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“I just can’t seem to keep these things straight, I’m always short of money and I have no idea where it goes.” I glanced over at Sally who was half talking to me and half talking to her self. Not sure if I was expected to reply I kept quiet. She leaned slightly in my direction, indicating what she was about to say was for my ears. “I’m late on another payment. I just can’t seem to make ends meet. Could you loan me fifty dollars, until payday?”

“Sally, how can that be? You make good money, your car is paid off. Where does your money go?” She tilted her head and looked at me. “I don’t know, I really don’t. It just seems to disappear.” “Sally, that’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard you say money, doesn’t just disappear, you waste it. “You’re talking to me like I was a little girl.” She protested. “Sally, as far as this situation is concerned you are a little girl, you may be an adult in other matters but your carelessness and lack of effort in controlling your finances is what I would expect of a child.” She looked down at the floor and then directly into my eye. “You’re right of course, I have been irresponsible, it’s my fault.” She shrugged helplessly. But what can I do?”

“Sally, what you need is an incentive to keep from wasting your money, a consequence if you will. One that has impact and will cause you to think twice before you foolishly spend you’re money. I can help, it you are really serious about changing your spending habits.” “I’m serious, I need to do something, I can’t seem to get ahead.” I decided to plunge right in and see how sincere my friend really was. “When was the last time you got a spanking?” I asked. “Why do you want to know that?” With out getting an answer from me and a moments hesitation she answered. “It was a few years ago, all of us kids got spanked when we were growing up. My last spanking was when I was fifteen or so, I had come home late from a date and Daddy was pissed. I caught it good that night. He paddled my bare bottom, until I was sure I was going to pass out.” She concluded with the traces of a blush showing on her cheeks. “Did you come back late on a date again?” “Oh, no, no way Jose, I learned my lesson.”

I gave this a few seconds thought while working out what I was going to say next. “And as a child, when you were spanked, did you learn your lesson?” “Not always, sometimes it took some extra applications of Daddy’s paddle to my fanny to get the message across. Why are you asking?” Now I would see how serious my young friend was about controlling her finances. “Because my dear, that’s what’s needed to get your concentration, a spanking when you waste money.” I expected her to look shocked or protest, she didn’t. She nodded her head thoughtfully. “Well, I know that if I had wasted my allowance like this at home Daddy would have paddled me, and what’s more I guess it would have worked. Maybe not the first time.” She added with a giggle.

“Sally, I’d be happy to help you, if you want. But only if you really mean it and are willing to make a serious commitment to the success of the project.” “Oh, I’d love your help.”

The idea was formed in my head. “Sally, listen closely. Please don’t interrupt until I’m finished or ask a question. Understand?” She nodded her acceptance. “I would be happy to help, under certain conditions. You’re money will always remain under your control. However we will decide on a spending allowance for you and what you will save each week. You will be expected to open a savings account and deposit the determined sum promptly. You will not be allowed to spend anymore than your allowance or open and credit accounts with out my prior approval. Do you understand, so far?” “Yes sir” “You will show me your deposit book and checking account statement on my request. Any time you have deviated from our agreement you will have to deal with the consequences. It’s that simple. Questions?”

“Consequences, what do you mean?” She inquired, knowing full well what I meant. “Sally, when you don’t meet the plan, I’ll do what your Dad would have done. I’ll give you a spanking.” A small smile from Sally indicated she wasn’t intimidated. “Really, you’d spank me?” “That’s seems to be what works to get your attention, so yes, you’d get a spanking, it would be my decision when a spanking was necessary. You would be expected to accept and cooperate with what ever decisions I made. Understand.” “Yes sir.”

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We talked some more and it was agreed I would go to her apartment that night, to review her finances and settle anymore details. She could still change her mind if after some time to reflect on the decision, she didn’t want to proceed.

I arrived carrying my brief case with some columnar pads, my trusty calculator and a surprise for Sally. After reviewing everything, I sat back in silence and contemplated the situation. It was worse than I had expected it to be. I wrote out a check for one hundred and fifty dollars and laid it on the table. Sally looked at it, her eyes lit up and a satisfied smile came over her face. “Oh, wow, thanks. That’s more than I asked for, I really appreciate it.”

“If you’re finances were a ship, they would be the Titanic.” I said disapprovingly. “Here’s the rest of the deal, you know now what you have to spend and what you have to save. Each and every time you exceed your allowable spending limits, you will get a spanking. I will decide how, when and how hard you will be spanked. You will be treated as you deserve, like a little girl that can’t control her allowance. You should know I think the most effective spankings are given bare bottom.” She gulped at this announcement, and the smile slipped from her face. “Ok, I’ll do it, you won’t have to spank me. I’ll do it.” It was my turn to smile. “That’s all well and good Sally, but just so I can be sure you’ll do your best and that you’re committed to trying, I’m going to give you your first spanking right now for getting yourself into this situation.” “Now? Right now?, you’re going to spank me right now?” She asked with a quiver in her voice.

“That’s right, it’s easy to say you agree, but we’ll see if you’ll follow through after a spanking. If it’s important to you, you’ll accept my correction.” She glanced down at the check on the table and nodded her head. “Yes sir.” I stood up and turned the chair I had been sitting in around. Sally looked at me with wide concerned eyes. “Will it hurt?” She asked. “Sally, it would hardly do any good if it didn’t, now would it?” I replied. She hesitated “I suppose not.

As I sat down, she stood up and came to stand in front of me. I took her by the hand and gently pulled her to my right side. “Take down your jeans.” I firmly instructed. Her hands went to the button of her jeans and she gradually opened them up and tugged them down. Slowly at first and then they slipped down revealing a pair of pink bikini panties that she might not have worn if she had know she was going to get a spanking. As she prepared to lay across my lap I stopped her, leaned forward and pulled her jeans down to her ankles. I patted my lap, she placed one hand on my left leg and lowered herself into place.

Reaching into my brief case I pulled out a paddle. It’s leather, about eight inches long, not counting the handle. Light brown, about four inches wide and stiff but yielding when it strikes a target. Sally caught site of the paddle and turned back to look at me. I gently placed my hand on the back of her head and turned her forward. She tightened her butt cheeks in preparation for what was to come.

“Sally, I will tolerate some kicking, small movement, but any attempt to evade your punishment will result in the spanking starting over. Do you understand?” She nodded her head. “Give me your right hand.” I instructed. She complied. I pulled her tightly against me. I placed the paddle on the table and patted her fanny a few times, gently talking to her while I was doing it. “Sally, this spanking is for your own good. I want you to remember this, when ever you think about spending money you shouldn’t. Be sure it’s worth if you do. Because you’re going to find your self across my lap getting a spanking every time you’re wasteful.”

I picked up the paddle as soon as I felt the tenseness leave her body as she became accustomed to finding herself across a lap about to get a spanking for the first time in years. I decided to start out slow and build the spanking as it progressed.

The first swat was mild, little more than making contact with her bottom. She tensed and then relaxed, limp across my lap. The second and third spanks were no harder. The fourth had some impact and she jerked ever so slightly. The fifth had some sting behind it. The spanking was underway.

The clap of the leather paddle against her panties filled the room, with an explosive quality.


Sally pulled her legs together, she pushed forward on my lap as if to dig herself in deeper and escape the paddle.

“Damn it, that hurts.” She yelped “Shit.” With out a comment I put the paddle down and before she could say anything I pulled her panties down. “Sally, your mouth has just made this a bare bottom spanking, if you want me to make this even more of a punishment then keep running your mouth.” She fell silent after a long “ooooohhhh”

The crack of the paddle filled the room. Sally had decided to keep quiet, having no desire to find out what I would do next if she got too mouthy. Her bottom was red and getting redder. I had no doubt this was one experience that would be remembered for a long time to come. Her legs pulled apart and her toes and feet entangled in her jeans were thumping away on the floor as quickly as they could. She gave off a soft grunt of pain each time the paddle landed. After about thirty spanks I decided the lesson had been learned.

I pulled up her panties, giving her a pat on her bottom announced the spanking was over. I helped her off my lap. As soon as she was standing she sat down on one of my legs and hugged me, placing her head on my shoulder and crying. I gently rubbed her back and spoke softly trying to console her. I waited until her crying had subsided. She held on tightly, finally releasing her grip on my neck. She pulled back slightly and said. “I do believe I will be more careful spending my money, matter of fact I expect to be a miser from now on.” We both chuckled at that.

“And one last thing.” I said before I closed the door. “This is between us, under no circumstances are you to discuss any aspect of our agreement with anyone else. Do you understand?” “Yes sir, I understand, Mums the word.

Two days later my phone rang just as I was returning home and trying to figure out which instant dinner I was going to ruin that night. “Uh, hello. It’s me.” Sally’s cheerful voice came over the line. “I just wanted to tell you, I knew you’d be happy for me.” She concluded sounding uncertain if I would really be happy. “Yes?” I answered. “Go on.”

“Well, it was really a swell sale, and I really couldn’t pass it up. The sale is over today and I was there for lunch and.....” She concluded abruptly. “How much?” I inquired trying to keep my voice neutral. “Forty five dollars, but I’ve been looking for a dress like this for so long and it’s usually much higher, I was really lucky.”

I took a deep breath before saying anything. “Sally, it’s five thirty now. Be at my apartment at six. Bring the dress, the receipt and bag with you.” With that I quickly said good-bye and before she could reply, hung up.

Six minutes after six, I heard a knock on my door. I held the door open and a worried looking Sally entered. She had the good sense to not say a word, trying to judge how much trouble she was in. A short conversation and some pointed questions from me revealed she had spent the money she was supposed to put in savings as well as some of her food Money for the following week.

“Sally, we’re going to return the dress to the store and deposit the money in your savings account. Any questions?” “No sir” She mumbled. “But before that, you’re going to get a spanking.” She stammered out. “Oh, no please. I mean I called you and told you about it didn’t I ? Why do I have to get a spanking?” I folded my arms and spoke firmly. “Sally, you spent money, you weren’t supposed to, you knew it and did it anyway. Calling me after the fact hardly changes that. You get the spanking and then we return the dress.”

Giving Sally no time to react I took the bag from her hands and placed it on the dining room table. I placed a hand gently on her back and steered her to the sofa. She went willingly a bit unsure of herself and how fast things were happening. I saw no reason to drag things out and make her suffer the waiting. I sat down on the sofa and pulled her across my lap as I sat down. Once she was in place I pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties. “Oh geeze, not bare bottom again.” She whined. “I didn’t say anything smart did I ?” I patted her bare fanny with my hand and answered. “Sally, I told you before, I think bare bottom spankings are the most effective and I think you’ve earned this one.”

My hand slid over to where I had placed my paddle before her arrival. I took it firmly in hand and gave her a few pats. Each pat was a bit firmer than the last. Soon the thwacks of the paddle landing on her bare bottom filled the room.

She buried her face in her hands and shoved her head between the over size pillows. I only heard muffled cries for the rest of the spanking. I had decided earlier that since my first spanking had been forgotten so quickly I needed to apply extra elbow grease to insure the message stuck for a while longer this time.

SPLAT WHACK WHAP SPLAT The muffled crying and yelping coming from deep down in the pillows made it clear the message was being received. A quick examination of her bottom confirmed it was being received at that end as well.

A shoe flew off and across the room, almost making contact with my TV. I made a mental note that shoes would have to be removed before any future spankings. As I applied the paddle I watched her bare foot wave back and forth like a weather vane on a windy day with gusts from all directions.

I gave her forty firm swats with the paddle. Her bottom was red, but not as red as it was going to be if this didn’t work and she didn’t use more self control. Time will tell. The future is up to her. When I let her up she was crying freely. Once off my lap she pulled up her panties and pulled down her dress. After a few words of comfort and sympathy I pointed out the rest room where she could adjust her make up.

Forty five minutes later, a red eyed Sally handed the dress back to the clerk. The disappointment She felt at having to give up the dress was evident and saddening.

Later that evening I returned to the store and bought the dress back. As soon as she proves she’s at least trying and making some progress, it’ll be a surprise gift.


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