M/f non consensual spanking stories porn. Man spanks woman tales. Very naughty, very sexy.

Stories involving M/F spanking themes, issues, fiction, scenes, roleplay or fantasy.

erotic spanking in corset

I want to emphasize that I did not write all of these stories. The vast majority of them were written by the many other wonderful people. I've made a few contributions, but they are fairly minor. The credit belongs to the authors of these spanking stories, who have generously allowed me to publish them on this web site.

Spanking appeals on many levels. The psychological appeal is based in desires of being parented, "corrected", or "taken" (the dominant enjoys filling the controlling role). The physical appeal is based on natural physiology: gradually building spanking will bring extra blood flow through the pelvis, which automatically prepares the genitals for extra-sensitive sexual stimulation.

Page for those who are into strictly spanking punishment related erotic fiction stories.

You Think That I Wouldn't?

A classic among spanking stories that should need no introduction...

At the Party M/F, D/s

After the Spanking

Bookbabe`s spanking stories are written to get the reader wet. Or hard, as the case may be. She seems to want to make you ache with longing; pleasure for its own sake is a good thing. But it seems she`s also interested in doing more- examining our secret places and buried impulses, exploring the emotional terrain of sexuality. Intimacy may make us feel brave, shy, scared, powerful, vulnerable, and it`s those moments of power and fear, grace and beauty, that are the focus of much of her writing...

Meeting Jess, M/F

This is what my heart wants...

Where We Find Grace

Meeting Point


Her stories are all M/F, as are her fantasies. She has fantasized about being spanked since she was a little girl, and her only remembered spanking as a child was by a nun in the first grade. She and her husband of almost 23 years just started playing two years ago...not so coincidentally, right after Michele went online and started talking about her spanking fantasies. Many of her stories and her fantasies border on the non-consensual, but she says that`s not how it is in real life. She still isn`t sure if she is happy or disappointed with that!...


Number 62

Fantasies M/F

Autumn Afternoon

A Friendly Wager, M/F spanking

The Man of Her Dreams

The Spanking Cottage

Her Last Spanker, M/F spanking story

The Birthday Wish (m/f)

To celebrate the occasion, Carlie`s husband Philip presents his aroused and fearful submissive to his good friend Riley for an evening of spanking and sex...

Without His Permission (m/f)

A daring wet T-shirt contest leads to far more than Laci bargained for when her husband Michael catches her unaware and decides to make her pay in ways she never expected!...

Stripped spanking story (m/f)

She`s not too pleased with Robert when he takes her to a strip club, that is... until she imagines a caning fantasy with the sexy dancers that leaves her hot and ready for sex...

Cumuppance by Wife-Watching Husband (m/f)

This sassy brat gets the shock of her life when her frustrated husband turns her over to his best friend for a hard hot spanking and a whole lot more! ...

Blushing Bride (m/f)

This husband is determined to start out their marriage the right way, even if it means giving his `bitchy` new bride a good spanking before they`re wed!...

Frontier Hospitality (m/f)

This sassy wife gets hers for being a bratty wife, when a non-nonsense gambler shows up on their farm...

Between Maggie's Thighs (m/f)

Bryce gets quite a show as he watches his friend Jason punish and fuck his luscious girlfriend...

Married Life story (m/f)

A young wife recounts the details of her two favorite passions, sex and spanking. Throw in some naughty exhibition and an audience, and you have one hot true-to-life story...

A Change For The Better (m/f)

Her childish behavior earns her a spanking with some surprising results...

Maya's First Spanking

It`s the first time in her inlaws` house and Maya quickly learns the price of misbehavior in this household...

A War of Wills (M/f)

Joel finally makes good on his threat to spank the fractious Samantha, just as her Daddy ordered him to do...

Living Out Her Fantasies by BJ Wane, spanking and sex

Sasha has no intention of being this man`s next submissive, but somehow she can`t help herself when it comes to sex...

Mr. Malone's Girls by Jo, ritual punishment

Nicole is about to be fired from her job, when her boss, Mr. Malone and the office manager, Miss Watson, decide to offer the young woman a shocking but very workable alternative to dismissal...

Screaming Eagles part 20, The paddles (M/ff)

This is another fictional story in the Screaming Eagles series...

Uncle Mark (M/f)

I held onto this story for a while after writing it, not at all sure if I liked it or it would ever see the light of day. Finally I decided not to erase it...

Daria Visits Heather on the farm (M/ff)

This story is a continuation of sorts of the story `Heather on the farm.` The difference was that when Heather got her spanking she was in college. This takes place some years before that...


Growing up I was intrigued by the subject of spanking ( still am). I didn`t know why (and still don`t) but I knew my feelings were different from the majority of my classmates. To play with my thoughts and feelings I made up games and situations in my head having to do with spanking. It seems like the mental games that revolved around spanking I played never involved my parents. It was always more fun to fantasize about being spanked by someone else. ( If I had less thoughts about spanking and paid more attention to my English courses, maybe I`d get less criticism on my grammar when I write these stories.)...

Screaming Eagles part 19, Heather's spanking story (M/ff)

This fictional story involve spanking and young ladies, please don`t read if you are under eighteen or not interested in such stories...

Willpower, and Incentives with Sally (M/F)

I offer this warning and caution, if you are under eighteen or don`t enjoy spanking stories, please don`t proceed any father. You will only be disappointed...

Daria's Uniform

Daddy took the T-bird away

This is fictional and in no way represents any person. If you are not of age, or don`t like spanking stories please don`t proceed any farther. I`m sure you`ve all heard the story of the T Bird and the unfortunate fibs that lead to it being taken away. It was a popular song of a few years ago. Well I`m here today to tell you the rest of the story...

Michelle's First Paddling

Discipline Lesson for Susan


Acting Up, Wicked Tease, and Willful

The Four Corners


Our Trip to L.A. and Back or What It Takes To Be a Good Girl

The Power of Words


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