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Every year, for a few weeks Heather went to visit her Grandparents on the farm. She always came back with stories of riding horses and other adventures that made me dream of some day being able to do the same. She seemed so lucky to me, to be able to do those things.

A few weeks after school let out I was at Heather’s house as she was beginning to prepare for her visit. She was going for a full month this time. I was getting depressed, all I had to look forward to was laying around the house, my parents both worked and now my best friend was going to be gone for a month. As Heather pulled out a suitcase she smiled at me. “Want to go with me?” I frowned back at the unkind joke. “Oh, sure, I can just slip into the suit case and tag along.” “No, for real, Daria. Gramps said this year I could bring a friend, if your parents will let you go.” I looked at her in amazement. “Really, you’re for sure?” “Yep, why don’t you ask your parents?” I flew home on a cloud and that evening I sprung the question. To my absolute amazement, they agreed with out any hesitation.

A few days later we were getting on an airplane for Wisconsin. Dad gave me an envelope for Heather’s Grandfather, with strict instructions to give it to him upon our arrival, I put it in my knapsack.

We chatted endlessly on the plane, the Heather grew serious about fifteen minutes before the plane landed. “Daria, one thing I should mention, we need to do as Gramps says, he’s kind of strict. He’s a really neat guy but he’s real firm about some things.” I looked quizzically at her. “What do you mean? I don’t get in trouble, I’ll behave.” She smiled and leaned back in her seat. “Well that’s good, he paddled me twice year.” Just as she said that the jet engines roared as the plane was breaking back and getting ready to land. I wasn’t real sure I had heard her right and was preparing a follow-up question when the stewardess came by and reminded us to fasten our seat belts. My mind flitted to the possibility of being a stewardess or a pilot, it sure seemed like a fun job.

Heather’s Grandparents greeted us at the gate, I gave him the unopened envelope from my Dad and soon we were on our way. They both seemed like wonderful people, but it also seemed to me they were a bit strict. I was amused at the same time, the way Heather would do immediately anything her Grandparents would ask, hardly the mildly defiant girl I knew as my next door neighbor.

One afternoon we came back late for dinner, just a few minutes really and as we walked in the door Heather’s Grandmother took her first by the arm “I believe I told you girls twice to be home on time.” She said firmly and gave Heather five quick swats to the seat of her jeans with a wooden spoon. Before I could react I was tugged to her side and got five myself. It stung far more than it looked like when Heather got hers. The moment it was over not another word was said. As we were setting the dinner table I rubbed my bottom wondering what might happen if we had been really late.

Among our duties was preparing breakfast, which meant getting up early, and I do mean early. It was the second morning something caught my eye. A large piece of leather just to the left of the stove and by the screen door. I asked Heather about it. She said it was the strap. She told me that when her Mother was growing up on the farm she would get the strap when she was really bad. It was reputed to be the worst punishment Gramps would give. It was dark brown and worn by time and use. I had picked it and playfully given Heather a swat. I was surprised by her yelp, until she took from me and told me to bend over and then gave me a swat. Even through my jeans it stung with only one swat. We laughed and agreed it was just fine hanging there and no longer in use. I gave my fanny a rueful rub as I went back to setting the table.

Two nights later just as we were getting ready for bed, Heather was called down stairs. A few minutes later I heard what sounded like a spanking taking place. I decided I must be imagining things and went about my business. When Heather came back into the room her eyes were red and a few small streaks of tears were evident on her face. She had one hand under her pajama bottoms on her fanny as she entered the room. “I got a spanking.” She said looking a bit sheepish. “What?, What happened? “ I asked trying to digest the news. “Remember when I promised Grandma I’d write home a few days ago?, well I forgot and she was quite upset.” I looked at Heather not at all sure I liked where this was going. “You mean she spanked you just for not writing?” “Well, it was more than that, yesterday I told her I’d mailed the letter and I didn’t. To her that’s a lie.”

“What did she do?” I asked. “It wasn’t her, well it wasn’t her that spanked me, it was Gramps. I went down there when she called. Grandma and Gramps were at the table. She asked me about the letter and after I promised I’d sent it, she pulled it out of the drawer I’d forgotten and left it in. I was so embarrassed. I mean what could I say?” Heather took down her bottoms revealing a red backside that was freshly spanked. She ran her hands up and down her fanny cheeks with her pajama bottoms at mid thigh. “Gramps never said a word, he just scooted his chair backwards and pulled me across his lap. The next thing I knew he was spanking my bare bottom.” My mouth dropped open at this revelation. “You’re bare bottom, he spanked you on you’re bare bottom, no way Heather.” She pulled up her bottoms and turning back to me said. “On the bare bottom, it’s the only way he spanks, I’m sorry to say. It’s how I got spanked the two times while I was here last year.

I passed up the opportunity to ask Heather why she didn’t hint at this fact when she invited me to the farm. I didn’t think there wasn’t any point now. I went to sleep that night with a palatable knot in my tummy wondering about Heather’s spanking and what it had been like. Wondering, just wondering.

Three days later it happened. We got in trouble. Big trouble.

We were sent home. Heather seemed worried, real worried. I wasn’t nearly as concerned. I wasn’t their Granddaughter and I was pretty sure they wouldn’t really punish me with out my parent’s permission. A few swats with Grandma’s wooden spoon was one thing, no big deal. But nothing serious was going to happen to me. I felt sorry for Heather, but I was safe. I was pretty sure of that.

As we entered the dining room, I noticed the note that my Dad had sent with me on the table. It was laying next to the opened envelope. I figured that since my Dad had written it and it was after all open, I had a right to read it. None the less I glanced around to make sure Heather and I were alone before I picked it up. It read:

Mr. Wilson:
I appreciate you’re allowing Daria to visit your farm, I’m sure she will enjoy it.
Daria is a bit willful and thoughtless at times, but a well intentioned young lady. She needs direction and occasional correction.

Please take this as your authority to discipline her as you see fit. You have my full understanding if you feel she is disobedient and needs chastisement. I have talked to Heather’s parents and have full confidence in your decisions.

If she is needs punishment while she is there and you decide to report it to me, she will get extra when she returns home.

Any decisions you make will have my full support.

Yours truly

I put the note down, careful to place it just as I had found it.

Heather’s Grandmother came into the room. She spoke to us both. “Gramps just called and he told me what you two done. Shame, shame on you both.” I cringed at the gentle woman’s tone and the disappointment in her voice. She wagged a bony finger at us. “You two get on upstairs and get into your pajamas, Gramps will be back shortly and I expect he be wanting to tan your hides. Now you get up there now and change like I told you. And no talking you just lay on your beds until you get called.”

A few unhappy minutes later as I slipped out of my jeans, T-shirt and with my panties half down I whispered to Heather. “What’s he going to do to us?” She frowned back at me and put one finger over her mouth to indicate I should be quiet. “I reckon he’s going whip us.” She answered turning to lay on her bed.

We lay on our beds, and just as Heather’s Grandmother has ordered we didn’t say a word.

I looked over at Heather and speculated on what she was thinking. I wondered what a whipping was like? I mean did he have a real whip? Like on a pirate ship ? Oh no, that wasn’t possible. Was it? I wasn’t as sure as I wished I could be. I guessed he had a belt or something. “Wait” I thought. “Maybe, just maybe Heather was using the term whipping loosely, maybe he’s just spank us a few swats with his hand and that would be it. I could feel my heart lighten at the thought and then slide down into unhappiness as I realized that was foolish. We were going to catch it, and catch it good.

The waiting was an extreme almost bitter sweet torture. Every minute seemed like hours. I wanted the time to pass and I wanted it to drag out forever. I knew that we were both going to get spankings, but still I let myself hope that it wouldn’t really happen, I knew it was going to though, no matter how much I may have wished it not to I knew it was going to. The worse part? The worse part was knowing we deserved it.

Gramps as we had both taken to calling him returned to the house about six p.m. We could hear the screen door close with a familiar clank. I looked over at Heather. She smiled bravely back at me. We were a bundle of nerves. The waiting for a spanking can be so hard, at least that part was about to end.

We could hear them moving around down there, finally. “You children come down here.” Grandma called in her soft voice. I pushed my self up with one arm and we walked to the door with the enthusiasm of the condemned. As we went down the steps My eyes were fixed on Heather’s back. She had on a pair of long sleeve pajamas that were soft pink and fit her slender frame loosely. The tops were tucked in as my super prim friend was in the habit of doing. My glance fell to her bottom as I found my self wondering if they would be getting any wear or if the wear was going to be applied more directly. Well soon enough, we would know. As I watched her fanny I found myself sliding my hands under my pj bottoms giving mine a rub with a hand on each cheek.

“Over here girls.” Grandma said. We moved slowly over to the center of the living room. Gramps was sitting in his usual place an oversize easy chair. It was a worn brown leather throne that was next to the flowered sofa that Grandma was sitting in. He put down his pipe and gently rapped it against a ashtray, dispensing out the aromatic tobacco that smelled like a hickory cherry blend. We stood before them, nervously waiting. Gramps took his time. After he put down the pipe he looked at each of us in turn. As his eyes focused on me I felt my face burn with embarrassment. I pulled at the hem of my bottoms feeling very much like a child, I couldn’t look him in the eye and with my downcast eyes I saw Heather was fidgeting also. Her bare feet crossed over one another, leaving her balanced on one foot, then her foot slid back onto the ground. I felt a small tear from the shame of the situation form in one eye. I could hear the early evening crickets chirping away outside, they seemed much more relaxed than me.

Heather’s Grandfather spoke, breaking the uncomfortable silence. “You two knew better, you know darn well you aren’t supposed to take things that don’t belong to you don’t you.” And there it was out in the open. Our crime. We had been visiting the next farm over with Gramps and had snitched some things from a country store, nothing big but that didn’t seem to matter. The store owner noticed us, and told Gramps, he made us take the small items out of our pockets and put them on the counter with everyone watching. It wasn’t hard to see Gramps was more than a tad displeased with his Granddaughter and her summer guest.

“I’m going to punish you, you know that don’t you?” He asked in his firm deep voice. “Yes sir” We both responded at the same time. “Young ladies, stealing is something I won’t tolerate.” We hung our heads, having nothing to say. I felt Heather’s hand reach for mine and we comforted each other by holding hands while he lectured us.

I took a step back as Gramps got up and out of his chair. He walked past us, and with out a word being spoken we knew to follow him. My head was light and I was walking on wooden legs. I felt woozy from the strain of the whole affair. He walked through the warm kitchen that was filled with the sweet smells of a country dinner being prepared. As he reached the back screen door he reached up and took a long piece of leather down from a hook. It was the strap.

I felt the cool of the early evening on my face and though the thin pajamas I was wearing. The freshly cut grass stuck to my toes as we walked obediently behind him, trying not to fall too far behind and yet not very eager to be making the trip. He was taking us to the woodshed. He stopped and opened the door, reaching inside he flicked on the light and then standing aside said. “Go on in girls.” We entered and my heart did a jump as the door closed behind us. I was surprised to be standing on a shag carpet that was quite soft. The light bathed the small room in a soft hue reflecting the browns and dark colors of the few pieces of furniture.

The talking was done as far as Gramps was concerned and he got down to business. He took me by the arm and placed me next to a far wall. Heather and I exchanged glances of doom. Taking Heather by the arm she was placed in front of a small table that was about three feet high. He pushed her gently forward and told her to grip the other edge of the table. She complied. Heather’s bottom was sticking up a bit higher that the rest of her body. He placed himself at her left side and reached out a hand and pulled down her pj bottoms until they slipped to the floor. In the dim dark room her milky slender unblemished bottom seemed to almost glow. I felt my head ache as I realized I was next.

He turned to look once more at me and then he placed the strap against Heather’s bottom and held it there for a second. The knot in my stomach had dissolved into clouds of butterflies. My knees knocked and my heart was pounding.

SPLAT The strap caught Heather on the fanny, she gave out with a “Uuffff” and then another swat SPLAT and another SPLAT, SMACK, SPLAT “OOOOWWW”


The strap was turning heather’s white bottom into streaks of red. With each swat of the strap I could see even in the dim light a new patter emerge, slow at first then the angry red color would emerge. She had streaks from the tops of her legs and all over her bottom. He was placing the swats to cover the entire target.


Heather tried to get up, but he place his hand on her back and continued the punishment never missing a beat.

SMACK, SWAT “AAAAWWWWWwwww” Her yelping faded away into blubbering that made no sense and had no connection with the English language.

After about twenty five swats of the strap, and Heather was laying limp across the table, Gramps reached down to the floor and pulled up her bottoms. She was helped up and placed against the wall. I was next. With all the will power I could muster I pushed myself away from the wall, walked over to the table and reached for the other side.

I felt my bottoms slid to my ankles and the paddle being held against my bottom.

My world exploded in a blaze of flame as the strap caught me not quite expecting it so soon. “GEEEEZZZEEE” I screamed. I forced my self forward onto the table and held on the edges as if I might fall off the world.

The WHAPS of the strap seemed to run a river of fire through my whole body. It felt like each swat had landed on top of the previous one.

“OOOOOWWWWW” I yelped at the top of my lungs as the fifth swat landed. WHAP SPLAT “AAAAAAaaaa” WHAP ‘OhOhOhOhOhOh”

I kicked one leg out and then the other, by now I was almost laying on the table and my feet were not required to keep me in place. I was sobbing my repentance and promising to never ever take anything again. If I thought this would lessen my punishment I was wrong.

WHAP, SPLAAAAT, SMAAAACK, The strap burned into my bare fanny. “OOOOCccccchhhh” “Geeenooooooogggggeee” WHAP.


My sobbing turned to blubbering and gasping for breath. I felt Gramps push me back down on the table, with out realizing it I had started to try and get up.

TWWAAAACCCCK, “WWWAAAAAaaaaaa” SPLAT “WWooaaaaaaaaaaa”

WHAP. SWAAAAAT Then from me just bawling.

Then as I lay there across the table one leg almost all the way on the table It was over. I felt the large hand pull me up and onto my feet. With that we left the woodshed. I was still blubbering freely, while Heather had composed herself when we entered the house.

Grandma took us both by the hand and into the bathroom where she pulled down our pj bottoms and rubbed on some lotion. After this was done she said. “Ok girls that’s over you’ve learned your lesson, I hope.” We nodded that we had indeed learned our lesson. “Then let’s have dinner.” I really would have been quite happy to be sent to bed without dinner that night, but it wasn’t a suggestion.

Heather and I both ate dinner still in our pajamas in the classic position for the freshly spanked. Standing up. I tried to sit down but quickly found the sting was too uncomfortable to pretend to put up with.

Later that evening Heather and I compared bottoms and agreed that what we had just gone through must be very much like the branding process they use on cattle. I lay on my stomach that night and the next night. The following morning we prepared breakfast wearing loose fitting dresses. The tight jeans could wait for a day or so.


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