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Last term, Susan visited my study for a much needed lesson in discipline. It seems she was the originator of a most provocative photo being passed around the classroom much to the delight of the other girls, but to the chagrin of the form mistress. Several of the other girls had already been punished for their involvement, but Susan had not yet received her just desserts. She reported promptly to my study as requested at 7:30PM neatly attired in full regulation uniform as is required on such occasions. Following a complete uniform inspection, young miss Susan was questioned at length about her part in the passing of the most inappropriate picture in class. Susan finally did admit to being the instigator, having downloaded the picture off the internet, bringing it to class with her and passing it around to the other students.

Following a sharp lecture during which I voiced my extreme displeasure with her disgusting behavior, Susan was given six of the best with the Academy senior cane across her bare bottom while bending over the schooldesk with her skirt raised and knickers lowered. One additional stroke was administered as a penalty for reaching back with her hands after one particularly sharp stroke.

There were several other matters that needed addressing during this meeting including Susan's habitual tardiness, cheating on a test, and lying to get another student in trouble. For these offences, Susan received a very sound over the knee bare bottom spanking with my leather spanker, followed by ten swats with the Principal's paddle, and finally a lengthy strapping with the leather tawse.

Susan was a most contrite young lady with a very sore bottom when she left my study, promising faithfully to mend her ways in future.


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