her hips and buttocks to make doubly sure the vibrator wouldn't be going anywhere ...

   Rubber Revenge - free bondage story
... She could tell which one was Crissy because she could still see the red harness and by the red collar and leash. Crissy was now sporting a blindfold and a set of very short hobbles ...

   The Bum Box - free bondage story
... Kate stood up and smoothed her skirt back down. "Maybe I should also make you wait for your fun until I return," Kate smiled as she picked up two sets of handcuffs and taking each of Nicole's hands in turn locked them to metal rings welded on to the box. Nicole's hands were now secured up by her head and far away from her knickers ...

   The Party Discovery - free bondage story
... Lauren purred as she undid Kate's skirt and let it fall to the floor. Kate was standing there in her skimpy white knickers that were already riding up her arse. Lauren padlocked a chain tightly around her waist and used the spare end to pull her over the cage... she sat Kate down on top of the cage so that one leg hung down either side. Lauren them looped the waist chain, around one of the cage bars and padlocked it back onto itself ...

   San Francisco Ties, part 1 - free bondage story
... Using another length of multicolored rock climbing rope, Kyla began to add rope around Mira’s wrists to compliment the handcuffs. First she wound it several times around Mira’s already cuffed wrists, then she went through Mira’s arms, wrapping the rope around the two links that separated the cuffs. When she finished she tied a climber’s figure eight knot and then took the remaining five feet of rope and wrapped Mira’s ankles around the cuffs ...

   San Francisco Ties, part 2 - free bondage story
... The impact opened the clasp on her black leather bag and some of her weekend clothes spilled out along with an amazing assortment of straps, handcuffs, ropes, scarves, and even a harness gag ...

   The Lesson - free bondage story
... She raised her arms and laced the finger of her hands together behind her head. He lifted her shirt to get a look at the area. Ah yes, you have some raw skin right here. The top of the corset must have rubbed you. She giggled, small price to pay for all the pleasure that went with it. His smile filled her eyes, then he gently kissed the sore spot. I will not have you wear the corset today ...

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Welcome Lily LaBeau to Hogtied. She kinda has the Blake Lively look from Gossip Girl down, don't you think?

This sexy 19-year-old is as beautiful as they come: long perfect legs, perfect perky breasts and an ass to die for. This is our meet and great - the first scene we do with a girl to test out what she can handle or not handle. We find out real quick that Lily can handle, and handle well!

Bound to the wall, arms spread, we slowly take her clothing away. We tightly gag her and she has no hope for escape. We flog her sexy body and add painful nipple clamps and weights to her big nipples. We use her flexibility against her and brutally pull her leg up into almost a splits position.

Her 19-year-old pussy is wet and exposed, so we make Lily cum and cum. There is nothing she can do, no way she can prevent us from making her cum! In the end we hike her leg up higher and the result is a partial wrist suspension. This girl is really suffering for our pleasure now..
   Crossword Bondage - free bondage story
... Gently removing all of her clothes first, I ran my hands over her naked body before I took her wrists and wrapped padded leather cuffs around each wrist. Placing a carabiner to attach them to a winch cable hanging from the roof, she gasped softly as I used the control box to raise her four feet off the floor ...

   Endurance - free bondage story
... with an added strap that went from the side of the cuff, under the shoe and back to the other side of the cuff, where it locked on. A short, 4-inch piece of chain connected the two cuffs, holding her feet close. Additional leather cuffs fit around her wrists, including a 5-inch wide set placed above her elbows. Slipping off the cloak, Samantha stretched her mouth wide, and fit her custom mouth piece in. Designed by a kinky dentist friend, the rubber device was formed to fit her mouth perfectly ...

   Laura, part 1 - free bondage story
... She hoped that he would cut off the elbow-rope as well, but he had no such plans. He rolled her over on her back, so that she was resting on her tightly tied arms. Then he wrenched her legs up, so that her knees were almost touching her breasts, and tied them tightly there with a rope under her back and arms and over the backsides of her knees. Then he tied her ankles brutally tight back the other way, so that her heels were touching her ass. She knew that he had ball-tied her, so she could get into the box ...

   Laura, part 2 - free bondage story
... He cut off the ropes keeping her in the horrible ball-tie and placed her in a chair, especially designed for bondage. He tied her ankles to the chair's legs, before he cut off her elbow-rope and retied each of her wrists to the chair's armrests ...

   Laura, part 3 - free bondage story
... A harness ball-gag encased her head, and it was locked to her slavecollar with a padlock. Ropes had been added to her legs at ankles and above and below her knees, making a nice contrast to her black legs. She moaned loudly through her gag, to get her master's attention. She was so horny! Her shaved pussy was leaking juices ...

   The Protest - free bondage story
... he gave me something else to wear - some rope in the form of a crotch rope. I was in love, or at least I had a serious crush on this guy. He added some ankle cuffs with a fairly long chain between them. I could walk about anywhere but I couldn't kick. They were really more for show than security but I liked them ...

   Violet - free bondage story
... A wide leather posture collar fit around the base of the hood, covering her throat. Violet took the opportunity to check the straps on the toe shoes, pulling them tighter and forcing Jenny's toes deeper into the pointed toe ...

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