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The voice on the phone was tentative and unsure, she seemed on the verge of hanging up just as I was saying hello, then she started speaking. “Uh, yes wow golly I’m not sure what to say here, gee, you don’t know me but, my name is Sarah, but we have a friend in common.” Yes?” I replied noncommittally, wondering what sales pitch I was going to have to dodge now. Uh, Sally suggested I give you a call, she said you were able to help her with a problem, is that true?” She stammered out. “Yes” I confirmed it was true, Sally’s problem seemed to be getting under control. “Could you help me stop smoking, I’ve tried everything, nothing seems to work, not even those damn patches”.

I thought s few seconds before I spoke. “ What exactly did Sally tell you?” I heard her take a deep breath that made me think she knew more than she said. “ Not much. Really, just that your methods worked and I had to be determined, I am you know. I really need to stop smoking, can you help me?” A few more minutes of conversation and we agreed to meet at a restaurant for lunch the following Saturday.

We were able to identify each other from the descriptions we had exchanged. Soon we were at a table exchanging small talk, Sarah was a cross between giddy and nervous, trying hard to stay focused. Soon she blurted out. “I haven’t been spanked since I was a child”. She immediately put her hand over her mouth as if she had said something she wasn’t suppose to. I made a mental note of this, for a discussion that was now going to be necessary with Sally, making no indication that anything was otherwise out of the ordinary.

“Why is it so important to you that you quit smoking?” I asked. She blinked and responded. “None of my friends smoke and It’s such a pain when I have to stop whatever we’re doing just to smoke a cigarette and I know my clothes smell from the smoke, I get teased all the time about it, besides I know it’s not healthy. I’ve tried everything and I just don’t have the will power. Sally said you might be able to help motivate me. Is that true? Can you help?”

“Did Sally tell you anything about how she was motivated to work out her problem?” I asked. “No, no not really.” Then after a moments hesitation. “ Well, she did say you spanked her? Is that true? Did you really spank her?” I looked Sarah in the eye. “Sarah, I won’t discuss another person with you, that’s simply not in my comfort level, and quite frankly none of your concern. However if you wish and are serious I will discuss with you a plan to help you stop smoking.” She nodded her head in acceptance.

An hour later we were back in my apartment, sitting down to lay out a plan. “Sarah, you need to understand changing a long time habit isn’t easy and can be painful if you’re to be successful. Do you understand?” She nodded her head. “Tell me about it, I’ve been making myself miserable with everything I’ve tried and the frustration, it’s driving me crazy.” I smiled sympathetically. “Since you’ve already heard some of the details from Sally, I’ll lay out the program and you tell me if you want to proceed. All I ask of you is that if you commit, you stick with it, ok?” “Ok” She responded.

“It’s quite simple, really it’s a matter of the punishment exceeding the crime. Up until now if you smoked it was no big deal, just a small inconvenience each time. Unfortunately it builds up and leads to the frustration you feel. You need to have a consequence to your unwanted behavior, one that is designed to insure smoking is not worth it.” Her wide eyes looked at me. “You mean a spanking?” “Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. each and every time you smoke you’ll be spanked.” “But how will you know when I smoke?” I smiled. “Because Sarah, you will tell me, but let me proceed.” “Yes sir” was the meek response.

“I know it won’t be easy and we can both expect some failures and shouldn’t give up like you have so often in the past. I will expect you to always be honest with me, no exceptions, do you understand?” “Yes Sir” “Fine, we’ll get back to that later.”

As I talked to Sarah, I made a few decisions. Since it was clear that Sally and Sarah had been talking and despite promises from Sally. I expected they might well run the risk of continuing. I decided I was going to handle Sarah in a different manner than Sally. I saw no reason for them to have the advantage of comparing notes. A little uncertainty could go a long way from my point of view.

Sarah spoke in a casual comfortable tone. “You know it’s kind of funny. I guess I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop on my own. I needed support. There isn’t anything wrong with needing help is there?” I shook my head. “Sarah everyone needs help from time to time. It’s the smart people who figure that out and disregard what isn’t working.” She smiled at this and continued. “It’s hard sometimes to ask your friends for help like this. I think it’s a pride thing. I know I could never put myself in the situation of accepting a spanking from a friend. But somehow with you it’s different, and I know it’s going to take something like this to work. I trust you, and know you only on this level, it makes it some how more ok. If that, makes any sense. I don’t have to pretend with you. It’s really kind of refreshing, and I dare say just a bit exciting.”

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It was then I surprised her and gave her something to consider that she hadn’t heard from Sally. The look on her face was worth the price of admission. “Why, why do I have to get dressed up like a little girl, to get a spanking? I mean what’s the point? Isn’t the fact I’m getting a spanking enough?” I practiced my patience control and responded. “First of all Sarah, just that I told you to, should be sufficient. I’m the guy who is going to be taking a paddle to your bottom. I suggest that just as a matter of sound policy you do as you’re told. You did agree to do that didn’t you?” I asked. She cocked her head to one side and meekly replied. “Yes sir, I did indeed.” I continued. “With that understood, Sarah let me tell you the rest of the reason. You are an adult, but you are being punished as if you were a little girl caught smoking your Mommy’s cigarettes. That’s how I want you to think of your self when it comes time for punishment. It can make the actual punishment easier to take when you give up your adult identity. It also gives you something more to consider when you contemplate having another cigarette.” The explanation complete she seemed to understand. With a simple “Ok.” she agreed.

“I will expect you to report to me on a regular basis, the times which we will work out later regarding all facets of your smoking. Do not ever lie to me or keep anything from me that you know I should be aware of. If you do, I will increase the punishment accordingly. Far better to get a spanking rather than lie and make it so much worse. Do you understand?” I concluded. “Yes sir.” She replied. I handed her a slip of paper with some simple instructions and concluded our meeting. She was told to return at seven thirty the following evening. “Are you going to spank me then?” Sarah asked somewhat flustered. “Yes, if you decide to go through with this and follow the instructions I just gave you, you can count on your first spanking tomorrow night.” I assured her. It bothered me not at all that she would have to worry about her spanking for twenty four hours. Sometimes the wait is almost more punishment that the spanking.

After Sarah left with some new facts of life to ponder. I placed a call to Sally. Her cheerful voice answered. “Hello?” “Sally this is Tim, Sarah was just here.” “Really, how exciting, is she going to try it?” I ignored the question. “Sally, she told me all about your experiences with trying to save your credit.” A short silence followed. “Oh.” Was all she said. “ Sally, I thought I told you this was confidential. Did you tell her more than you should have?” A long silence followed. “Oh, that’s right I wasn’t supposed to discuss it, was I ? Gee I’m really sorry, I just forgot.” I shook my head in amazement. “Sally, I give you very few things you have to obey me on. I’m not an interference in your life except for one matter. However when you let the both of us down, you know what happens, don’t you?” I heard a deep surprised intake of breath over the phone and a few seconds silence. “You mean you’re going to spank me, for talking to Sarah?” “For talking about something your were forbidden to talk about, yes I’m going to spank you.” I told Sally to be at my place at six that night.

I opened the door at the third knock. “Come on in gabby.” I said to Sally. She was standing in the doorway. She looked very demure. She had her hands clasped behind her back. Her long wool gray dress fluttered slightly in the chilly wind. She entered the apartment with her hands still behind her. She took off her bulky sweater, and placed it on a chair by the table, revealing a fancy white frilled blouse. So far she hadn’t spoken a word.

Placing her arms around herself, she went over and stood in front of the fire place with her back to the flames. “Brrrrrrr, it’s cold out there.” She exclaimed with a shiver, shaking her long brunette hair off of her shoulder. She warmed her hands by rubbing them up and down briskly on her hips and upper legs. She stood there expressionless looking at me, waiting for me to talk. I didn’t keep her waiting for long. I had the lights down low, and a light rock station on softly. I didn’t want any distractions from the night’s main event.

“Sally, I asked you to keep this confidential. You didn’t do that. You chose for your own purposes to tell someone else. For that lack of consideration, I’m going to give you another spanking. Do you have any questions?” Her hands had stopped moving and were on her dress, slowly descending to the back side as if to offer protection to her fanny for what was about to happen. “No sir, I guess not.” She replied with a tremor in her voice. She had the slightest of frowns playing across her face. Her nose seemed to twitch as she answered. She looked very much the professional business person I knew her to be.

“Sally, remove your dress and place it over there.” I said pointing to the large easy chair from whose comfort I watch my football team get smashed weekly. She undid the snaps and with the grace of a model, lowered and removed her dress. It was placed across the chair. Her white panties seemed to reflect every bit of available light. I admit I was transfixed. Snapping back to reality I took charge of the situation.

I nodded to her and she slowly approached. Her head was slightly down and her eyes were looking up at me as she approached. Tension filled the air. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any harm. Must you really spank me?” She squeaked out in a meek voice. I didn’t answer. I placed an arm around her waist and guided her to a straight back chair. She pulled only a token amount against my direction. I placed my hand on the seat of her panties, as I sat down and with a gentle application of pressure on her bottom she lay across my lap. She shifted and wiggled for a few seconds trying to find a comfortable position. I patted her bottom a few times, then slipped my fingers into the waist band of her panties and slowly pulled them down. She raised herself up slightly to assist their removal, and with little effort they were soon at her knees.

The paddle made a soft slapping sound drowning out the soft rock station as I applied it to her bare bottom six times. Each swat was spaced out three seconds or so, just enough to build her anxiety level as the following swat landed. A trace of red was beginning to show. Her bottom bounced slightly as the paddle landed. The swats were just enough to sting. I increased the intensity of the swats, just a little harder with each one. Soon the paddle was coming down crisply on her reddening fanny. Sally began making small “Ufff” sounds each time the leather paddle connected with her backside.

The room echoed with the swats of the leather paddle crisply bouncing off her bottom. Her yelps and cries filled the room. Only snatches of the soft rock station could be heard between the sounds of the leather paddle striking her bottom and the yelps and cries she was making in protest. Sally remained across my lap despite the very firm paddling she was receiving, Her obedience and readiness to acceptance her punishment was admirable. I alternated the force behind the swats, so she could never be sure what the next one was going to be like. Some were fairly mild and were received with no more than a whimper, while others brought forth a shriek of protest. These were usually followed by a few lesser swats. After a full five minutes across my lap, I decided the lesson was learned.

Sally stood up and rubbed her fanny with both hands, as her panties slid to her ankles. “Oh, it burns, my poor, poor bottom it feels like it’s on fire.” She managed a smile through the tears, bravely letting me know that we were still friends. I pulled Sally down onto my lap where she sat, still crying. She hugged me for a few minutes. “Have you learned your lesson?” I asked. “Oh, yes sir, I have, I have indeed.” She answered. “Well let me be sure about that.” I growled with false severity. With that I pulled the surprised Sally back across my lap. “Oh, no please no more.” She cried in disbelief at the prospect of another spanking.

I gently pushed her head down and held her in place. I reached over to a small table by the chair and open a bottle of lotion. Just as she was tensing expecting a resumption of the paddling I applied some cooling lotion and began spreading it over the area that I was responsible for blistering. She flinched from the surprise of the cool lotion and then gave out a long “Aaaaaaaaaa” in relief. I rubbed the lotion all over the affected area taking care to do a through job and enjoy my work. Just as I had worked the lotion into all the red areas I asked her a question. “Have you learned anything from this, young lady?” She purred her answer, quite content at the moment. “Oh, yes.” I put down the lotion and brought my hand down firmly on her bottom causing the lotion to splat a spray of oil.

“Ouch” That hurt, she yelped. “I would imagine it did.” I offered in a noncommittal response. I rubbed some more lotion in and then just as she was relaxing again. SWAT

“OOOwwww” I leaned forward until our faces were close. “Are you going to blab again?” I asked in a pleasant voice. SPANK “Ooowwwnnnnooo, No” I began rubbing again, putting on some fresh cool lotion. “Well I should hope not.” SWAT “OOOooo”

I rubbed some more and applied more lotion. Her fanny was red, slippery, and well massaged. “You’re really sure?” I asked with a questioning tone. I felt her tense in anticipation, I did nothing more than rub gently. “Yes sir, I promise.” She replied. Just as she relaxed. SPLAT “Ooooooooo” This kept up for almost five minutes, I was now sure I had all the promises I needed for one night.

Once off my lap she rubbed her fanny, then bent over to pull up her panties. The lotion made a wet spot through the back side of her panties that created a target I couldn’t have been expected to pass up. I didn’t “OUCH, that stung.” She moved away with a grimace and a cute expression on her face that wasn’t a smile but conveyed warmth.

She put on her dress and wiped her face standing in front of the bathroom mirror, making a comment about what a mess she looked. My eyes didn’t see a mess, far indeed from it. I had considerably different feelings.

The next evening.

The knock on the door announced Sarah was right on time, maybe even a few seconds early by my watch. I opened the door and let my guest in. Sarah smiled in a self-conscious sort of way. She shuddered from the cold and closed the door quickly. She was carrying a bag . I took her jacket and placed it on a chair. “I got the things you told me to. Here’s your change back.” She said handing me a few bills and some assorted coins, still holding onto the bag.

Taking off her winter hat revealed a long pony tail that wasn’t there the previous day. So far my instructions were being followed. “Sarah, if you remember I told you would be punished like a little girl.” She nodded and said that she did indeed remember. She was given some instructions and sent into a spare bedroom to change. Fifteen minutes later, just as I was getting impatient Sarah came back into the living room.

She was as cute as a button, no other thought seemed to describe her more accurately. She had on a pair of pink pajamas, that were a few sizes too small. Her breasts surged against the soft cotton material proving that this was no child, even if she was dressed like a young girl. Sarah’s pony tail hung over her shoulder and with a twist of her head she flipped it back . She gave me a soft, shy smile that seemed filled with an expression of concern and mixed with a trace of humor. She turned her head slightly to one side glanced at me with delicately arched eyebrows, as if to ask what she was to do.

I took her by the arm and lead her to the chair. I sat down and holding her still standing next to me. My arm was wrapped around her waist as I talked. I began giving her a lecture on the evils of smoking. I spoke to her as I thought a father might chastise his errant daughter. Sometimes I spoke in a harsh voice, then I would lower my tone and tell her in a soft caring inflection how concerned I was for her welfare. I lectured her on how little concern she was showing for her friends and how her behavior was hurting her family that loved her so. I could feel her tremble as the points were made and the shame built up. Her hand went up and rubbed away a tear from her eye. Another tear and then she was crying softly, quivering as she put her weight against my body. I knew the time for the lecture was over.

I pulled her across my lap. She went almost with out assistance, as if she knew that forgiveness was on the other side of her spanking and she was eager to make the journey to earn back my good graces. I pulled down her pajama bottoms with an extra tug to remove the tight fitting garment. Her fanny sprung loose from the confining fabric and revealed a beautiful bottom that was ready to accept the punishment she deserved. With another tug the bottoms were below her fanny and resting on her upper thighs. She lay limp across my lap as I watched her arm rise up to wipe away another tear.

I had decided that it would not be fitting to use a leather paddle on a child, even an adult one. I would have to make my point with my hand. I was confident that I could make my effectiveness felt.

“I’m sorry.” Sarah offered in a soft voice, as I pulled her against my body and she sensed the spanking was about to begin. “I know you are little one, still you’ve earned this spanking and it is for your own good.” I replied in what I hoped was a comforting but firm voice. Her small bare feet rubbed together in anticipation, her toes flexed as she shifted on my lap.

Just as she uttered a soft sigh, letting the tension escape I brought my hand down firmly on the center of her fanny. The swat was medium hard. She flinched slightly but made no sound. I proceeded to spank her with evenly spaced swats every few seconds, her bottom was soon turning pink and as I moved the swats around it was becoming redder.

Her legs arched up and then slowly back down, her lower legs twisted first to the left and then to the right as the intensity of the spanking increased. SPLAT, SWAT, SPLAT. WHAP. She yipped out as the spanks struck home. The spanks were now causing Sarah to bounce on my lap as they descended on her thoroughly crimson and well spanked bottom. I was determined that she leave with the message that continued unwanted behavior should be carefully considered before she had to report for another spanking.

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“wwwwwaaaaaa” SPLAT “WWWWwwwaaaaa” SPANK The adult child was crying freely, like a six year old, with total abandon. She was letting go of all her emotions and frustrations built up over the feeling of disappointment of trying to stop smoking and failing so many times. In one long crying session they were disappearing as she lay across my lap kicking her legs.

I continued to spank for almost three more minutes. The spanks were hard but not excessive. I wanted her to learn a lesson, but I also didn’t want to scare her, so that she would be afraid to return when she strayed from the path. When her crying took on another tone and I sensed she had slipped the emotions and had learned all the lesson she needed for one night I decreased the intensity of the spanks over a minutes time, until I was patting her fanny gently.

I helped her off my lap and taking her by the arm I tugged her to a nearby corner of the room. I ordered her to place her nose in the corner, and stay there until she had my permission to move.

Ten minutes later she had stopped crying, only a gentle sniffle was heard. “Can I come out of the corner now?” She asked in a sweet little girl voice, that was almost begging for forgiveness. I sternly responded, feeling none of the strictness my voice implied. “Not unless you want another spanking Sarah Jean.” Her nose promptly went back into the corner.

A few minutes later I approached her. I reached down and pulled up her bottoms from around her ankles. As they slid over her fanny, I gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Sarah, you were a bad little girl, but now you’ve been spanked for what you did and it’s all forgiven.” I was rewarded with a tear streaked face filled with joy at the weight of her misbehaviors being lifted from her little life. I gave her a pat on the fanny and sent her off to change back into an adult.

Fifteen minutes later a young lady emerged from the bedroom, the child now wrapped up in a paper bag with the pink pajamas and with some memories of a different time. She gave me a smile, a quick peck on the cheek, a warm “thank you” and then she was gone.

I was left to wonder how soon I would be needing to repeat the lessons. I suspected the process wasn’t complete.


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